AMA Southern California Championship Motocross Series

Presented by Orange County KTM

Round 5 – July 6, 2014, Devore, California, Glen Helen Raceway

The American Motorcyclist Association’s (AMA) Southern California Motocross (SoCalMx) series presented by Orange County KTM, brought the tents into Glen Helen Raceway for round five hosted by the 4 Aces, of the eight round series. At the posting of this article we will be into round seven. Round seven will be held on July 27, at Competitive Edge MX Park, and the eighth and final loop will raced at Glen Helen Raceway on August 10.

After the tragic death of Off-Road racing icon Kurt Caselli at the 2013 Baja 1000 which was akin to losing a family member for District 37, the SoCal MX Series has honored him with the Kurt Caselli 100% Pro Payback race for rounds three, five, six and seven. This race was originally an idea from Kurt after 4 Aces President, Greg Meyers, asked him how to make the series better. Besides the 100% payback, there is also an accumulative purse supported by SoCalMX sponsors of $1000 per round, $500 of which is thrown into a series ending purse for the top pointing Pros in the four delegated rounds. After Kurt’s accident, Meyers and announcer Dane Evans put new urgency to make the Pro series within a series, and asked permission from Kurt’s Mom, Nancy Caselli, to use Kurt’s name which she granted.

The Pro racers had an extra $500 added by the 4 Aces and supporters, for a total of $1500 for round four with half of the amount going to the race day purse and the other $750 to the point’s purse, let’s race.


Dillan Epstein
AMA National and Supercross racer, Dillan Epstein rode into the series with his speedy presence in the Kurt Caselli 100% Pro Payback race. Epstein was looking to make it two Pro wins in a row after capturing the first round of the Pro Payback in round three at Milestone. He weaved his way to the front by lap four in both of the Pro motos, averaging approximately 1:44 per lap for his second Pro payback overall win in a row. Epstein went to SoCalMx round six in Gorman, Pro Payback round three, taking home his third win in a row. Epstein with his sheer force of wins has the Pro Payback title all wrapped up going into the fourth and final Pro Payback round at Competitive Edge MX.


Jeremy Byrne (551) Tanner Sawyer (323)_Jeremy Byrne (551) and Tanner Sawyer (323) spear their steeds into turn two after the Pro Payback moto one start, and neither is giving an inch. Byrne got the bad end going down right after this image was shot. Sawyer kept two wheels to the dirt and sped away with the early lead. He finished up a strong second in the moto, but he went down early in lap one, moto two, going on a determined charge for third and finished third overall (2-3). Byrne made his way through the pack after his moto one soil sample for a righteous third, speeding to a second in moto two for second overall (3-2).

Shawn Hilion Shawn Hilion raced a strong moto one tacking down third for the first seven laps until the Byrne locomotive steamed past him on the start straight. He finished in fourth and went to an eighth in moto two for sixth overall in the Pro Payback.

Gina AlvarezA seasoned regular in SoCalMX series, the pleasant Gina Alvarez raced her Yamaha zinger to a comfortable lead in both motos of the inter-class Women’s, easily winning the Women’s “A” class overall. Alvarez has the title secured and is only one point off the series lead in the 250 “C” with two rounds left.

Meg BlackburnMeg Blackburn, racing her way to triumph in the Women 12+ B.

Connor Styers
Connor Styers and his pet KTM owning the 65 Open overall win and the 65 A (7-11) also.

Zachary BierbowerThis reporter did not get a chance to talk to Zachary Bierbower, but it appears he has moved up to the 250 C class after a plethora of local series titles and race wins in the Supermini and 85 classes. He continued his winning ways rolling the dice and came up snake eyes for the round taking the 250 C overall (1-1).

Joshua CLARK 501 SAM BAIONI 257Schoolboy C racer Joshua Clark (501) chasing Heavyweight C racer, Sam Baioni (257), in a game of one up-manship as they scrap in a mixed class. They both prevailed for the overall wins in their respective classes. Clark placed third in the 250 C, holding a one point lead over Alvarez for the title.

Kent WatsonKent Watson making it look effortless with a 1-1 for the Vet 30+ B overall.

Tony BienertMultiple AMA SoCalMx title holder Tony Bienert, cornering nicely but he was under pressure from Century Cycles owner, Tim Hickerson, in both motos of the Senior 40+ A. He never missed a beat though and won both motos for the overall win. Going on to win the overall at the following round six, Bienert brings a four win streak into round seven.

TIm HickersonHold on there Timmy, Tim Hickerson, steering his Kawasaki into a choppy section. He was 2-2 for a second overall in the Senior 40+ A.

Rafael Rivera (529) Joe Cook (117)Senior 40+ C racer Rafael Rivera (529), sorting his way through the pack for the moto one win, he finished second in moto two for second overall (1-2). Joe Cook (117) went 4-4 for fourth overall.

Dean Crow (049) Jim Costa (s19)Senior 40+B racer Dean Crow (049) mixing it up with Senior 40+ C racer Jim Costa (s19). Crow went 3-3 for third overall, and Costa was 11-11 for eleventh overall in their respective classes.

NOVA P Shank 20DSidehack racers just want to have fun. Driver Mr. Shank and passenger Mr. Novoa, looking to be having a good time steering their muscled machine to the overall win in the Sidehack class. Notice the torque pulling the side car wheel up despite both racers leaning into it.

KALE Z1 STIMSON 3The Kale family (Z1), a seasoned Father and Son team doing their thing in the Sidehack class for a third in moto one. They sat out moto two for a fifth overall. The number three machine in the background, features Mr. Langosh guiding the monster as Mr. Stimson does the balancing act finishing with a 4-4 for a fourth overall.

Please go to for schedule information and for results and series points standings.



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