Grandpa, can I drive?

 Kason Westcott age 6 months from Paso Robles, California is all set to drive his grandpa’s RZR. Photo submitted by his mother, Kari Westcott.

Check out our recent digital editions for off road photos of your family and friends! And if you don’t see yourself or someone you know, then you need to send us a picture! Read about our special Reader Features to find out what photos we’re looking for! And if you don’t have a photo for any of the upcoming feature categories, just send us your off road photos anyway! We randomly run a column called “Reader Photos” and you just might make it into there!

Please follow these instructions for  submitting your information so you have a better chance of your pictures  being chosen for publication.
Photo Submissions:  Attach them as a jpeg image only. Do not embed them  in the body of the email or send us links to websites to download.  Please use high-resolution images for best reproduction. No  alcoholic beverages visible in photos and all action shots need to  include riders wearing helmets. Include caption information. We need to know who is in the photos! Please include  first and last names and city/state of residence. LIMIT 2 PHOTOS PER  EMAIL.
Text Submissions: Include the text portion of your submission, as well as photo  captions, in the body of the email. Do NOT attach word documents or  any other type of text attachments.
Email your  submissions to

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