SCFTA Flat Track Racing, Round 6

June 21, 2014, Perris, California, Perris Raceway, Round 6


Southern California Flat Track Association (SCFTA) has now reached the median mark of the twelve round SCFTA Championship series with the conclusion of this sixth round. In defiance of the rising temperatures, the race entries hovered at one-hundred and twenty-eight with twenty-six classes. Open Novice is the indicative class of the health of the SCFTA with fourteen entries, splitting the class into a nine racer A Main and a five racer B Main.

Round seven will be held on July 26, Perris Flat Track will also be hosting Kart racing on August ninth.

Let’s rumble into round six and SCFTA’s keen edged chief starter, Rudy Gil, has us on the line and set to go, green light lit and let’s race.

Joe SteffenAfter having a heart attack at a summer round in 2013 and blue-lining on the way to the hospital, Joe Steffen is a testament to the miracles of modern medicine and was on the roster for the second time since his near death experience. Joe Steffen is seen here with his dad, preparing his 1976 Yamaha TT500 for battle in the Bomber class, he closed out the night with a third.
Rachel Schnakenberg              Rachel Schnakenberg sped to the win in the 50 2-Stroke Beginner.
Ashton CarlsonAshton Carlson (22) and Dylan Frost (13). Off the chalk Ashton Carlson went into the front with Dylan Frost taking up second in the 50 2-Stroke Novice. Frost worked the outside throughout the race trying to use superior speed to get around Carlson, but no can do as Carlson protects his lead to end for the win, Frost, and Colin E. Petton third. Coupling with his 65 2-Stroke Beginner win, this was Carlson’s second win of the day.

Connor HickersonConner Hickerson had a front seat to the speed of Carlson in the 65 2-Stroke Beginner. Carlson asserted his presence establishing an early lead. Hickerson came back with a vengeance and attacked Carlson repetitively as the checkers neared but was unable to make a pass giving Carlson the win. Hickerson in for second and series points leader, Anthony Salaberrios, third at the finish.

Zack Earwood

Zack Earwood (99), finished up the night with the 65 4-Stroke Beginner win. Ava Bush (78X), fourth in the 65 2-Stroke Beginner.

Grant Holmes (7X) and James Ott (12)Grant Holmes (7X) and James Ott (12) in an 85 Heat race. This reporter is having a scratched record moment once again, but it still carries weight in repeating that the 85 SCFTA classes offer some of the most consistently competitive and bare knuckle racing on the SCFTA program. When one racer such as Travis E. Petton starts to dominate along comes one of the regulars, in this case, “Galloping” Grant Holmes, to shake it up. Holmes did exactly that giving T.E. Petton a reason to not get comfortable in his points lead in the 85 Open and 85 Novice.

Tucker Mount blew out of the start for the point in the 85 Open Main, Holmes was on his game and took the inside on the front stretch going into turn one on lap two. Holmes blasted through for the lead as T.E. Petton shot into second by lap two, as they carried the 1-2 positions respectively to the checkers. James Ott in third late into the Main with Mount settling in fourth, and Zaden Florez fifth at the finish. Holmes kept it dialed into the 85 Open for the win, Petton protected his points lead taking second in the 85 2-Stroke Novice. Petton leads the points in both classes as we head into round seven.


Jim Medlin (11), and Fred Berger (97)Jim Medlin (11), and Fred Berger (97) in the Senior +50 Novice Heat race. The fifty something racer Jim Medlin seems to be begging for punishment racing the fearless youngsters in the Open Novice, but he handles it well winning the A Main, also racing to the gold in the Senior Novice +50. Brian  Harman (67) sharing space with Henry Canan (4)Brian Harman (67) sharing space with Henry Canan (4). Brian Harman (67) sharing space with Henry Canan (4) in an Open Novice Heat. Jim Medlin ripped the lead by the end of lap one in the Open Novice A Main, with Brian Harmon and Henry Canan in second and third respectively. Canan clears any gap Medlin has and closes in for an attack on lap five as Harmon remains in a passing position in third while the race for the lead heats up. Canan goes into the final lap and shoots under Medlin in turn one for the lead, but Medlin tucks in behind him and pushes inside on turn three to regain the lead and gets the Open Novice Main win, Canan second and Harmon third. Jaycee Jones continues to get stronger and races by the checkers for fourth with Travis Friedrich closing out the top five.

Jim Bandelin (71) and Justin HansonOpen Novice racers, Jim Bandelin (71) and Justin Hanson (23). Open Novice racers, Jim Bandelin (71) and Justin Hanson (23). They completed the night fifth and first respectively in the Open Novice B Main.

Travis Petton and Jace Callison

Travis E. Petton (82) and Jace Callison (112) running into turn three in a 250 Open Heat. Jace Callison graced round six with his presence riding in selective SCFTA rounds for 2014. Callison also rained on Clayton Williams’ parade. Williams was riding a five round win streak, but Callison put an end to that running in the clean air from lap one to the checkers for the win. Williams did not succumb easily keeping within reach of a Callison mistake, but Callison was perfect for the win, Williams two seconds behind in second. Travis E. Petton third.

Alex Crosby (198), and Clayton Williams (95)Alex Crosby (198), and Clayton Williams (95) in the background in a 250 Open Heat race. Clayton Williams placed second in the 250 Open, despite his five round win streak being broken, Williams still holds a sizeable lead of thirty-three points over Alex Crosby for the series title.

Brandon Watters (558), Chad Foster (198), and Jace Callison
The Open Unclassified Heat start with Brandon Watters (558), Chad Foster (198), and Jace Callison (112). Chad Foster won the Open Unclassified Main. Brandon Watters succeeded in his hunt for his first 2014 Open Amateur win leading from start to finish in the Main. Brandon Watters placed second in the Open Unclassified preceding his win in the Open Amateur. The Open Amateur race started out in confusion with Williams going down and reportedly sat out the restart, Scott Hanson also went down but made roll call on the restart. Watters did not miss a beat and championed the restart for the lead with Callison second, recently moved up from the Open Novice, Rich Hanson, in third. Callison gave a fight to Watters in the first half of the race but no dice as Watters takes his first Open Amateur win of the season. Callison in second and looks to have second secured, but not to be as he slides out on the last turn of the last lap and is swallowed by the pack finishing sixth. Rich Hanson now second but had a pesky Alex Crosby in his wake, a determined Crosby drives hard on the inside of turn four making the pass and to the checkers for second, Rich Hanson put up a good fight for third, Scott Hanson fourth, and Joel Kath fifth.

Rich HansonRecently stepping up into the Open Amateur, Rich Hanson, put on an impressive run for third.

Joel KathJoel Kath rode to fifth in the highly competitive Open Amateur.

Carl WhittCarl Whitt had to work for a living in the Vintage 250 Amateur. Harly Legowski held the lead for the first three laps but lost it on lap four as Whitt took control and led the remaining five laps for the win. Harly LegowskiHarly Legowski has finally recovered from bike problems in earlier rounds and is looking stronger each race. She had an excellent start in the Vintage 250 racing with the lead for three laps and went on to second in the Main.

Tim WattersTim Watters (35), Robert Stettler (178), and Larkin Wright (4) in the Senior +50 Amateur Heat. Tim Watters went wire to wire for the victory in the Senior +50 Amateur. Watters nailed down the pack at the kickoff of the Main, Robert Stettler second, Larkin Wright third, Ken Shilling fourth and David Berg fifth. Stettler scrambling out of the turns maintaining striking distance of Watters for the first six laps, but fades enough on lap seven for Watters to get a little breathing room and the win. Stettler rides in for second, Wright third, Shilling with a cushion for fourth and Berg fifth.

Frank Garcia (8), Larry Earhart (16E), Jeff Lessley (12), and Jeff Johnson (87)

Vet + 50 Expert Heat race, Frank Garcia (8), Larry Earhart (16E), Jeff Lessley (12), and Jeff Johnson (87) Fontana Radiator/IMS/Race Tech’s Jeff Johnson is nothing but style and speed, and one of the most photogenic racers in the SCFTA. With his feet up exit out of the turns he displays extraordinary comfort and control on his C & J chassis with a Yamaha TT500 power plant embedded in his steed. Johnson rivets the holeshot with Jeff Lessley second, Jim Ottele, and John Perez in fourth. Johnson gets separation from Lessley as we exit the four lap point, Lessley second and Ottele bearing down on Lessley. Johnson brings his tricked out bike in for the victory, Ottele takes the inside out of turn two bee-lining into turn three and goes under Lessley in turn four and takes second, with Lessley third, Frank Garcia fourth and Perez fifth in the Vet +50 Expert Main. Jeff Johnson went to the top tier in the Bomber Main for his second win of the day.

Joe Steffen and Travis PettonJoe Steffen and Travis Petton, in a flat track fight for second racing in the Bomber Heat. San Diego county racer Travis Petton, experienced timing problems with his bike at round four but had everything under control at round five for a win in the Vintage 750 and second in the Bomber class. Travis Petton, Grandpa of T.E. Petton, could show the youngsters something about determination and gritty tenacity required to be a successful racer.

Ottele cemented the lead exiting out of turn two in the Vintage 750, Petton, Tim Watters, and Steve Fortune fourth. Second place Petton rushes out of turn four and pushes his way inside and forces his way past Ottele going into turn one, coming out of turn two with the lead. Ottele brings it on and mounts a lively challenge but Petton’s energy is high and hard to match, he blocks any passing attempts and pulls away in the last two laps for the win. Ottele comes in second, Watters and Fortune fourth.

Colt Foster

Colt Foster practicing before the night show and his Pro win. Riding with an injured shoulder, Foster Brothers Racing/6D Helmets racer Colt Foster, has no time for such trivial injury matters as he is well into his journey for a first SCFTA Pro title. The twenty lap Pro Main gets the green light, Ian Foulds and Salinas racer John Vanderlaan in front out of turn two on lap one. Foster sparks it up, powering the inside on turn three keeping the course through turn four and in the lead he goes. Foster has the point on lap three with second place Vanderlaan buffering Foulds, but Foulds gets past Vanderlaan for second soon after. Foster trying to gap the pack with Foulds in second, as Foster’s brother, Chris Foster, is coming into the fray racing in third.

Jon Vanderlaan Ian Foulds

Ian Foulds (45) leads his Pro Heat, John Vanderlaan (12Y), and Nick Gil (22). They finished third, sixth and seventh respectively in the Main. Foster in first as Chris Foster has now taken second and is on the rush for his brother’s lead at the ten lap mark. Foulds is in third and pursued by fourth place Robert Bush. We work in the fifteenth lap and lapped riders are now a part of strategy as the leaders use them as a block but Foster is still unable to shake the force of Chris Foster. With less than two laps to go Chris Foster continues to drive the inside but Foster keeps the door closed and it stays that way for Foster’s win, as Chris Foster takes second. Foulds was under pressure from Robert Bush for the last five laps but managed to lock his way to third, Robert Bush fourth, and his brother David Bush fifth.

David Bush and Chris Foster
#88 David Bush and #81 Chris Foster during practice. They finished fifth and second respectively in the Pro class.

Please go to for more information, complete results and schedule information.


50 2-STRK BEG: 1. Rachel Schnakenberg; 2. Logan Daugherty; 3. Ethan Daugherty; 4. Jiselle Welch; 5. Lillyana Carlson.

50 2-STRK NOV: 1. Ashton Carlson; 2. Dylan Frost; 3. Colin Petton.

50 4-STRK BEG: 1. Travis Horn; 2. Cody Morin. 50

4-STRK NOV: 1. Tanner Richey. 65-70

2-STRK BEG: 1. Ashton Carlson; 2. Conner Hickerson; 3. Anthony Salaberrios; 4. Ava Bush; 5. Cody Morin; 6. Sierra Hickerson.

65-70 4-STRK BEG: 1. Zack Earwood; 2. Isabella Mitchell.

85 OPN: 1. Grant Holmes; 2. Travis E. Petton; 3. James Ott; 4. Tucker Mount; 5. Zaden Florez; 6. Alyssa Flores; 7. Jacob Cascio; 8. Frank Flores.

85-100 2-STRK NOV: 1. Grant Holmes; 2. Travis Petton IV; 3. James Ott; 4. Alyssa Flores; 5. Frank Flores; 6. Jacob Cascio; 7. Frank Flores; 8. Matthew Ott.

85-100 4-STRK BEG: 1. Jake Mitchell. 85-100

4-STRK NOV: 1. Matt Ott; 2. David Seminaro.

250 OPN: 1. Jace Callison; 2. Clayton Williams; 3. Travis Petton; 4. Alex Crosby; 5. Justin Hanson; 6. Jaycee Jones; 7. Monica Gil; 8. Noah Bush.

4-STRK: 1. Ian Foulds; 2. Billy Katkov; 3. Dee Kilroy.

OPN UNCLS: 1. Chad Foster; 2. Brandon Watters; 3. Jace Callison; 4. Cristian Olguin; 5. Chris McDougal; 6. Frank Garcia; 7. LJ Gronek.

OPN NOV A: 1. Jim Medlin; 2. Henry Canan; 3. Brian Harmon; 4. Jaycee Jones; 5. Travis Friedrich; 6. Parker Earhart; 7. LJ Gronek; 8. Noah Bush.

OPN NOV B: 1. Justin Hanson; 2. Monty Watowa; 3. Ron Duarte; 4. Jim Bandelin; 5. Stephen Yoshida.

OPN AMAT: 1. Brandon Watters; 2. Alex Crosby; 3. Rich Hanson; 4. Scott Hanson; 5. Joel Kath.

PRO: 1. Colt Foster; 2. C. Foster; 3. Ian Foulds; 4. Robert Bush; 5. David Bush; 6. John Vanderlaan; 7. Nick Gil; 8. Chad Foster; 9. Charlie Vanderlaan; 10. Frankie Garcia; 11. Chris MC Dougal.

CLSC VINT 250: 1. Fred Berger.

CLSC VINT 500-750: 1. Tom Ferguson; 2. Lenny Rodriguez.

VINT 250 AMAT: 1. Carl Whitt; 2. Harly Legowski; 3. Matthew “Welsh” Weisberger.

VINT 750: 1. Travis Petton; 2. Jim Ottele; 3. Tim Watters; 4. Steve Fortune.

VET +35: 1. Jeff Lessley; 2. Jim Rosa; 3. Brad Rudy; 4. Robert Stettler; 5. Joel Kath; 6. Brian Harmon; 7. Jess Flores.

SR VET AMAT +50: 1. Tim Watters; 2. Robert Stettler; 3. Larkin Wright; 4. Ken Shilling; 5. David Berg.

SR NOV +50: 1. Jim Medlin; 2. Greg Powell; 3. Fred Berger; 4. Barney Stern; 5. Danny Manthis.

SR VET EXP +50: 1. Jeff Johnson; 2. Jim Ottele; 3. Jeff Lessley; 4. Frank Garcia; 5. Larry Earhart; 6. John Perez; 7. Dan Kane.

SUP SR +60; 1. David Molitor; 2. Greg Powell.

PREM SUP +70: 1. Mike Brooks.

BMBR: 1. Jeff Johnson; 2. Travis Petton; 3. Joe Steffen.

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