AMA Southern California Championship Motocross Series, Round 8

Presented by Orange County KTM

August 10, 2014 – Glen Helen Raceway, Devore CA


On a warm summer Sunday at Glen Helen Raceway we dim the stage lights on the 17th Annual American Motorcyclist Association’s (AMA) Southern California Motocross (SoCalMx) Series Presented by Orange County KTM. The eight round series started the journey with round one at the historic Racetown 395 in Adelanto, California, on June 15. Racetown has since closed its gates for business and reportedly may not reopen, but this has not been verified by this reporter. SoCalMx appears to have the moto-blessings in holding the last race at the storied facility formerly known as Sunrise if the reports of permanent closure ring true. After round one we toured south on 395 to Competitive Edge MX Park, Milestone MX in Riverside for rounds three and four, Glen Helen round five, Gorman, returning to Competitive Edge for round seven and Glen Helen for the epilogue. This report will primarily be an overview of Racer’s performance throughout the series.


Bush dwellers emerged from the Glen Helen scrub begging racers for food, after being refused they slipped away unnoticed.

Jesse Lundin (140) and Tanner Taylor.

Eighteen year old Jessie Lundin (140) fending off Tanner Taylor (700) in the 250 A moto one. Lundin scored a 1-1 for the overall victory, Taylor went 2-3 for third overall.

Dragon/Dunlop/AXO’s Jesse Lundin, ventured into his second year of the series and a prosperous one at that. Initiating his start into the racing realm, Lundin started Desert racing four years ago and has made a laser fast transition to the motocross world. His front running starts have enabled him to be in the battle for the win on a regular basis during the series. He currently races local motocross series and the World Off Road Championship Series (WORCS) in the 250 A and Pro 2 Lights.

Jessie Lundin (140) and Braden O'Neal (17).

Jessie Lundin (140) and Braden O’Neal (17) in an inter-class moto scrum.

Lundin raced in all eight rounds of the 250 A, missing the top three once and winning two rounds for the Title. Hustling his way to the front and refining his starts during the series, Lundin scrapped his way to the title. with racers like Nick Stover forcing him to up his game for the Crown. Racing in the District King of the Track A class, he jumped to three overall wins in the first six rounds, finishing out with a pair of seconds in the last two rounds for his second title. A racer and a gentleman on the track, the young moto pilot laid it out in the series for an outstanding performance and would like to give a big shout to his mom Patricia and Dad Justin for all their support.

Brendan Crow.

Brendan Crow finished in the top spot of the Heavyweight A points. He was also second in the District King of the Track A points winning round two. Crow kept his guns blazing and never relented in countless battles in the series.

Nick Stover.

Winning three of seven rounds he competed in, Nick Stover, missed round three which may have been a swing round for him that would moved him up in final District King of the Track A standings. Regardless he ripped during the series and finished up third in the final count. Capturing two race wins and finishing in the top three in every round raced, he placed third in the 250 A standings as well.
Daniel Lundin.

Daniel Lundin (File image) struck up two moto wins on the day for the overall in the District King of the Track B, finishing the series with five overall wins and the Title. Daniel Lundin put on a purposeful run in the 250 B, and despite only two podium finishes he held the series title at the end of the day with his workman like performance and determination for his second 2014 Title.

Parker Jones.

Noleen Suspension’s Parker Jones completed the Heavy Weight C class with four race wins and two second place finishes for the 2014 Title.

Daryl Tarpey (591), Gina Alvarez (563), and Joshua Clark (501).

Joshua Clark (501) slants in on turn two of the 250 c moto one, Daryl Tarpey (591) and Gina Alvarez (563) in pursuit.

Joshua Clark rolled into the final round with a seven point margin over Gina Alvarez in the 250 C title chase. Alvarez was going to need as great race and some help from the competition to make up the deficit. She needed an overall win and for Clark finish no better than third, or a second with Clark being fifth or worse. Cole Puckett easily won moto one, Alvarez makes a late race pass on Clark for second, Clark in third in the race for the title. Puckett repeated his moto one display for the moto two win and 250 C overall win on the day. Alvarez shined in her effort racing in second from lap one to the checkers and second overall.

501 Joshua Clark.

The 250 C and Schoolboy C Champion Joshua Clark.

Clark stayed on his wheels and kept the bike running for third in moto and third overall. Clark may have lost three points to Alvarez but he still carried a four point cushion and a well earned 250 C Series Title. Clark also captured the title in the Schoolboy C.

Gina Alvarez.

Noleen’s Alvarez won the 250 C round three and rode her heart out for second in the 250 C points, still managing a Title in the Women’s 12+ A adding to her bevy of AMA SoCalMx crowns from past seasons.

Joey Schoeningh won titles in the District King of the Track C, Schoolboy B and Supermini A.

Joey Schoeningh won four of eight rounds entered for the District King of the Track C Title. Going on to win five of seven rounds raced for the Schoolboy B Title and adding the Supermini A Title for good measure. Three classes raced and three titles claimed, an outstanding run for the tough motocrosser.

Sidehack Z1 6 Z8

Sidehack start in moto one, Sam Shank (d=driver) and Michael Novoa (p=passenger) (Z8) leads Mark (d) and Kathy Wood (p) (6), and Ace Kale and his passenger Mr. Sidoti (Z1) around the Talladega turn.

The Sidehack class gated up with the top three teams coming into the final with two overall wins a piece and separated by three points. Husband and wife Sidehack team Mark (d) and Kathy Wood (p) respectively, came off a confidence gaining win at round seven holding a two point lead for the title. The Kale Family, a Father-Son team and the defending Sidehack Series Champions just two points back in second and reportedly switched passengers with Mr. Sidoti taking the seat according to the results. Mark McDade’s 1989 EML chassis with a Honda XR650R planted in the frame is lurking three points behind the Woods, with Sam Shank driving and passenger Michael Novoa in their first season of Sidehack racing.


Sam Shank driving the McDade machine with passenger Michael Novoa helping turn the beast as they roll out moto two for their 2014 Sidehack Title. Shank/Novoa guided their machine to the front but was passed by the Kale Team about mid race, they counter attacked for the lead and the moto one win, Kale squad second. The racing was rough throughout the day with Team Wood reportedly having exhaust problems after a love tap from a fellow competitor in moto one.

Mark Wood and Kathy bringing her home after a tough series as they finish second on the day and second in the final points.

Mark and Kathy Wood bringing her home after a tough series as they finish second on the day and second in the final points.

Shank/Novoa going into turn two after the start and up the hill with Team Kale on their fender. Team Kale pushes into them causing at least one tip-over, forcing a red flag and a restart in moto two. Shank/Novoa and Team Wood tussling for space on the restart. Shank/Novoa prevail for the lead and bring it home with room to spare for the moto two win, Team Wood after a tough day pull in at second. The top three on the day are Shank/Novoa, Team Wood and Team Kale third. The same order for the final series points with only six points separating the three teams. Shank/Novoa would like to thank Terry Cable, Mark McDade, Al Baker’s XR’s Only and all their cast and crew for their support in securing the hard earned Sidehack Title.

Team Kale

Team Kale, seen here roosting the holeshot at Competitive Edge in round seven giving it their all and an additional 10% but were unable to defend their title. Although they finished moto two, their turn two crash on lap one forced a restart as they appeared to be in survival mode from there on ending up third in points.
Laura Ferguson.

Laura Ferguson went undefeated in the Women’s 30+ A, winning all eight rounds for the 2014 Title and her third class title in a row dating back to 2012.

Teri Meyers.

(file image)

Teri Meyers has been an essential part of the SoCalMx series as the series secretary but still finds time to get her moto on, and did so with a second overall on this day and second in the final Women 30+ A points.

Brandon Clement

Brandon Clement raced in and won the first five rounds for the Vet 30+ A Title.

Mike Vinson (14) Shawn Gossage (221).

Mike Vinson has a string of SoCalMx titles dating back to 2010 with 30+ C, and on a hot streak after moving up to 30+ B in 2011. Winning the Vet 30+ B crown in 2011, 2012, 2013, he raced to his fifth SoCalMx title and the crest of the Vet 30+ B for his fourth straight time .
Roger Hurd.

The inspirational Roger Hurd can surely tell some stories about the history of off-road racing in California, after all it was his Father Steve Hurd, who won the first Lake Elsinore Grand Prix Saturday event riding in the 250 Expert in 1968. Hurd carried the family torch bright at this year’s SoCalMx and would have likely won the Vet 30+ B if he had not sat out two rounds. He put in a great run this year with three wins, a pair of seconds, and a fourth for a second in the final series score.

Chris Ferguson.

Chris Ferguson won round seven and finished third in the Vet 30+ B points.

Tony Beinert.

Tony Bienert has won titles with an injured leg, won titles while taking care of multiple bikes, won titles while making sure his Daughter Allyssa and Son Troy make it to the line for their line, and he just keeps doing it. With multiple number one plates in this racing Family, the energetic racer added another one winning six rounds in the 40+ A.

Sam Hawley.

Sam Hawley won the Senior 40+ C Title via six overall wins.

Sam Hawley went down hard in 2010 but appears to be fully recovered if his run in the Senior 40+ C is used as a moto barometer. The Kawsaki KX250 helmsman won six of seven rounds raced for a superior performance and the 2014 Title. Hawley like many other series racers has over twenty years of racing around Southern California. The 1989 CMC Golden State National 125 Junior Champion, unsure of what class to enter in 2014, left no doubt he will be in the B class for 2015. He is currently racing selected Trans World MX rounds and Desert races and upping his training intensity to match his enthusiasm. Hawley would like to thank Del Amo Motorsports, Enzo Racing, and ended the conversation by saying it “felt good” to win the Title. Congratulations Mr. Hawley.

51 Clark Jones

Clark Jones adds to his plethora of AMA SoCalMx Titles with the 2014 Super Senior 50+ A.

Noleen Suspension owner Clark Jones and George Andrews put on a competitive show of fearlessness and determination as they skirmished for the moto wins with a three point buffer between series leader Jones and second place Andrews as we begin round eight. Andrews took the win in moto one at round seven but the wily old seasoned Vet Jones came back in moto two for the win and overall. This leads into this winner take all for the Super Senior 50+ A at round eight.

Andrews rode to the advantage in moto one but Jones stayed close and eventually made the pass for the moto win with Andrews second. The best finish in moto two between Jones and Andrews takes the series Crown. Jones pounds out the holeshot with Andrews trailing, but the multiple AMA SoCalMx Champion was hearing nothing about a battle keeping Andrews quiet behind him and staying clean for the moto two win. Jones goes 1-1 for the overall win and another feather in his moto cap with the Super Senior 50+ A title. Andrews never let up railing to a second in moto two for second overall, and second in the final points.

George Andrews (111), attempting to make an inside run on Clark Jones.

George Andrews (111), attempting to make an inside run on Clark Jones as they head up Mount Shoei. Andrews put it a strong effort to unseat the highly decorated Clark Jones. Andrews had two overall wins in the series finishing seven points back in second for the final count in the Senior 50+ A.

Tim Tarry.

Sporting desert plates, Tim Tarry did well at this motocross deal with three third place finishes during the series, closing out the top three for a third in the Senior 50+ A points. Tarry was not going to go home empty handed though, he raced to three wins in six rounds entered bringing home the number 1 in the Evolution class.
Alan Skiles.

Super Senior 50+ B Champion Alan Skiles, going through the paces with a 7-4 on the day for fifth overall. His task was completed for the title after winning three rounds in a class that averaged a respectable ten racers per round.

Bill Maxim (197) and Danny Sanchez (27).

Danny Sanchez (27) fights off Bill Maxim (197) in moto two of the Masters 60+ A. Maxim won moto two and the previous moto one for the overall win. Sanchez went 2-2 for second overall but still the big winner, winning four rounds for the 2014 Title. The seasoned Southern California racer whose roots date back to Lucerne Valley’s Deadman’s Point, and races such as the 1987 Viewfinders Grand Prix at Riverside Raceway where he finished sixteenth overall, would like to thank O’Neal, Noleen Suspension, and especially his racing manager and wonderful wife Vickie.

John Miller.

John Miller dominated the Revolution class sitting on top of the class in seven of eight races as well as winning most of the inter-class motos this reporter witnessed.

Ronnie Smith

Ronnie Smith rode to a second in the Senior 40+ A, but dominated the Classic with seven race wins for the 2014 Crown.

Troy Beinert.

Troy Bienert shown here in route to his seventh race win and another number one plate to his trophy case. As the multiple SoCalMX title holder reached the plateau once again, winning the 85cc (12-15) B Title.

Eric Burdell.

Eric Burdell is a regular speedster at the SoCalMX show and completed the task, winning the 85cc (9-11) A Title.

Aidan Ferguson.

Aidan Ferguson set sail for the 85cc (9-11) B at round one, and reached the home port at this final round for the Series Title.

Connor Styers.

Connor Styers sat on the top of the box six times for the 65cc (7-11) A Title, he also received a second Title in the 65 Open.

Elijah Collins-dimmitt

Elijah Collins-dimmitt wrapped up wins in seven of eight rounds raced for the 65cc (7-11) D series Crown.

Andrew Schulz.

Andrew Schulz roosted up two overall wins in his eight rounds of racing for the 50cc 12″ Wheel (4-8) Title.

Triston Alvarez.

Triston Alvarez never relented keeping his head down and pushed hard for a second in the 50cc 12″ Wheel (4-8) series points.

Traison Payne (33) and Timothy Craig (122).

Traison Payne (33) with Timothy Craig in chase in a mixed class battle. Payne finished up third in the 50cc 10″ Wheel (4-6) but won the war with three race wins and never finishing further back than third for the Series Title.

Please go to for complete results and schedule information.


50 4-6: 1. Jesse James Shedden (3-1); 2. Ryder Yecoshenko (2-2); 3. Traison Payne (1-3); 4. Zachary Novoa (5-4); 5. Tanner Craig (4-5).

50 4-8: 1. Carter Cooper (1-1); 2. Andrew Schulz (2-2); 3. Ryan Stephens (5-3); 4. Triston Alvarez (4-4); 5. Brock Smith (3-6).

65 7-11 D: 1. Elijah Collins-dimmitt (1-1); 2. Tyler Andrews (3-2); 3. Logan Ferguson (2-3).

65 7-11 C: 1. Peyton Marks (1-1); 2. Markko Gifford (2-2).

65 7-11 B: 1. Austin Eddy (1-1).

65 7-11 A: 1. Connor Styers (1-1).

65 OPEN: 1. Peyton Marks (1-1).

85 9-11 D: 1. Liam Thompson (1-1).

85 9-11 C: 1. Colin Cline (2-1); 2. Scott Perez (1-2); 3. Dominic Bianchi (3-3).

85 9-11 B: 1. Aidan Ferguson (1-DNF).

85 9-11 A: 1. Eric Burdell (1-1).

85 12-15 D: 1. Kade River Kaufman (1-1); 2. Kristi Black (2-2).

85 12-15 C: 1. Jp Alvarez (1-1); 2. Tyler Belknap (2-2); 3. Cole Myerly (3-3).

85 12-15 B: 1. Troy Bienert (1-1).

SUP MN C: 1. Jp Alvarez (1-1); 2. Cole Myerly (2-2).

SUP MN B: 1. Connor Styers (1-1).

SUP MN A: 1. Joey Schoeningh (1-1).

SCHBOY/GRL C: 1. Joshua Clark (1-1).

SCHBOY/GRL B: 1. Jack Ward (1-1); 2. Dario Gifford (2-2); 3. Joey Schoeningh (3-3).

250 C: 1. Cole Puckett (1-1); 2. Gina Alvarez (2-2); 3. Joshua Clark (3-3); 4. Daryl Tarpey (5-4); 5. Jason Jones (4-5).

250 B: 1. Renton Minuto (1-1); 2. Casey Langosh (3-3); 3. Sean Groce (4-4); 4. Shane Souter (6-5); 5. Braden O’Neal (DNF-2).

250 A: 1. Jesse Lundin (1-1); 2. Nick Stover (3-2); 3. Tanner Taylor (2-3); 4. Ben Meza (4-5); 5. Larry Bauman (6-6). (1-4-DNS).

HWT C: 1. Parker Jones (1-1); 2. Alan Hess (3-3); 3. Alex Dufour (6-2); 4. Sam Baioni (5-5); 5. Riley Jaynes (4-6).

HWT B: 1. Steve Kirkk, lii (1-1); 2. Bryan Denny (2-2).

HWT A: 1. Troy Armstrong (1-1); 2. Brendan Crow (2-2).

OPN C: 1. Jack Moore (3-1); 2. Cole Puckett (1-3); 3. Kevin Henley (2-4); 4. Cj Hernds (DNF-2).

OPN B: 1. Renton Minuto (1-1); 2. Casey Langosh (3-2); 3. Bryan Denny (5-3); 4. Jack Ward (4-4); 5. Braden O’Neal (2-DNF).

OPN A: 1. Ark Sudan (1-1); 2. Troy Armstrong (2-2); 3. Tanner Taylor (3-3); 4. Larry Bauman (4-4).

WMN 12+ C: 1. Leticia Porche (1-1); 2. Kristi Black (2-2).

WMN 12+ A: 1. Gina Alvarez (1-1); 2. Allyssa Bienert (2-2).

WMN 30+ A: 1. Laura Ferguson (1-1); 2. Teri Myers (2-2).

VET 30+ C: 1. Nathan Turner (1-1); 2. Jason Mang (2-2); 3. Kevin Kale (4-3); 4. Gary Lipczynski (5-4); 5. Chris Griffin (7-5).

VET 30+ B: 1. Andy Fritts (1-1); 2. Roger Hurd (5-3); 3. Furious Stroud (4-4); 4. Jeff Harper (3-5); 5. Shawn Gossage (8-2).

SR 40+ C: 1. Sam Hawley (1-1); 2. Todd Heagstett (2-3); 3. Mande Cline (4-2); 4. Joe Cook (3-4); 5. Jim Olson (6-5).

SR 40+ B: 1. Lex Rowland (1-1).

SR 40+ A: 1. Tony Bienert (1-1); 2. Alex Mansfield (2-2).

SUP SR 50+ B: 1. Andrew Smith (2-2); 2. Jd Lavincil (1-3); 3. Wes Zuber (3-5); 4. Mike Mang (4-6); 5. Alan Skiles (7-4).

SUP SR 50+ A: 1. Clark Jones (1-1); 2. George Andrews (2-2); 3. Bruce Thompson (3-3); 4. David Graham (4-4); 5. Tim Tarry (5-5).

EVO: 1. Tim Tarry (1-1).

REVO: 1. John Miller (1-1); 2. Kyle Porche (2-2); 3. Scott Cummings (3-3).

CLSC: 1. Eric Perez (1-1); 2. Ronnie Smith (2-DNF); 3. Andrew Davis (3-DNF).

MSTRS 60+ A: 1. Bill Maxim (1-1); 2. Danny Sanchez (2-2); 3. Bill Schultz (3-3).

DIST KNG C: 1. Joey Schoeningh (1-1); 2. Dario Gifford (2-2); 3. Sean Kokoska (3-3).

DIST KNG B: 1. Danny Lundin (1-1); 2. John Miller (2-2).

DIST KNG A: 1. Nick Stover (2-1); 2. Jesse Lundin (1-2); 3. Walker Harrison (4-3); 4. Brendan Crow (3-4).

SDEHCK: 1. Novoa/Shank (1-1); 2. Wood/Wood (NA); 3. Kale/Kale (NA).


50 4-6: 1. Traison Payne, 177; 2. Zachary Novoa, 130; 3. Jesse James Shedden, 125.

50 4-8: 1. Andrew Schulz, 141; 2. Triston Alvarez, 123; 3. Brody Turner, 117; 3. Zane Smith, 117; 4. Timothy Craig, 99.

65 7-11 D: 1. Elijah Collins-dimmitt, 196; 2. Tyler Andrews, 147; 3. Logan Ferguson, 124.

65 7-11 B: 1. Austin Eddy, 203.

65 7-11 A: 1. Connor Styers, 378.

65 OPEN: 1. Connor Styers, 319.

85 9-11 B: 1. Aidan Ferguson, 352.

85 9-11 A: 1. Eric Burdell, 330.

85 12-15 D: 1. Liam Thompson, 146.

85 12-15 C: 1. Cole Myerly, 239; 2. Jp Alvarez, 206.

85 12-15 B: 1. Troy Bienert, 353.

SUP MN C: 1. Jp Alvarez, 272; 2. Cole Myerly, 253.

SUP MN A: 1. Joey Schoeningh, 421; 2. Stephen D’Amico, 216.

SCHBOY/GRL C: 1. Joshua Clark, 245.

SCHBOY/GRL B: 1. Joey Schoeningh, 304; 2. Dario Gifford, 206.

250 C: 1. Joshua Clark, 190; 2. Gina Alvarez, 186; 3. Daryl Tarpey, 162; 4. Ryan Newby, 138.

250 B: 1. Daniel Lundin, 247.

250 A: 1. Jesse Lundin, 396; 2. Ben Meza, 376; 3. Nick Stover, 362.

HWT C: 1. Parker Jones, 252; 2. Sam Baioni, 166.

HWT A: 1. Brendan Crow, 346.

WMN 12+ A: 1. Gina Alvarez, 440; 2. Allyssa Bienert, 255.

WMN 30+ A: 1. Laura Ferguson, 440; 2. Teri Myers, 402.

VET 30+ C: 1. Nathan Turner, 241; 2. Jeremie Johnston, 222; 3. Christopher McClain, 157.

VET 30+ B: 1. Mike Vinson, 300; 2. Roger Hurd, 253; 3. Chris Ferguson, 251; 4. Kent Bartles, 193.

VET 30+ A: 1. Brandon Clement, 275.

SR 40+ C: 1. Sam Hawley, 241; 2. Jim Olson, 173; 3. Jim Costa, 152; 4. Todd Heagstett, 138; 5. Donald Cheswick, 116; 5. Donald Dalby, 116.

SR 40+ B: 1. Lex Rowland, 343.

SR 40+ A: 1. Tony Bienert, 432; 2. Ronnie Smith, 323.

SUP SR 50+ B: 1. Alan Skiles, 315; 2. Ace Kale, 265; 3. Mark Harpwood, 202; 4. Jd Lavincil, 201; 5. Kent Bartles, 182.

SUP SR 50+ A: 1. Clark Jones, 415; 2. George Andrews, 408; 3. Tim Tarry, 276.

EVO: 1. Tim Tarry, 315.

REVO: 1. John Miller, 436; 2. Scott Cummings, 402.

CLSC: 1. Ronnie Smith, 436; 2. Andrew Davis, 348.

MSTRS 60+ A: 1. Danny Sanchez, 370.

LGNDS 70+: 1. Dennis Tooman, 330.

DIST KNG C: 1. Joey Schoeningh, 258; 2. Sean Kokoska, 200; 3. Ryan Newby, 166; 4. Dario Gifford, 138.

DIST KNG B: 1. Danny Lundin, 343; 2. John Miller, 256.

DIST KNG A: 1. Jesse Lundin, 413; 2. Brendan Crow, 393; 3. Nick Stover, 349; 4. Walker Harrison, 231.

SDEHCK: 1. Novoa/Shank, 406; 2. Wood/Wood, 405; 3. Kale/Kale, 400; 4. Vasiek/Watson, 374.


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