16th Annual California Gold Cup

Article & Photos by Rodney Rutherford


The 16th Annual California Gold Cup (CGC) rolled the closing credits out for the fifth and final round of the Winter series. This final stage was Pala Raceway, which has become the home for the last round over the past few years. The series commenced round one at Perris Raceway and will finish with this final round in double points fashion, emphasizing consistency all the way to the end. Racers traveled roads from Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and oceans as in Pro racer and Russian citizen, Serge Astaykin. The final online article awaits you for the closure of the 2014 CGC, see the stars of tomorrow, today.

The Popp brothers Matt and Ryan, put power to the brotherhood as they combined for a total of three titles for the 2014 CGC. Individually Matt Popp stood on the throne at the end of the series in the 450 and 250 Novice. Ryan Popp had a bit of good fortune and a whole lot of speed on the way to the Cup in the 125 2-Stroke.


Matt Popp

Matt Popp, railing the outside line that he used to make a pass on Scott Schrader a couple laps later. At this round in moto one, Kyle Freund stole the show for the moto one win with Matt Popp finishing second. The two had an epic moto two battle at round four, but Matt Popp was leaving nothing to chance in moto two and had the lead secured by lap two. Freund riding in second but goes down on a small table and it is clear sailing for Matt Popp for the moto two win and class overall. Matt Popp finished third place or better in all five rounds winning the last two rounds for the 250 Novice title. Matt Popp also won three of five rounds for the 450 Novice title on board a 250 2-Strokeno less. The 450 Novice averaged a very respectable eighteen entries per round. Racing selectively for the past fifteen years, we will see Matt Popp upping to the Intermediate class after Mammoth, and racing motocross and Off-Road for the future.

Ryan Popp

Racing since he was three years old, sixteen year old Ryan Popp, was in the cockpit of a Yamaha YZ 125 in the 125 2-Stroke Only Open. Learning the basics at LACR like his brother, he has been riding for thirteen years and was entered in the 250 Novice class as well. He raced to a third and fourth in rounds three and four respectively, and finished third in the final 250 Novice points. In the 125 2-Stroke Only Open, he was four points ahead of second place Rowdy Soland and needed to finish ahead of him on the final tally. In moto one Ryan Popp was ahead of Soland by the mid-point and hammered the gas for a decisive victory. Posca Motorsports Ryan Popp left no question about it in moto two gapping out early for the moto win and overall. Posca Motorsports racer Ryan Popp wins the overall and the 125 2-Stroke Only Open title. He will be racing selected series and the Glen Helen Endurance races for 2014.

#260 Kaden Lehne #752 Corey Miller
Kaden Lehne (260) putting up resistance to Corey Miller (752) in the 125/250 Schoolboy Novice (THRU 17). Miller eventually made the pass and finished up second in moto one, repeating the placing in moto two for the overall win. Lehne out of Malibu, finished fourth in moto one and sixth in moto two for fourth overall. Miller was on the podium three times in the series, winning the last round and catapulting over previous leader Kyle Freund in the points. Freund would have secured the title with a fourth or better, but after finishing tenth in moto one he needed help to win the title. Miller put in his best ride in the class when he needed it, and carried the 125/250 Schoolboy Novice title with a determined and clean race. Miller also put down his best performance in the 250 Novice at this round with a third ending up second in the points.

Kyle Freund

Kyle Freund was the points leader in the 125/250 Schoolboy Novice as round five commenced, but had problems in moto one falling to a tenth at the checkers. He did his best in moto two winning and finished up the day in fifth overall, but was edged out by two points as Miller took advantage of his moto one miscue for the title, Freund settles for second in points. Coming on strong in the 250 Novice, Freund had a good day at round four with a second overall and finished fourth in points. Freund has been showing great effort in matching wits and speed with his competition, and definitely will be riding the top of the Novice results for the rest of 2014.

Nicholas Dorsett

INicholas Dorsett (526) fends off Darren Sweet (526) in 125 2-Stroke action. Dorsett played third in the 125 2-Stroke points and raced in the 250 Novice for a fifteenth in points in the very competitively deep class.

Tyler Duff

Scott Schrader (623) has a slight groove on the inroads to the holeshot in the 450 Novice moto one, Aj Lee (20), Tyler Duff (285) and Mathew Brillant (27).
Duff (4-2) went to a second overall and went home second in the 450 Novice points. Lakeside resident Aj Lee was fifth on the day with a 5-3 and was fourth in points occupying the box twice during his five rounds.

Scott Schrader

Scott Schrader (623) about to be passed by Matt Popp (142) in moto one of the 450 Novice, this was the third attempt Matt Popp made at this exact section in the same way, Schrader on the inside and Matt Popp on the outside. Placing fourth overall with a 2-5, Schrader raced four rounds in the 450 Novice winning one and left the room with a third in points.

Triston Stephenson

Triston Stephenson had a whole gauntlet of top Amateur racers tossed at him, but prevailed for titles in the 250 4-Stroke Open and 250 Intermediate. The Posca Motorsports racer won one round, placed second twice and was third in a combined four rounds in the 250 Intermediate. He won three of four rounds in the 250 4-Stroke Open.

Tanner Scogin

Tanner Scogin cornered very well in the series, using the skill to his full advantage as he maintained in the hunt in the series riding in the 450 Intermediate and 250 Intermediate, sitting on the box in four of five rounds in the 450 Intermediate. Scogin dodged a bullet after holding a seven point lead over Cecil Ogle as they gated for round two. Ogle finished second overall to Scogin’s third. Ogle gained four points on Scogin, but Scogin scored the series 450 Intermediate title by narrow three point gap. Racing in only three rounds in the 250 Intermediate, Scogin propelled himself to third in class with two podium finishes.

Cecil Ogle

Cecil Ogle (95) has the inside line in turn one of a 450 Intermediate start, Kevin Barbosa (134), and Patrick Hannah (357) carving the outside. Ogle rode strong and was a consistent front running racer finishing in the top three, three times including the overall win in round four. He concluded the series second in points in the 450 Intermediate, but managed the overall win in the 450 4-Stroke Open. Finishing third at round one, taking second at rounds two and three, and then winning the last two events, Ogle perched the top roost in the 450 Open for the giant Gold Cup.

Bobby Catren

Bobby Catren is a little older than young whipper snappers he was trading plastic with, but he earned their respect with combative but clean racing. Catren moved through the dirt with uncanny precision and confidence utilizing his wisdom from years of racing in the fast classes. Having to go to work on Monday did not stop him from hammering as he placed fourth (3-4) in the 450 Intermediate and second (2-2) overall in the 250/450 College (18-25). Catren was third in the 450 Intermediate points and won the Championship in the College ranks.

Trevor Zack

Trevor Zack never finished out of the top five, winning one round and finishing second in the last two rounds for the 250 Beginner title.

Cory Sullivan

Winning the last two rounds, Sullivan missed round one which may have been the deciding factor, as he placed second seven points shy of the 250 Beginner Champion, Zack.

Lauren Woods

MXstyles/Gnarl Energy Drink Lauren Woods was out to defend her 2013 CGC title in the Women’s 125/250 class, and came of well at round one, winning both motos for the overall, and then Xeroxing the effort for the nest three rounds. Arriving into the fifth and final round undefeated, it seemed just a matter of formality for Woods to rolling and win both motos and her second was a done deal. Winning moto one handedly all the signs pointed to the moto two win and her second Women’s CGC crown, but disaster struck. Woods machine would not fire up and she was soon in panic mode but a fellow racer, Rachel Van Diepen, had an extra bike and her father loaned it to Woods and she placed third and snatched her second Women’s CGC title in a row.

Zachary Bierbower

O’Neal/FMF/Posca Motorsports has added to his cache of CGC Gold Cups, with winning form in the 85/150 (14-16). Winning every round for the title, and he also carted off the title in the 85/150 Supermini (THRU 16). He felt he was not riding well as he expected, but maybe racing with a separated shoulder at times might have had something to do with it. Regardless, the tough teenager will be racing Mammoth and the California Classic for 2014.

Z-Ray Zachary Bierbower

Zachary Z-Ray Bierbower executing a technical section.

Juan David ValderamaCurrently training with former National Pro rider, Josh Tarantino, out of Lakeside, California, Juan David Valderama is getting a heavy dose of Southern California Amateur racing after taking on all five rounds of the CGC in the 85/150 Open and 85/150 (12-13). Residing in Manizales, Colombia, he is currently training with Tarantino and is coming along speedingly. Although he never made a trip to the top three, he improved through the five rounds placing fourth in the last three rounds for the 85/150 Open title. Never finishing out of the top five in the last four rounds of the 85/150 (12-13), the Colombian native captured his second title. He is preparing the World Mini Grand Prix at Glen Helen in mid April, he would like to thank his Mom & Dad for all their love and support.

Brayden Lessler
Brayden Lessler campaigned for his cause the best way possible in the quest for titles in the 85/150 Open and 85/150 (12-13), winning both classes by firing off four combined moto wins. Missing round three appeared to be his demise, and most likely would have enabled him to win both titles. He was outscored by a tiny three points in the 85/150 Supermini (THRU 13) and two points in the 85/150 (12-13) placing second in both class points. He help form a strong core of rapid racers in the mini class of the 2014 CGC that shredded the track from start to finish.


Chance Hymas

Out of Pocatello, Idaho, Chance Hymas worked his way around the early leader, KTM’s Haiden Deegan in moto one for the lead and win. He initiated the lead in moto two early on for the moto two win in the 65 (0-8), and the 2014 CGC Gold Cup. Hymas captured every overall win at all five rounds for a dominating run in the class. Hymas started off round one with a third in the 65 Open, but slid back in the points after two top eleven finishes in rounds two and three. He recoiled for the final two rounds and won them both for the 65 Open title. The eight year old has been racing for three years out of Cache Valley MX, he will be racing selected Amateur Nationals and Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Championship in the 65 classes on a KTM. He would like to thank Pocatello Powersports, Fly Racing, Western Powersports, Tommy, Mom Sarah and Dad Chris.

Haiden Deegan (238), Chance Hymas

Haiden Deegan (238) trying to close the door on Hymas (832) and Devin Ruth (213). KTM’s Deegan was one of the stars of the Super Pee-Wee (PW) and PW (7-8) divisions. The youngster has an excellent teacher by way of X-Games legend Dad, Brian Deegan. Deegan’s rival in the series was two time AMA Amateur National Champion Ryder DiFrancesco, but DiFrancesco exited the series after round three and it was clear sailing for the groomed Deegan. After finishing second in the first three previous rounds in both classes, he closed out the last two rounds with overall wins in the divisions. Deegan put the seal on the series titles in the Super PW and the PW (7-8), and was third in the 65 (6-8) final points.

Tyler BlankenshpTyler Blankenship (917) fending off Devin Slusher (714) in 65cc racing action. Blankenship one of the strong Bakersfield mini racers that may be part of new wave of California hotshots on the rise, he was second in the 65 Open (3-2) and second (1-2) in the 65 (9-11). Blankenship hit home port third in the 65 Open points and second in the 65 (9-11) final points. Joining the party late, Slusher missed the first two rounds but put the speed down racing to a second at round four, and was fourth in the 65 (9-11) count.

Corbin Parsley

No doubt about it, Corbin Parsley improved as the series matured resulting with three third place overalls in the last two rounds of the 65 Open and 65 (9-11). Parsley was lighting the starts up at Pala, as he was at or near the front of each gate drop this reporter witnessed. The local speedster went home fourth in the 65 Open and third in the 65 (9-11) series box score.

Gage Wilcox
Gage Wilcox was one of the platoon of Utah racers as he brought his front running swagger to the Super PW, PW (7-8), 65 (6-8), and 65 Open competition. It took top flight racers such as Hymas, Deegan, and DiFrancesco to keep him at bay. Wilcox Iron-manned four classes at every round, racing a staggering eight motos in each of the five rounds for a total of forty completed motos. He had eleven top five finishes across the four classes and finished up second in the final points in the Super PW, PW (7-8), and 65 (0-8). He was fifth in the 65 Open points, and just an exemplary display of endurance, skill, and inner fortitude for the electric Utah moto ace.

Jordan Dowell

Jordan Dowell was one of the regular scrappers in the series that made things interesting as he was a regular threat for a top five finish in most of his motos. The Ventura racer concluded his CGC run with a third in the Super PW, fourth in the PW (7-8), and fifth in the 65 (6-8) points.

Peyton Marks

Peyton Marks, seen here powering out of a turn, had a very supporting covey of family, and his skills progressed throughout the series and was particularly evident in the Super PW. He went from the top twenty-two in the first two rounds, to ninth in round three, sixth in round four, and was 4-6 for fifth overall at this round. He finished up fifth in the points in the Super PW, and fifth in the series in the PW (7-8) where two points separated third through fifth.

James Alexander

James Alexander made the trek from Bakersfield to race in the teeth clenching PW classes. He ended the series eleventh in the Super PW and was fifteenth in the PW (7-8) series points.

Joseph Adlesh

Joseph Adlesh (45) and Carter Cooper (148) hustle for position in PW (7-8). Adlesh finished seventh on the day, Cooper was eighth overall.

Manuel Dumais

Manuel Dumais won one round and never finished out of the top three for the 2014 PW (4-6) CGC title.

Steve Thompson

Steven Thompson scores the holeshot in an inter-class gate. Thompson rode smooth throughout the series and was awarded for his calm moto demeanor, with three overall wins and two seconds in the Plus 30 class for the 2014 CGC title.

Jeff Lindenmayer

Jef Lindenmayer has the advantage in turn one of the Plus 45 moto one start, Marc Ramirez (272), and Jeff Stallings (212). Lindenmayer rolled up a 1-1 for first overall as Stallings (2-3) squatted in at second. Stallings may have lost the round five battle, but he won the war with two overall wins and the Plus 45 Cup title, as Lindenmayer finished nineteen points behind in second.

Jeff Stallings

The 2014 Gold Cup Plus 45 Champion, Jeff Stallings, in moto one.

Marc Ramirez

Marc Ramirez has a hold on third in moto one of the Plus 45 over Jim Dorsett (423). Dorsett roared back in moto two for second in moto and third overall, Ramirez was fourth in moto and fourth overall. Dorsett ended up third in points as Ramirez tallied at fourth in points.

Tim Beatty

Seasoned local Pro Tim Beatty (378) has an inside wheel on another local Pro that has also paid his dues in Travis Friestat, Daniel Van Der Ziel (181) and Luke Reardon (110) flank the two vets. Friestat raced on to the overall win with both moto wins, Australian Reardon (2-2) has been a regular at the 2014 CGC and was second on this day, Van Der Ziel (4-3), and Beatty (3-4) fourth overall.

Sayaka Kaneshiro

Women Pro racer Sayaka Kaneshiro has no qualms about racing with the men Pro racers, the tough Japanese racer finished second in the Women’s Pro standings in 2013.

Remember Takeitlive.tv/mx for live web streaming and archived footage of Gold Cup action. Please go to Mxracing.net for Gold Cup information and schedule. Please go to http://www.nmamx.com/ for World Mini information.



PW (4-6): 1. Brazen Dever (1-2); 2. Manuel Dumais (5-1); 3. Myles Monty (2-4); 4. Kade Johnson (3-5); 5. Brody Orr (3-5).

PW (7-8): 1. Haiden Deegan (1-1); 2. Gage Wilcox (2-2); 3. Dylan Howard (3-3); 4. Colton Wolff (5-4); 5. Jordan Dowell (4-6); 6. Peyton Marks (6-5); 7. Jospeh Adlesh (8-7); 8. Carter Cooper (7-8); 9. Riley Ojeda (10-9); 10. Aden Edgar (9-10).

SUP PW: 1. Haiden Deegan (1-1); 2. Gage Wilcox (2-2); 3. Jordan Dowell (3-3); 4. Dylan Howard (6-4); 5. Peyton Marks (4-6); 6. Aden Edgar (8-5); 7. James Alexander (9-7); 8. Riley Ojeda (11-8); 9. Kade Johnson (10-9); 10. Jamie Seehusen (12-10).

65 BEG: 1. Bailey Songer (1-1).
65 (6-8): 1. Chance Hymas (1-1); 2. Gage Wilcox (3-2); 3. Haiden Deegan (2-3); 4. Devin Ruth (4-4); 5. Dylan Howard (5-5); 6. Jordan Dowell (6-6).
65 (9-11): 1. Blake Gardner (2-1); 2. Tyler Blankenship (1-2); 3. Corbin Parsley (3-3); 4. Devon Slusher (4-4); 5. Gage Carter (6-5); 6. Cody Simpson (5-7); 7. Dayton Briggs (7-6).
65 OPEN: 1. Chance Hymas (1-1); 2. Tyler Blankenship (3-2); 3. Corbin Parsley (5-3); 4. Blake Gardner (2-7); 5. Gage Wilcox (6-4); 6. Gage Carter (4-6); 7. Devin Slusher (8-5); 8. Devin Ruth (7-9); 9. Dayton Briggs (9-8); 10. Cody Simpson (10-10).
85 BEG (12-15): 1. Eli Ericsson (1-1).
85 (THRU 11): 1. Tyler Nicholson (1-1); 2. Ethan Marks (3-2); 3. Nolan Stallings (2-3); 4. Daniel Elmore (4-4); 5. Austin Tarantino (5-6); 6. Arturo Salas (DNS-5).
85/150 (12-13): 1. Brayden Lessler (1-1); 2. Juan David Valderama (2-2); 3. Mason Courson (4-3); 4. Otto Berton (3-4); 5. Brian Pintar (5-5).
85/150 (14-16): 1. Zachary Bierbower (1-1).
85/150 OPEN: 1. Tyler Nicholson (1-1); 2. Mason Courson (4-3); 3. Nolan Stallings (3-4); 4. Juan Valderama (2-6); 5. T.j. Stewart (5-5); 6. Otto Berton (9-2); 7. Brian Pintar (7-8); 8. Arturo Salas (6-9); 9. Austin Tarantino (8-10); 10. Daniel Elmore (DNF-7).
SUP MN (THRU 13): 1. Brayden Lessler (1-1); 2. T.j. Stewart (3-2); 3. Ethan Marks (2-3).
SUP MN (THRU 16): 1. Zachary Bierbower (1-1).
125 2-STK: 1. Ryan Popp (1-1); 2. Rowdy Soland (2-2); 3. Darren Sweet (3-3); 4. Gabe Elmore (4-4); 5. Nicholas Dorsett (5-5); 6. Kyle Ramirez (6-6).
125-250 WMN: 1. Rachel Van Diepen (2-1); 2. Bridgette Marquette (3-2); 3. Lauren Woods (1-DSQ).
125/250 SB NOV (THRU 17): 1. Corey Miller (2-2); 2. Cole Puckett (1-3); 3. Tristen Gugelman (5-5); 4. Kaden Lehne (4-6); 5. Kyle Freund (10-1); 6. Eric Snow (3-8); 7. Chase Hymas (8-4); 8. Gabe Elmore (7-7); 9. Darren Sweet (6-9); 10. Gage Guerin (9-DNS).
125/250 SB INT (THRU 17): 1. Kirill Gavrilov (2-1); 7. Kaysen Winger (1-2).
250 BEG: 1. Cory Sullivan (1-1); 2. Trevor Zack (2-2); 3. Jonathan Bencito (3-3); 4. Kyle Ramirez (4-4); 5. Damen West (5-5); 6. Todd Mcgurn (6-6).
250 NOV: 1. Matt Popp (2-1); 2. Cole PUckett (3-3); 3. Corey Miller (4-8); 4. Dane Crower (11-2); 5. Chase Hymas (9-5); 6. Tristen Gugelman (8-7); 7. Austin Burke (5-10); 8. Cory Conner (7-9); 9. Kyle Freund (1-16); 10. Blake Prewitt (17-4).
250 INT: 1. Dylan Crower (1-1); 2. Tanner Scogin (3-2); 3. Triston Stephenson (2-3); 4. Cody Rossello (5-5); 5. Tanner Scogin (4-4); 6. Kirill Gavrilov (7-4); 7. Issac Elmore (6-8); 8. Stephen Derose (9-6); 9. Kaysen Winger (8-9).
250 4-STRK OPEN: 1. Triston Stephenson (1-1); 2. Issac Elmore (4-2); 3. Stephen Derose (3-3); 4. Blake Prewitt (2-4); 5. Andrew Oldar (5-5).
250 PRO: 1. Luke Reardon (1-1); 2. Sayaka Kaneshiro (2-2).
250-450 COLL (18-25): 1. Patrick Hannah (1-1); 2. Bobby Catren (2-2); 3. Tommy Lechtenberg (4-3); 4. Mathew Brillant (3-5); 5. Christopher Carrillo (5-4); 6. Dallas Taylor (6-DNF).
450 NOV: 1. Matt Popp (1-1); 2. Tyler Duff (4-2); 3. Russell Rollins (3-4); 4. Scott Schrader (2-5); 5. Aj Lee (5-3); 6. Cory Conner (6-7); 7. Luke Tabor (8-6); 8. Alex Regalado (7-8); 9. Mark Saldibar Jr. (10-9); 10. Cody Lindenmayer (9-10).
450 INT: 1. Patrick Hannah (1-1); 2. Cecil Ogle (2-2); 3. Tanner Scogin (4-3); 4. Bobby Catren (3-4); 5. Kevin Barbosa (4-6); 6. Christopher Carrillo (6-6).
450 4-STK OPEN: 1. Cecil Ogle (1-1); 2. Russell Rollins (2-2).
450 PRO: 1. Travis Freistat (1-1); 2. Luke Reardon (2-2); 3. Daniel Van Der Ziel; 4. Tim Beatty (3-4).
PLUS 30: 1. Steven Thompson (1-1); 2. David Forsythe (2-2).
PLUS 40: 1. Mark Saldibar (1-1).
PLUS 45: 1. Jeff Lindenmayer (1-1); 2. Jeff Stallings (2-3); 3. Jim Dorsett (4-2); 4. Marc Ramirez (3-4).


PW (4-6): 1. Manuel Dumais, 126 (Points); 2. Brazen Dever, 114; 3. Myles Monty, 105 ; 4. Kade Johnson, 99; 5. Brody Orr, 82.
PW (7-8): 1. Haiden Deegan, 138; 2. Gage Wilcox, 116; 3. Dylan Howard, 78; 4. Jordan Dowell, 77; 5. Peyton Marks 75.
SUP PW: 1. Haiden Deegan, 132; 2. Gage Wilcox, 120; 3. Jordan Dowell, 103; 4. Dylan Howard, 81; 5. Peyton Marks 72.
65 BEG: 1. Dayton Briggs, 100.
65 (6-8): 1. Chance Hymas, 150; 2. Gage Wilcox, 118; 3. Haiden Deegan, 114; 4. Devin Ruth, 93; 5. Jordan Dowell, 73.
65 (9-11): 1. Blake Gardner, 131; 2. Tyler Blankenship, 114; 3. Corbin Parsley, 90.
65 OPEN: 1. Chance Hymas, 114; 2. Blake Gardner, 105; 3. Tyler Blankenship, 98; 4. Corbin Parsley, 87; 5. Gage Wilcox, 70.
85 BEG (Thru 11): 1. Theron Sarmento, 88.
85 BEG (12-15): 1. Casey Gunzl, 94.
85 (THRU 11): 1. Tyler Nicholson, 117; 2. Ethan Marks, 110; 3. Nolan Stallings, 98; 4. Austin Tarantino, 62; 5. Teddy Weeks, 54.
85/150 (12-13): 1. Juan Valderama, 107; 2. Brayden Lessler, 105; 3. Mason Courson, 77; 4. Otto Berton, 69; 5. Brian Pintar, 62.
85/150 (14-16): 1. Zachary Bierbower, 150; 2. Mc Coy Brough, 78.
85/150 OPEN: 1. Juan Valderama, 88; 2. Tyler Nicholson, 2; 3. Nolan Stallings, 80; 4. T.j. Stewart, 75; 5. Mason Courson, 75.
SUP MN (THRU 13): 1. T.j. Stewart, 106; 2. Brayden Lessler, 103; 3. Ethan Marks, 99.
SUP MN (THRU 16): 1. Zachary Bierbower, 136; 2. Mc Coy Brough, 66.
125 2-STK: 1. Ryan Popp, 113; 2. Rowdy Soland, 101; 3. Nicholas Dorsett, 71.
125-250 WMN: 1. Lauren Woods, 138; 2. Rachel Van Diepen, 132; 3. Bridgett Marquette, 101; 4. Taylor Giorgio, 61.
125/250 SB NOV (THRU 17): 1. Corey Miller, 115; 2. Kyle Freund, 113; 3. Eric Snow, 85; 4. Trsiten Gugelman, 80; 5. Gage Guerin, 79.
125/250 SB INT (THRU 17): 1. Kaysen Winger, 96; 2. Kirill Gavrilov, 72.
250 BEG: 1. Trevor Zack, 120; 2. Cory Sullivan, 113; 3. Jonathan Bencito, 98; 4. Todd Mcgurn, 66; 5. Kyle Ramirez, 63.
250 NOV: 1. Matt Popp, 136; 2. Corey Miller, 95; 3. Ryan Popp, 78; 4. Kyle Freund, 71; 5. Chase Hymas, 70. (5-6); 6. Gage Guerin (10-5); 7. Cory Conner (4-11); 8. Eric Snow (9-7); 9. Tristen Gugelman (8-10); 10. Rowdy Soland (12-9).
250 INT: 1. Triston Stephenson, 105; 2. Cody Rossello, 76; 3. Tanner Scogin, 71; 4. Kaysen Winger, 60.
250 4-STRK OPEN: 1. Triston Stephenson, 121; 2. Branden Webb, 74.
250-450 COLL (18-25): 1. Bobby Catren, 134; 2. Patrick Hannah, 96; 3. Christopher Carrillo, 95; 4. Mathew Brillant, 95.
450 NOV: 1. Matt Popp, 136; 2. Tyler Duff, 100; 3. Scott Schrader, 95; 4. Aj Lee, 90; 5. Luke Tabor, 83.
450 INT: 1. Tanner Scogin, 109; 2. Cecil Ogle, 106; 3. Bobby Catren, 86; 4. Patrick Hannah, 79; 5. Kevin Barbosa, 79. 450 4-STK OPEN: 1. Cecil Ogle, 136; 2. Russell Rollins, 99.
PLUS 30: 1. Steven Thompson, 142; 2. David Forsythe, 114; 3. Darin Blankenship, 80.
PLUS 45: 1. Jeff Stallings, 121; 2. Jeff Lindenmayer, 102; 3. Jim Dorsett, 84; 4. Marc Ramirez, 84.

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