Introducing the Next Generation of Head and Neck Restraints

necksgen2NecksGen is proud to announce the release of their 2014 model… The NecksGen REV.  As promised, NecksGen continues to lead in the advancement of neck protection and bring to the racing community the next generation of head and neck restraints.

The new NecksGen REV model takes comfort, fitment and helmet clearance to a new level.  With simplicity and ergonomics leading the design flow, the new REV design has no need for a frontal yoke. With no yoke, there is no frontal interference with the helmet and no chance of the device causing any injury to the chest or collar bone.  The backbone of the product is the patent pending Tension Neutralizing  Tether (TNT). This proprietary design allows for maximum range of head motion with superior frontal and side impact protection. The low profile design encapsulates the sliding TNT tether and allows for minimal rear interference with the helmet and the device.

Weighing in at just over a pound, this low profile design makes egress in and out of the car in an emergency easier. The NecksGen REV unit offers exceptional comfort due the placement of the device on the large trapezoid muscle on the rear of the shoulder with a cutout around the spinal section of the driver. A padded section over the collar bone adds to this comfort and minimizes pressure from the seat belt.

NecksGen REV is available in three sizes: large, medium and small to cover the range of drivers. NecksGen REV uses the quick release helmet attachment system proprietary on all NecksGen products. Surpassing our expectations in SFI 38.1 testing, NecksGen feels that they have achieved the ultimate goal of making the safest, smallest and most comfortable neck brace available.  NecksGen is made from a carbon composite material and with pride in the USA with a retail price of $599.

For more information please visit or call 855-NECKSGEN

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