A New Thanksgiving Tradition – The Gratitude Project

Thanksgiving Gratitude A serving of gratitude may save the day says author John Tierney. We challenge you to start a new tradition this Thanksgiving: The Gratitude Project.

It can change your life! Print out The Gratitude Project and you’ll find pages of numbered lines, enough to write one thing you are thankful for every day of the year. And for the real adventurous there are some bonus lines on the last page.

Being grateful for even the smallest thing we take for granted — food, water, blue skies, clouds, off road vehicles (okay maybe that’s not so small) — can change our daily perspective on life.

And as your gratitude list grows it can help you out on days when you’re feeling down, when things aren’t going right, because you can pull out your list and read and re-read all of the things you have to be grateful for and focus on those.

Start a new tradition in your family or with your friends this Thanksgiving. Print out The Gratitude Project and hand them out. Challenge each person to complete the list by this time next year. One family has determined that each family member who follows through on The Gratitude List and brings their completed pages back to next year’s Thanksgiving celebration will get a prize!

How will you take part in The Gratitude Project?

The Gratitude Project: Today I am Thankful For

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