MSR Presents The 2015 District 37 Big 6 Grand Prix, Round 4

March 28, 2015 – Twentynine Palms CA – Article and Photos by Rodney Rutherford

The Hilltoppers Motorcycle Club hosted their annual grand prix, incorporated into round four of the eight round, “MSR Presents The 2015 District 37 Big 6 Grand Prix series”, held at the 29 Palms Motorsport Complex in Twentynine Palms, California. The approximate nine mile lay out was scouted a few weeks in advance with grading and final preparations reaching a crescendo in the last three days prior to the event. The heat hovered in the low nineties on both days of the two day event, and was mentioned by several racers as a factor through the course of the weekend. Let’s get to the racing.

D Scorpion.
Scorpion EXO is one of the fine supporters of the 2015 Big 6 GP series. The company offers a complete line of helmets for Off-Road and Road riding enthusiast. They also offer both men’s and women’s apparel such as Kevlar reinforced riding jeans, gloves, jackets and continue to build their line of innovative products embracing many aspects of the moto market. Please stop by their booth at future Big 6 GP events or go to for more information.

D Mike Vinson.
HTMC President Mike Vinson, showing celebratory pizazz and camaraderie as Vet racers finish up their turn on the electric fast Hilltopper’s 29 Palms off road course.

D Jeffrey Clements.
Jeffrey Clements checked in at the checkers with a tenth in in the Vet Heavyweight Expert.

D Morgan Crawford (G1), with Big 6 announcer Chris Johnson.
After a strenuous racing workout, Morgan Crawford, poses triumphant as the overall winner in the Veteran race while racing in the Veteran Lightweight Expert. Winning his class as well for his third victory of the series.

D Mark Slater.
HTMC referee Mark Slater, with light control in hand checking the riders before he gives the green, and the green is lit…

D Bill Boyer J5
Bill Boyer #J5, takes the holeshot off his starting line with Murray Lantz #J21 behind him. Boyer raced on for fourth in the Magnum Lightweight Expert, Lantz was ninth in the Magnum Lightweight Intermediate. Mark Davenport #J1, in mid frame took the Magnum Lightweight Expert class win.

D Rob Moore.
Rob Moore, seen here racing to an eighth in the Vet Heavyweight Intermediate, he also raced to a fifth in the Senior Heavyweight Intermediate.


Just another day on the job, Mitch Hamm astutely powers his steed out of a corner in route to his first West Coast Grand Prix (WCGP) Novice win of the series. Hamm had previously placed fifth in round two and second in round three, setting himself up for a run at the class title with four rounds remaining. The WCGP is the premiere event of the Big 6 GP, held on Saturday. The Beginner and Novice WCGP gets the checker flag when the leader finishes at the forty-five minute mark plus. The separate Intermediate, Expert, and Pro race runs their race at ninety minutes plus.
D Kaden Lehne. x68
After winning rounds two and three in the WCGP 250 Novice, Kaden Lehne stepped up to the 250 Intermediate and raced to a second in class and thirtieth overall.
D Conner Steel.
Racing in his first Big 6 GP round of the year, Conner Steel placed a respectable fourth in the WCGP Heavyweight Intermediate and twenty-ninth overall in the inter-class race.

D Forrest Minchinton 40 wcgp pro
Forrest Minchinton rode in his first Big 6 round of the year and went straight to the toughest event, the WCGP Pro. He finished the steamy day with a sixth in class and fifteenth overall.

D Trevor Stewart.
John Burr Cycles Trevor Stewart, psyching up for the WCGP Pro race. The seventeen year old lightning bolt left a singe in his lines as he just absolutely railed in his quest for the WCGP Pro II class win and the overall. Keeping tabs on the eventual WCGP overall winner, Ox Motorsport’s Colton Udall, Stewart kept steady with second through lap four but faded to sixth overall by lap seven after running in the top three for the first six laps. He went down late in the race finishing second in the WCGP Pro II and seventh overall, he still set a blistering pace early on and remains one of the fastest racers overall in the WCGP class.

D Rowan Trefz.
Rowan Trefz rode to a third overall in the Veteran class and a second overall in the Vet Lightweight Expert. Racing in the Pro II ranks, he has placed tenth, fifth, and third, in rounds one through three respectively. Motion Pro’s Trefz broke the champagne bottle open on this day, winning the WCGP Pro II class for his first Pro II win of the 2015 series.

D Ryan Reina.
TBT Suspension’s Ryan Reina continues to be the dark horse in the WCGP Pro class and never to be discounted. He stayed in the top five the entire duration, moving into third on lap seven, he fought for the position courageously with Justin Seeds. Unfortunately for Reina, Seeds prevailed for the third spot, but Reina retained the fourth spot to the wrap up for the final tally.

D Justin Seeds.
Moose Racing/Precision Concepts racer Justin Seeds #213, literally getting left in the dust as the Pro line sails away. Seeds bike was being a bit testy and decided not to fire up immediately on the Pro dead engine start. Firing up, he was few seconds behind the leaders at the onset, but calmly got her rolling, tapping through the gears and weaving his way through the dust, he made his way up to fourth by lap seven. Racing by Reina for third and carrying the spot to the checkers after being dead last.

D Blayne Thompson.
Zip-Ty/FLO/Focus Apparel’s Blayne Thompson, put his Husqvarna TC450 in the right track, racing his way past WCGP Pro II racer Stewart for second overall on lap five. His speedy recipe apparently said to stay solid and upright, which is what he did for second overall and second in the WCGP Pro.

D Colton Udall.
Colton Udall was on his game once again, the seasoned desert racer knows winning and in the last two rounds has dated it to great success. After his round three victory at Glen Helen Raceway, once again Udall marched with the leader’s mace in the WCGP spectacle. Despite the heat and a severe cold. Udall retained his smooth and skillful moto artistry that has brought him multiple Baja titles. Carving the speedy track he checked in at the end of lap one with a six second lead over WCGP Pro II racer Stewart. Stewart was able to post up second and hang on to Udall but he was pushing very hard to keep up with the veteran savvy of Udall. Udall just kept the gas on finishing nine laps for the race and WCGP Pro win.

D Hilltoppers.
The HTMC command and control. HTMC executed a well tuned and safe event utilizing their seventy years of organizing the off road experience.
For information and complete results on the Big 6 Grand Prix, please go to Click on results and then moto tally.

1.Colton Udall
2.Blayne Thompson
3.Justin Seeds
4.Ryan Reina
5.Mark Samuels.

1. Rowan Trefz
2. Trevor Stewart
3. Mitch Anderson
4. Nicolas Garvin
5. Ben Meza

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