Flashback: Barona MX Second Annual Summer Classic National

Presented by Hanger 94

Editor’s Note: With way more photos available than we had room for in the print edition, photojournalist Rodney Rutherford has provided us this photographic review of the Barona MX Second Annual Summer Classic Nationals

Welcome to the web edition of the “Second Annual Summer Classic National” presented by Hanger 94, held at Barona MX in Ramona, California on August 24, 2014. Father-Son team, Robert Prida and Austin Prida, have become a force on the San Diego motocross scene. Robert Prida, a former mechanic for American Motorcyclist Association’s (AMA) Pro Michael Craig, started working on riding and racing enthusiast motorcycles in his garage dating back to 1993. Outgrowing the confines of the domestic repair shop, he moved on to an El Cajon store front in 1996 and has been running strong since. Approximately 2009 he acquired a track in Boulevard, California, naming it RPMX. RPMX is now under the management of Son Austin Prida, and has been renamed “212 Land.” Robert Prida is now operating Barona Oaks MX with Austin promoting races and events for both locations.

Robert Prida on the right, discussing the track layout.

Robert Prida on the right, discussing his track layout.

The prestigious California Mini Motorcycle Club’s (CMMC) Mini Nationals, which was held twenty-four times originating in 1985 with the last one held in 2012. Showing homage to the event, Austin Prida has maintained the legacy of the Mini Nationals and the admirable spirit of “giving back”, with the Summer classic National, held at Barona MX. The 2ND Annual Summer Classic National is similar to the Mini Nationals, presenting the very popular “Prize Walk” with a reported $20,000 in prizes for 2014 but with one exception, the Summer Classic’s “Prize Walk” is for every class except the Pros. Whereas the Mini National “Prize Walk” was for the Mini racers up to the Intermediate ranks. The Vets racers get to party too at the Summer Classic!

Prize Walk.

The “Prize Walk”, with its assortment of bicycles, clothing apparel, electronic devices, surfboards and other goodies awaiting the racers after all the motos are complete and final results tallied.

Tiki trophies.

The “Tiki” has a deep and embedded history in Maori and Polynesia culture with the exact dates of origin unknown according to history related sources. Paying respect to the Tiki, Summer Classic promoter, Austin Prida, with artistic help presented Tiki trophies for first, second, and third place finishers. Similar to the Mammoth Bear trophies, the Tikis will hopefully become an annual tradition for the Summer Classic.

Charistan Campos #892, Ryan Surratt #51.

Christian Campos #892, and Ryan Surratt #51, unleashed at the drop of the gate in moto one of the 250 Pro.

A three time AMA Amateur National Champion (Loretta Lynn’s), finishing in the top nine in every class he has competed in at Loretta’s, and in the top three six of the eight classes he has raced in at Loretta’s in the four years he has competed, the future looks glaringly bright for seventeen year old moto phenomenon, Ryan Surratt. With his families unrelenting support, his Father Willie Surratt, was the 1987 Supercross West Champion, running the Outdoor Nationals from 1987 to 1992, Willie placed tenth in the 1987 250 National points. Racing in his final year in the 1992 Nationals, Willie doubled up competing in the 500 and 250 classes finishing tenth and thirteenth respectively. This gritty tough attitude is soundly reflected in Ryan Surratt’s on track persona and results, “just get her done”, and get her done he does.

2 Ryan Surratt

Ryan Surratt cornering to two Pro Titles.

Racing in the Pro/A class, Yamaha/Yama Lube’s Surratt went to work in the 250 Pro, but fellow Barona Oaks alum in 7 MX/101 Suspension/EVS racer Desmond Spears was not impressed after Surratt took the lead out of the gate. Spears responded by taking the lead on lap two, Surratt kept his cool and reassumed command on lap three laying out a four second lead by lap four of the seven lap Pro format. Surratt brings home the win with Spears a distant second. Dunlop/GYTR’s Surratt shot out of the gate and carried a four bike length lead through turn one after the start in moto two. He went to a workman like manner carrying the lead wire to wire for the moto two win and the 250 Pro Summer Classic Championship. Surratt finished his game with a 1-1 for his second Title on the day, winning the 450 Pro.

Dusty Phares.

Dusty Phares kept his wheels on the dirt when he wasn’t snagging air for a second in the 250 Pro and a second in the 450 Pro.

Christian Campos.

Seasoned Barona Oaks racer Christian Campos went 5-3 for third overall in the 250 Pro.

Cody Wallace.

Cody Wallace is the son of Debbie Wallace, as many may remember Debbie was a key part of the success of many CMMC Mini Nationals and the family still continues to the support the track and the Prida, and reap havoc on the competition as well of course. Garrett Wallace battled through a defiant wall of competitors for the 450 Intermediate Crown with a 1-1, he followed that up with the College Boy (17-24) Title scoring aces high. Endless energy gave the tall bearded racer another podium finish with a second overall in the 2-Stroke Open.

Kyle Chandler.

Kyle Chandler sat out moto one but recorded a third in moto two for third overall in the 450 Intermediate.

Travis Horton.

Travis Horton tapping the gears as he shoots off the start pad. Racing in the College Boy (17-24) he went 4-5 for fourth overall.

727 Tanner Basso, Kyle Freund 72

Tanner Basso #727, leads Kyle Freund #72, in an intense Schoolboy (12-16) scrum between the two in moto one. Basso prevailed for the moto win continuing on to win moto two for the Title. Basso was 1-1 in the 250 Intermediate for his second Title in the event.

Garet Sejkora

Garet Sejkora ran away from the chasers in both motos for the 450 Novice Championship.

Justin Kennamer.

Justin Kennamer brought home a third in the 450 Novice (2-3) and was tenth overall (13-7)in the 250 Novice.

Matin Banegas.

Maxima/TBT/RP Racing’s Matin Banegas, took control of the largest class of the day, the 250 Novice with eighteen racers on the Barona cement pad for two motos at five laps each. Banegas put down the drag racing ability taking the lead out of the gate in both motos. With the clean air he never was challenged all day long in the class, riding away from the pack for the 250 Novice Championship. Banegas would like to Thank his Mom for Teresa for all her support.

Josh Sharp.

Racing in the 250 Novice, Josh Sharp, took up second behind Banegas and ran alone for second in moto one. In moto two Banegas checked out as second place Sharp was challenged by Edgar Cota, but Sharp kept his pace and the position for second in moto and second overall.

17 Tabatha Miller.

As Cyndi Lauper belted out in her 1983 hit, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”, and have fun Tabatha Miller did in route to a 1-1 for the Women’s Open Title. A seasoned racer, Miller participated in the Women’s Motocross League in the 2000’s and still has game. Electing to ride a Kawasaki Supermini against the bigger bikes just because it is a blast, showing she did not need the extra horsepower of a 250F wringing out the green screamer for her Title.

Kayleigh Mcdermott

Kayleigh McDermott chalked in a 3-3 for third overall in the Women Open.

Kaeden Kniffing.

Kaeden Kniffing motoing up to Summer Classic Titles in the Supermini, 85 Open, and 85 (12-16).

Temecula Motorsports/Shoei/Thor/Rad Manufacturing’s Kaeden Kniffing put on an exemplary performance sweeping the Supermini, 85 Open and 85 (12-16). Racing against Brayden Lessler in the Supermini and 85 (12-16), Kniffing was forced to keep his game on in both classes. Kniffing was in comeback mode in moto one of the Supermini having to work his way around second place Kallen Sibert with Lessler in the lead. Railing an outside pass he finally passed the leading Lessler on lap four of the five lap moto for the moto one win. Pro Circuit/Maxima/Spy’s Kniffing found himself behind Lessler early in moto two but was securely into the lead by lap two for the moto two win and the Title. Kniffing showed his respect and knowledge of the historic Barona Oaks track, home of legendary racers such as Ron Lechien and Jeremy MCGrath that have called Barona Oaks their home track. Utilizing the nickname of the track when I asked him how his day went. He responded by saying, “Home of the Champions, got to love that.” If he keeps manufacturing results like this event he may someday be one of those Barona heroes.

Brayden Lessler.

Racing in the Supermini and 85 (12-16), Brayden Lessler had super rider of the day to deal with in the form of Kniffing, but he put on a fight. Challenging Kniffing in both classes and leading most of the Supermini moto one, Lessler made sure Kniffing did not get to comfortable in either class. Lessler finished second in both motos of the Supermini for second overall. Racing to a pair of seconds in the 85 (12-16) and second overall as well.

Matix Soto.

Matix Soto exercised his skill and a bit of good fortune for the 85 (7-11) Title.

Matix Soto took advantage of a moto one kink in Corbin Parsley. Running in first on lap two of the 85 (7-11), Soto was overtaken by Parsley for the lead on lap three. Parsley apparently had some issues giving the moto one win to Soto, second going to Cole Cook with Parsley rolling in at third. Soto just needed to finish second in moto two behind Parsley, he hit the lead for the first two laps but Parsley stepped into the cockpit on an inside pass for the lead on lap three and it was hang on time for Soto. Parsley quickly put distance between him and Soto, Soto hampered by slower riders and trouble could be brewing, but he motoed through the temporary distraction finishing second behind the moto two winner Parsley. His objective was completed as he finished with a 1-2 for the 85 (7-11) Title, Parsley (3-1) second, and Cook (2-4) for third.

Teddy Weeks.

Teddy Weeks was one of many racers that were engulfed by the tornado of Kniffing, but proved his moto mettle for a second overall in the 85 Open. In the moto mayhem of the 85 (7-11), he stayed in the thick of the battle with a 4-3 for a fourth overall.

Kallen Sibert

Kallen Sibert, ran in third all day long in the Supermini and 85 (12-16) for third overall in both classes.

Austin Tarantino rockets out of the gate in the

Tarantino’s Dry Wall’s Austin Tarantino #159, shoots out of the gate in moto one of the 85 (7-11), Cole Cook #254, in the middle of the frame. Tarantino went 5-6 for fifth overall, and romped to a 5-4 for fourth overall in the 85 Open.

Gaige Laughton.

Gaige Laughton was 5-5 for fifth overall in the Supermini, and went 6-6 for sixth overall in the 85 (12-16).

Corbin Parsley.

At the onset of the 65 (9-11) it looked like Corbin Parsley was going to have a good day in the 65 classes. Moving to the front he worked up a lead over Seth Johnson whom was busy fending off third place Michael Thing. The five lap race has the white flag come out, controlling a large lead Parsley just needs to stay off the ground for the moto one win and he completes the task. Johnson at this point has pulled away from Thing and jumps past the announcing stand for second and Thing locks in third. In moto two Parsley goes into start, lead and win mode as he works a gap over Johnson and completes the duty for the moto two win, Johnson second and Thing third. Parsley wins the overall and the 65 (9-11) Championship, Johnson (2-2) second and Thing (3-3) third. In the 65 Open Parsley went 1-1 for his second Summer Classic Title.

Seth Johnson.

With urgency, Seth Johnson n the throttle out of a corner near the sand wash, he rode hard and kept Parsley on his toes for a 2-2 and second overall in the 65 Open.

Michael Thing.

Seen here in moto two of the 65 (9-11), Michael Thing, finished the class with a third overall. Lining up in the 65 Open he rode to a fourth overall.

Maddix Laughton.

The 65 (5-8) racers mixed it up with the top three racers changing final finishing positions each moto, but it was Maddix Laughton emerging out of the smoke for the Championship with a 1-2 tally.Dylan Howard.

Always near the front of the pack, Dylan Howard, came back from a third in moto one to win moto two and finish second overall in the 65 (5-8). Howard wrapped in a pair of fifth place finishes for a fifth overall in the 65 Open.

12 Kaden Long, 77 Randy Jr. Martinez.

Randy Jr. Martinez #77, leads Kaden Long #12, in an inter-class scrum. Martinez was third overall in the 65 (5-8). Long went home sixth in the 65 (9-11).

Kai Macomber

Kain Macomber, going 2-2 for a second overall in the Super Pee Wee.

Jake Oswald

Jake Oswald has been putting on a show at Barona Oaks for well over twelve years. The determined and tenacious racer brought home two titles, racing to a 3-1 he won the 2-Stroke Open Title and went 2-1 for the +25 Amateur Title.

Shaun Miller.

In his first race ever at Barona Oaks, Shaun Miller, hit the big money riding to a decisive victory and Title in the +30 Open. In the +25 Amateur he encountered long time Barona racer and former Pro Jake Oswald for a second overall.

The thirty-one year old Shaun Miller, put down his moto roots at Wisconsin Motosports Park over twenty years ago. The speedy Vet racer was second overall on day one of the 2013 World Vet MX Championship in the +30 Intermediate class. The MXatv.com/Split Designs racer set himself in front of moto one of the +30 Open and rode smoothly for the moto one win over Josiah Hayes. In moto two Miller spurted to the lead but it was Jordan Eubanks giving pursuit. Miller laid a picture perfect moto once again for the win and the +30 Championship. He currently races in the Trans World MX Series and is tentative on plans for the 2014 World Vets at Glen Helen.

Mike Pollnow 299 Jordan Eubanks 737

Jordan Eubanks #737, blocking Mike Pollnow #299, in the tussle for third in moto two of the +25 Amateur. Eubanks prevailed for third in moto and third overall in the +25 Amateur. Eubanks compiled a 3-2 in the +30 Open for a second overall. Pollnow (6-4) finished fourth in moto two of the +25 Amateur for fourth overall.

Josiah Hayes.

Josiah Hayes positioned himself in second by lap two of the +30 Open and stuck it to the checkers. In moto two Jordan Eubanks rifled to second, Hayes was unable to find a path around Eubanks and finished second in moto two for third overall.

+40 Start

Todd Barnhill #1M and company, in pursuit of Giovanni Spinali #66, at the start of moto one in the +40 Open. Spinali went 2-1 for first overall and the Title.

Tim Miller.

Coming back from a third in moto one, Tim Miller scooped a second in moto two for second overall in the +40 Open.

Rick Aldrich.

Rock Aldrich riding to a third in moto two, closing the day with a score of 4-3 for third overall in the +40 Open.



Emma Packard.

Emma Packard was a very diligent in her duties as part of Barona MX safety staff, here she is seen policing the track during a water break.

Please go to www.baronamxtrack.com for complete results and schedule information on current and future series.


SUP PW: 1. Charuky Gonzalez, 1-1; Kain Macomber, 2-2.

65 5-8: 1. Maddix Laughton, 1-2; 2. Dylan Howard, 3; 3. Randy Jr. Martinez, 2-3.

65 9-11: 1. Corbin Parsley, 1-1; 2. Seth Johnson, 2-2; 3. Michael Thing, 3-3; 4. Brandon Weeks, 4-4; 5. Conner Howell, 5-5; 6. Kaden Long, 6-6; 7. Bailey Songer, 7-7.

65 OPN: 1. Corbin Parsley, 1-1; 2. Seth Johnson, 2-2; 3. Grant Janish, 4-3; 4. Michael Thing, 3-4; 5. Dylan Howard, 5-5; 6. Maddix Laughton, 7-6; 7. Conner Howell, 6-7; 8. Brandon Weeks, 8-8.

85 7-11: 1. Matix Soto, 1-2; 2. Corbin Parsley, 3-1; 3. Cole Cook, 2-4; 4. Teddy Weeks, 4-3; 5. Austin Tarantino, 5-6; 6. Geovanni Hernandez, 7-5; 7. Grant Janish, 6-7; 8. Conner Howell, 9-8; 9. Louvon Brewer, 8-9.

85 12-16: 1. Kaeden Kniffing, 1-1; 2. Brayden Lessler, 2-2; 3. Kallen Sibert, 3-3; 4. Ethan Cook, 4-4; 5. Massimo Sasso, 5-5; 6. Gaige Laughton, 6-6; 7. Leo Gaffrey, DNF-7.

85 OPN: 1. Kaeden Kniffing, 1-1; 2. Teddy Weeks, 73; 3. Geovanni Hernandez, 3-3; 4. Austin Tarantino, 5-4; 5. Massimo Sasso, 4-5.

SUP MN: 1. Kaeden Kniffing, 1-1; 2. Brayden Lessler, 2-2; 3. Kallen Sibert, 3-3; 4. Geovanni Hernandez, 4-4; 5. Gaige Laughton, 5-5.

WMN OPN: 1. Tabatha Miller, 1-1; 2. Rachel Van Diepen, 2-2; 3. Kayleigh McDermott, 3-3; 4. Alice Cerda, DNS-4.

250 NOV: 1. Matin Banegas, 1-1; 2. Josh Sharp, 2-2; 3. Edgar Cota, 3-3; 4. Sergio Garza, 4-4; 5. Ryan Taylor, 5-6; 6. Braden Browning, 11-5; 7. Cameron Gaefcke, 9-8; 8. Nathan Valdez, 7-10; 9. Javier Ibarra, 6-12; 10. Justin Kennamer, 13-7; 11. Zach Schrader, 12-9; 12. Justin Johnson, 10-11; 13. Jared Mikeal, 8-16; 14. Ryan Morrison, 15-13; 15. Brent Pearsall, 17-14; 16. Fernando, Huerta, 16-15; 17. Christopher Abernethy, 14-DNF.

250 INT: 1. Tanner Basso, 1-1; 2. Kyle Freund, 2-2; 3. Anthony Allen, 3-3.

250 PRO: 1. Ryan Surratt, 1-1; 2. Dusty Phares, 4-2; 3. Christian Campos, 5-3; 4. Larry Luna, 6-4; 5. Desmond Spears, 2-DNF; 6. Max Sisco, 3-DNF.

450 NOV: 1. Garet Sejkora, 1-1; 2. Joey Robinson, 3-2; 3. Justin Kennamer, 2-3; 4. Daryn Anderson, 5-4; 5. Brian Worbington, 4-5; 6. Raymond, Kay, 6-6.

450 INT: 1. Cody Wallace, 1-1; 2. Ryan Esquibel, 2-3; 3. Kyle Chandler, DNS-2.

450 PRO: 1. Ryan Surratt, 1-1; 2. Dusty Phares,2-2.

2-STRK OPN: 1. Jake Oswald, 3-1; 2. Cody Wallace, 2-2; 3. Desmond Spears, 1-6; 4. Eric Chase, 4-4; 5. Connor Lamere, 6-3; 6. Ryan Taylor, 5-5.

SCHLBY 12-16: 1. Tanner Basso, 1-1; 2. Matin Banegas, 3-2; 3. Kyle Freund, 2-3; 4. Ryan Taylor, 4-4.

SCHLBY 17-24: 1. Cody Wallace, 1-1; 2. Cecil Ogle, 2-2; 3. Anthony Allen, 3-3; 4. Travis Horton, 4-5; 5. Connor Lamere, DNF-4.

+25 AMT: 1. Jake Oswald, 2-1; 2. Shaun Miller, 1-2; 3. Jordan Eubanks, 3-3; 4. Mike Pollnow, 6-4; 5. Tyler Wood, 5-5; 6. Kyle Lindquist, 4-DNF.

+30 OPN: 1. Shaun Miller, 1-1; 2. Jordan Eubanks, 3-2; 3. Josiah Hayes; 4. Eric Chase, 4-4; 5. Peter Jesina, 5-5; 6. Gabe Matthews, 7-6; 7. David Ogilvie, 6-8; 8. Kirk Chandler, 9-7; 9. Josh Shorter, 8-9.

+40 OPN: 1. Giovanni Spinalli, 2-1; 2. Tim Miller, 3-2; 3. Todd Barnhill, 1-4; 4. Rick Aldrich, 4-3; 5. Dennis Green, 5-5; 6. Luke Schrader, 6-6; 7. Robby Mueller, 7-7; 8. Gabriel Zamora, 8-8.


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