Jordan Pellegrino Sweeps the 4500s class at Nor Cal Rock Racing, Round 1

11075302_852875318108178_6642493547503020689_n (2)Jordan Pellegrino, driver of the GenRight 4585 car, brought home a definitive win at the GenRight Off Road Nor Cal Rock Racing Championship Series, Round 1, taking first place in two preliminary races and in the main 4500 class race.  Pellegrino led the field of five racers for most of his time on the track and finished the day on top of the podium.

The track at Prairie City, home of the 3-race Nor Cal series, made for a rough race, knocking out 2 of the other 4500 class competitors before the main, along with countless racers from the other classes. Luckily for Pellegrino and team GenRight, we had a solid day of racing and experienced very few issues with the car.

DSC08315 (2)

In the main 4500 race, Jordan pulled out in front of the other two drivers, Justin Hall and Makinzie Alavazo, right off the start, gaining a quick eight second lead over Hall, who held second until the track’s second rock section threw him for a front flip hard enough to take his car out of the race. Alavazo also had trouble in the rocks, leaving Pellegrino to finish out the race essentially unmatched. Even as the only car racing, Pellegrino put up ever improving lap times, and gave the crowd a great show!

A true sportsman, Pellegrino still gave his very best effort as he completed his remaining laps and offered his sincere congratulations to his peers.

Tony and Jordan Pellegrino
Tony and Jordan Pellegrino

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