RZ-RAX System for the Polaris RZR XP-1000

Polaris RZR XP-1000PU-Products LLC, is pleased to announce the introduction of our RZ-RAZ System for the Polaris RZR XP-1000.

This unique product utilizes the entire XP-1000 Bed and safely secures 2 five gallon fuel jugs and a 24-pk AO (American Outdoors) Cooler. This RAX system will also carry tackle boxes, luggage and other similar items.

The RZ-RAX for the XP-1000 was designed to maximize the limited space in the rear bed. The RZ-RAX comes with 12-42″ Adjustable ROK Straps for securing the contents. Numerous slots on the RZ-RAX provides anchoring points for camping and hunting gear.

A 720 cubic inch locking storage box is available for securing valuables, gloves, goggles and related gear.

The RZ-RAX is secured to the RZR by utilizing the existing ‘Lock & Ride’ holes in the bed of the XP-1000 series. Our exclusive ‘Plunge & Lock” hardware cannot be easily removed to deter theft. The RAX has a low profile. Utilizing stainless steel mounting hardware, our RZ-RAX is easy to assemble and install.

RZ1000-1 (2)Noise reduction is achieved by the use of rubber clad and nylon washers. The typical assembly takes less than 15 minutes to mount. It only requires the supplied Allen wrench and 1/2 inch wrench.

The RZ-RAX has a silver vein powder coating. Custom Colors are available. AO Coolers are available in 4 colors. Fuel Jugs from several manufacturers will fit. CARB approved Jugs are shown in the photo.

Polaris RZR XP-1000Since 2008, PU-Products LLC has been creating RZ-RAX for the Polaris 800 and 900 series. Our aluminum RAX System is modular, allowing the user to choose just one RAX for jugs or coolers, or double up to carry more.

The RZ RAX is available at www.pu-products.com and www.blackrhinoperformance.com


RZ1000-2 (2)


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