MSR Presents The Big 6 Grand Prix by the Prairie Dogs

February 28, 2015, Glen Helen Raceway, Devore, California, Round 3

Story and Images by Rodney Rutherford

American Motorcyclist Association’s (AMA) District 37 Big 6 Grand Prix staff scouted the north 40 of Glen Helen Raceway, and set up the approximate nine mile track on two weekend trips prior to round three of the eight round series. Hosted by District 37’s Prairie Dogs, they launched into the final stages of preparation three days before the two day race with rains on the way. To quote Big 6 media director Mike Garvin, “Another epic race weekend with rain at night and cool overcast days. We had over 1000 race entries by noon on Saturday.”

MSR booth. Ryan Raymond.
Manning MSR’s display booth in Glen Helen’s vendor row, MSR’s Ryan Raymond is looking to answer your questions about equipment that suits your needs. Big 6 Grand Prix would like to Thank MSR for being the Presenting Sponsor of Southern California’s largest Grand Prix series, and encourage racers and fans to stop in to see what MSR has to offer.
Big 6 Banners.

Epic it was, with intermittent sprinkles on the first day of racing just enough to keep conditions primo. Racers commented the tracked formed up very well with no dust to speak of, but mud was to be dealt with and tear offs were a necessity for most. The racers staged up behind the motocross gate. With the gate being used for a motocross type start each wave would be called to the gate, as the preceding wave took off. Competitors charted their way from the start up Glen Helen’s Mount Saint Helen and on to the west ridge, with the Boy Scout trail, a long stretch of the paved access road, parts of the REM track, and the Lucas Oil Off Road track were used.

Colton Udall.Colton Udall exiting the Boy Scout trail and entering the pavement section where some of the top speeds were over eighty miles per hours
This reporter was on the case for Saturday’s races and the premiere $2000 West Coast Grand Prix (WCGP) a ninety minute hammer session that started with a bit of confusion. Ryan Penhall and Jeff Loop were reportedly running first and second but took a wrong turn, WFOx/MSR/Scorpion’s Colton Udall said thank you very much and off to work he went. Udall held an eighteen second lead after lap one over Justin Seeds. Udall seemed to have a plan and knew exactly where Seeds was as he prepared to pit. Seeds were sixteen seconds behind on lap four and took the lead on lap five when Udall pitted.
WCGP Pro podium.Colton Udall (center) flashing his pearly whites after his WCGP victory. Flanking him to the left is second place Justin Seeds, and to the right third place, Blayne Thompson.
In workman like fashion, Udall flew out onto the track manufacturing a lap time that was twenty-eight seconds quicker than Seeds and retook the lead on lap six. Udall never looked back concluding the ninety minute race with eight laps under his knobbies for his first win of the series.

Blayne Thompson.
WCGP Pro gamer Blayne Thompson, sliced his way through the field after scoring in at ninth overall on lap one. Ramping his speed up he picked competitors off one by one to finish fourth overall and third in the WCGP Pro. Thompson packed it up soon after and headed to the World Off Road Championship Series (WORCS) round three in Peoria, Arizona. Loading the bike in Arizona with a second in the Pro class behind Precision Concepts racer Robby Bell, two podium finishes in as many days for the Off-Road cowboy. Husqvarna up!


The 250 WCGP podium.
The WCGP Pro II top three from left to right; Second place in class and eighth overall,’s Nick Stover. Trevor Stewart first in class, and a zesty third overall on his Yamaha YZ250. Motion Pro’s Rowan Trefz rounding out the top three with Pro II third and eleventh overall.

Trevor Stewart
Trevor Stewart

The young Yama-Hauler put on his best impression of Superman with a steely ride in the inter-class WCGP Pro event. Racing in the Pro II ranks, Stewart went by the scoring canopy fifth overall on the first loop and first in class. He moved up one position overall the next two laps pulling in third by lap three of the eight lap race. He skillfully executed the back sections like an old Pro, due to his experience racing in the Glen Helen’s Endurance events. Stewart rode it home for the Pro II win going wire to wire, winning the Heavy –Weight Expert the following day.



Jesse Lundin.
Jesse Lundin (140) railing the trail and ripping a tear off as Nick Stover (281) follows closely behind. The
multiple AMA So-Cal Motocross title holder raced in the WCGP Pro for a tenth overall and eighth in class and
seventh in the Unclassified. Stover was able to make the go by him for an eighth overall and second in the WCGP Pro II, the HUsqvarna hammer-man also won the Light-Weight I Expert.





Jarett Megla C122
Jarett Megla seen here coming to the end of the Boy Scout trail had an most excellent weekend winning the WCGP 200 Expert class and finishing twenty-first overall. The TO Powersports racer also went through the scoring chicane checkers with a second in the Lightweight II Expert.
Bryan Denny.Rovers MC (Motorcycle Club) member Bryan Denny, scored his first victory of the season winning the WCGP Vet Expert, placing twenty-second overall. The KTM cruiser also placed sixth in the Vet Heavy Expert.

Thomas Spalliero.
Thomas Spalliero raced in the WCGP Heavy-Weight Novice contest, a shorter version of the WCGP Pro/ Intermediate action. Spalliero held off Mitch Hamm’s attacks and cornered in for the win with Hamm the runner up. He also led from lap two the finish for his second victory in the Heavy-Weight Novice.

Ashley Hayes.Ashley Hayes rode into the lead of the Women’s Expert on lap three finishing off in the spot for the win.

Danielle Hillis.
Danielle Hillis was the lucky seven, as seventh in the Women’s Novice.

Carson Baehr.
Carson Baehr scooped up the 85cc Mini Intermediate by close to a minute gap over his closest class competition.

Richard Cruz.
Evo Expert Richard coming in hot on his Kawasaki, Cruz finished 5th in class.

Anthony McElhenney.
Anthony McElhenney dabbing as he comes into the scoring chicane, he placed second in the Classic Expert.

Malcolm Smith, image courtesy of
Image courtesy of

The Legendary Malcolm Smith was the Grand Marshall of the Big 6 Grand Prix by the Prairie Dogs. Signing autographs to a long line of fans, Smith is well known for his starring part and winning a Lake Elsinore Grand Prix in the highly acclaimed 1970’s Motorcycle movie, “On Any Sunday”, which led to a huge jump in popularity for our sport. What led to his role where he was partnered with Hollywood actor Steve Mc Queen, were his accomplishments in the racing world. He won six International Six Days Trials (ISDT) Gold Medals, won the Baja 500 four times, and the Mint 400 twice. Topping that he was three time Baja 1000 winner on a motorcycle and three times in a Car. He was one fast hombre’ in his time and the sport is the better for it. Thank You Mr. Smith for you contributions to the Mtorcycle Industry and may we have the gift of your presence for many years to come.

Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of

Malcolm Smith on the right, sharing stories with his fellow AMA Hall of Fame Member and K & N Filters co-founder, Norm McDonald.
For information and complete results on the Big 6 Grand Prix, please go to

50 (4-6): 1. Kat Hunter; 2. Zachary Novoa.
50 (7-8): 1. Andrew Schulz; 2. Luke Lopiccolo; 3. Robbie Stephenson; 4. Tyler Kipp.
YTH MN BEG: 1. Jacob Peck; 2. Connor Eddy; 3. Cody Lacroix; 4. Logan Stupin; 5. James Farrell.
YTH MN NOV: 1. Scott Perez; 2. Zachary Babcock; 3. Carter Klein; 4. Ashton Stevens; 5. Aidan Ferguson.
MICRO BEG: 1. Dylan Rowe; 2. Barry Johnson; 3. Jaxzen Tully; 4. Howard Redmond; 5. Summer Alberta.
MICRO NOV: 1. Talan Van Valkenburg; 2. Mikayla Nielsen; 3. Maaximum Esquivel; 4. Logan Ferguson.
JR. BEG: 1. Jacob Endress; 2. Tanner Atkins; 3. Justin Beaumont; 4. Nathan Merrill; 5. Chase Hodges.
JR. NOV: 1. Kade McPhetridge; 2. Aidan Ferguson; 3. Evan Rounsaville; 4. Cable Murphy; 5. Gavin Brubaker.
JR. ADV: 1. Austin Eddy; 2. Scott Perez.
85cc MN BEG: 1. Andrew Jennings; 2. Ethan Clark.
85cc MN NOV: 1. Elijah Colin-Dimmitt; 2. Tyler Belknap; 3. Julian Howard.
85cc MN INT: 1. Carson Baehr; 2. Mason Stiffler; 3. Mason Klein.
SUP MN BEG: 1. Christopher Hancock; 2. Ryan Depue; 3. David Rudd Grow; 4. Ethan Clark; 5. Chance Mc Cord.
SUP MN NOV: 1. Tyler Belknap; 2. Ethan Stupin.
SUP MN ADV: 1. Cory Skaggs; 2. Hayden Hintz; 3. Justin Cockrell; 4. Mason Stiffler; 5. Troy Bienert.
86-200cc LWT II BEG: 1. Stryker Lane; 2. Andrew Jennings.
86-200cc LWT II NOV: 1. Cory Skaggs; 2. Dylan Delgado; 3. Carson Moore; 4. Dylan Carter; 5. Max Hintz.
LWT II BEG: 1. Stryker Lane; 2. Andrew Jennings; 3.
LWT II NOV: 1. Cory Skaggs; 2. Dylan Delgado; 3. Carson Moore.
LWT II INT: 1. Logan Tweet; 2. Garrett Lilly; 3. Nicholas Baehr.
LWT II EXP: 1. Jesse Vanhoy; 2. Jarett Megla; 3. Paul Krause.
WMN NOV: 1. Hana Hintz; 2. Lesha Kubacki; 3. Jenna Breck; 4. Lindsey Nardone; 5. Trisha Holland.
WMN INT: 1. Kylie Hart; 2. Danielle Crawford; 3. Laura Ferguson; 4. Natalie Schons; 5. Kim Devine.
WMN EXP: 1. Ashley Hayes; 2. Kelly Barbosa; 3. Jean Turner; 4. Amanda Boyer.
LWT I BEG: 1. Benny Landry; 2. Hunter Oakley; 3. Mikey Vogt.
LWT I NOV: 1. Tate Kaplan; 2. Kaden Lehne; 3. Robbie Poznoff.
LWT I INT: 1. Camden Cota; 2. Ian Myers; 3. Jake Orchard.
LWT I EXP: 1. Nick Stover; 2. Zach Teno; 3. Chance Wyllie.
HWT BEG: 1. Cory Rash; 2. Dayton Maute; 3. Matthew Phillips; 4. Dan Nielsen; 5. Vicente Gonzalez.
HWT NOV: 1. Thomas Spalliero; 2. Alec Eaton; 3. Gian Grillo; 4. Dillon Herrick; 5. Loren Rivers.
HWT INT: 1. Tyler Frank; 2. Justin Moore; 3. Tylor Hemme.
HWT EXP: 1. Trevor Stewart; 2. Josh Nunes; 3. Troy Armstrong; 4. Chance Bayes; 5. Andrew Puckett.
UNCLS SAT: 1. Justin Seeds; 2. Blayne Thompson; 3. Gordon Ward; 4. Ryan Reina; 5. Ryan Penhall.
UNCLS SUN: 1. Patrick Pico; 2. Johnny Degen; 3. Ian Myers; 4. Kaden Lehne; 5. Tate Kaplan.
WCGP WMN NOV: 1. Jenna Breck; 2. Trisha Holland.
WCGP 86-200cc BEG: 1. Lance Holms; 2. Brandon Dorf; 3. Stryker Lane; 4. Dominick McCormick Jr.; 5. Jeremy Rinder.
WCGP 86-200cc NOV: 1. Hayden Hintz; 2. Carson Moore; 3. Cory Skaggs; 4. Dylan Carter; 5. Keaton Opteyndt.
WCGP 86-200cc INT: 1. Joey Schoeningh; 2. Mason Stiffler; 3. Nicholas Baehr; 4. Shaun Jones; 5. Logan Tweet.
WCGP 86-200cc EXP: 1. Jarett Megla; 2. Trevor Hunter.
WCGP 201-250cc BEG: 1. Mikey Vogt; 2. Jar Wasylink; 3. Kamron Hacker; 4. David Owen; 5. Andrew Sweeney.
WCGP 201-250cc NOV: 1. Kaden Lehne; 2. Robbie Poznoff; 3. Chase Brubaker; 4. Tyler Walent.
WCGP 201-250cc INT: 1. Troy Vanscourt; 2. Preston Campbell; 3. Sinjin Bayes; 4. Chuck Ramsey Jr.; 5. Garrett Mullenniy.
WCGP 201-250cc EXP: 1. Jesse Vanhoy; 2. Rhyan Marshall; 3. Tim Tarry; 4. Michael Allen.
WCGP HVY WT BEG: 1. Mike Hawkins; 2. Matthew Phillips; 3. Dayton Maute; 4. Christian Augier; 5. Les Holland.
WCGP HVY WT NOV: 1. Thomas Spalliero; 2. Mitch Hamm; 3. Gian Grillo; 4. Alec Eaton; 5. Johnny Degen.
WCGP HVY WT INT: 1. John Achey; 2. Matt Winslow; 3. Tyler Frank; 4. Stephen Benny; 5. Troye Haas.
WCGP HVY WT EXP: 1. Sage Vincent; 2. Bredan Crow; 3. Billy Smith Jr.; 4. Ray Dal Seglio; 5. Justin Lewis.
WCGP VET BEG: 1. Mark Dorf; 2. Jeremy Kilborn; 3. Harry True; 4. Rene Garcia; 5. Edwin Garcia.
WCGP VET NOV: 1. Robert Weber; 2. Andrew Beaumont; 3. Chance Alberta; 4. David Watts; 5. Alex Hernandez.
WCGP VET INT: 1. Eric Chase; 2. Mike Rozier; 3. Brett Basarich; 4. Nathan Williams; 5. Steve Herstad.
WCGP VET EXP: 1. Bryan Denny; 2. Kyler Mc Phetridge; 3. James Justin Shultz.
WCGP PRO II: 1. Trevor Stewart; 2. Nick Stover; 3. Rowan Trefz; 4. Kirk Raleigh.
WCGP PRO: 1. Colton Udall; 2. Justin Seeds; 3. Blayne Thompson; 4. Mark Samuels; 5. Ryan Reina.
30+ VET LWT BEG: 1. C J Eversole; 2. Josh Powers.
30+ VET LWT NOV: 1. Simone Crescini; 2. Jason Gearald; 3. Brandon Kowalski; 4. Chris Ferguson; 5. Lester Mascon.
30+ VET LWT INT: 1. Brett Basarich; 2. Randy Gilbert; 3. Joey Stewart; 4. Nick Fiello; 5. Chris Palermo.
30+ VET LWT EXP: 1. Morgan Crawford; 2. Rowan Trefz; 3. Matt Alexander; 4. Ronnie Smith; 5. Ryan Liebelt.
30+ VET HWT BEG: 1. Matthew Sirevaag; 2. Clayton Cummins; 3. Nathaniel Jandra; 4. Jason Baker; 5. David Riley.
30+ VET HWT NOV: 1. Justin Iannalfo; 2. Robert Weber; 3. Brian Dufort; 4. Mark Burnett; 5. Jeff Kagan.
30+ VET HWT INT: 1. Justin White; 2. Mike McGregor; 3. Keith Hamstreet; 4. Kent Watson; 5. Michael Young.
30+ VET HWT EXP: 1. Gordon Ward; 2. Mark Tilley; 3. Tyler Renshaw; 4. Andrew Puckett; 5. Morgan Crawford.
40+ SEN LWT NOV: 1. Daniel Cheswick; 2. Charles Spangler; 3. Robert Sean Stuckley; 4. Steve Cameron; 5. Mason Todd.
40+ SEN LWT INT: 1. Jeff Laubscher; 2. Kenneth Wood; 3. Eric Perez; 4. Devon Heckman; 5. Robert Jackson.
40+ SEN LWT EXP: 1. Robert Baehr; 2. Brent Farrell; 3. Steve Nakamoto; 4. Scott Perkins; 5. Ronnie Smith.
40+ SEN HWT BEG: 1. Les Holland; 2. Bruce Thielbar; 3. Josh Kelly.
40+ SEN HWT NOV: 1. Chance Alberta; 2. Joey Gardner; 3. Andrew Beaumont; 4. Michael Herrera; 5. James Engleman.
SEN HWT INT: 1. Jimmy Rivers; 2. Steve Herstad; 3. Curt Van Valkenburg; 4. Todd Carter; 5. James Hicks.
SEN HWT EXP: 1. Richard Pratt; 2. Paul Krause; 3. Kyler McPhetridge; 4. David Glass; 5. Jeff Belknap.
50+ MAG LWT NOV: 1. Dean Hazzard; 2. George Galindo; 3. Jim Hilliard; 4. Ben Greenwood; 5. Steve Gesselman.
50+ MAG LWT INT: 1. David Tieskoetter; 2. John Gomez; 3. Kenneth Larson; 4. Pete Vetrano; 5. Garrett Gesselman.
50+ MAG LWT EXP: 1. Mark Davenport; 2. Steve Nakamoto; 3. Ron Lawson; 4. Rick Lundin; 5. Bill Boyer.
50+ MAG HWT NOV: 1. Bob Gilbert; 2. Carl Cox; 3. Scott Townsley; 4. Mark Cline; 5. Dominick McCormick.
50+ MAG HWT INT: 1. Todd Winslow; 2. Todd Carter; 3. Steve Matlock; 4. Steve Lucero; 5. George Brosnihan.
50+ MAG HWT EXP: 1. Paul Krause; 2. Ron Hofer; 3. Greg Fountain; 4. Kris Goolsby; 5. Brad Oxley.
60+ MASTERS: 1. Robert Koch; 2. Mike Sixbery; 3. Max Christensen; 4. Terry Davis; 5. Steve Bebeck.
70+ LEGENDS: 1. Dennis Tooman; 2. Don Voyer; 3. Joe Ferrante; 4. Lee Olson; 5. Peter Bormanis.
VINT (1974 & Older) NOV: 1. Steve Gesselman.
VINT (1974 & Older) INT: 1. James Mooney; 2. Rick Brown; 3. Darrell Allen.
VINT (1974 & Older) EXP: 1. Daryl Hambleton; 2. Lawrence Klein; 3. Raymond Wildman; 4. James Howard; 5. Lake Hoffman.
CLSC (1979 & Older) NOV: 1. Mike Curtis.
CLSC (1979 & Older) INT: 1. Garrett Gesselman; 2. Eric Perez; 3. James Brown; 4. Micheal French; 5. Andrew Davis.
CLSC (1979 & Older) EXP: 1. Brian Tracy; 2. Anthony Mc Elhenney; 3. Dwayne Scrivnor; 4. Kevin Rezende.
EVO (1980-1985) NOV: 1. Bob Kelley; 2. Philip Solenberger.
EVO (1980-1985) INT: 1. Mike Furlong; 2. Scott Hisey; 3. Glen Mulock; 4. Rick Levine; 5. Patrick Cook.
EVO (1980-1985) EXP: 1. Billy Smith Jr.; 2. Kevin O’Donnell; 3. Tim Tarry; 4. Art Foreman; 5. Richard Cruz.
REV (1986-1995) NOV: 1. Cody Hillard; 2. Jeremy Kilborn; 3. Michael Cummings.
REV (1986-1995) INT: 1. Pete Vetrano.
REV (1986-1995) EXP: 1. Aaron Griffin; 2. Rick O’Donnell; 3. Bob Roberts.
SIDECAR: 1. Mark McDade; 2. Mark Wood; 3. Roy Watson; 4. Randy Langosh.
QUAD NOV: 1. David Ogden III; 2. Brock Pennington; 3. Eric Lantis; 4. Kote Morgan; 5. Taylor Scala.
QUAD INT: 1. Travis Work; 2. Ray Aldama; 3. Eli Madero; 4. Ross Falen.
QUAD EXP: 1. Tyler Henschel; 2. Richard Cruz; 3. Roy Bloodworth; 4. Cody Moore; 5. William Shue.
QUAD VET NOV: 1. Brad Adams; 2. Travis Walsh; 3. Mike Noland.
QUAD VET EXP: 1. Derek Lanier; 2. James Donoho; 3. Robert Scott Melville; 4. Pete Garcia; 5. David Igden Jr..


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