Southern California Flat Track Association Championship Series, Round 4

May 15, 2015, Perris, California

Article & Photos by Rodney Rutherford

Jaycee Jones #12 and Alyssa Flores #53 ge off the start in the Womens  Main
Jaycee Jones #12 and Alyssa Flores #53 ge off the start in the Womens Main

Looking back at  round four of the racing club that is rejuvenating Southern California Flat racing, the Southern California Flat Track Association. Their twelve round series is growing at a facility that screams out, racing, with racers busy working in the pits or riding to the staging area, you know you are in the racing world. SCFTA announcer and salty racing reporter, Jamey Blunt, tells us we have one-hundred and eighty-seven entries distributed over thirty-one Main events. SCFTA will have six rounds remaining after this round four hits the news stands, rounds five and six were completed in mid June. Time to ride and slide, let’s race.

The SCFTA Pro class this class appears to be one of the most competitive assemblage since this reporter started to cover the the club’s events in 2009. Kawasaki of Simi Valley/Race Tech’s and 2014 SCFTA Pro series Champion Kayl Kolkman had been making regular appearances but sat out this round 4. Southland Racing’s and 2013 SCFTA Pro Champion Nick Armstrong, is on his game, as indicated by his recent American Motorcyclist Association’s (AMA) GNC2 win at the Sacramento Mile, which has given him the current points lead in the AMA GNC2 series. Foster Brothers/6D Helmets Colt Foster is keeping his head high and continues to be a factor in the SCFTA Pro points chase. Nick Gil is also running strong in the series, accompanied by Salinas racer Chris McDougal. McDougal finished second at round one but has since struggled to be in the top five, regardless he has shown he can run in the front and may sneak in and be a contender for the Pro title as the series goes into the latter rounds.

Colt Foster, going green to checkers for his first Pro Main win of the SCFTA season.
Colt Foster, going green to checkers for his first Pro Main win of the SCFTA season.

Off the chalk in the ten racer Pro Main and Foster chokes out the crowd and takes the open space for his own, Gil, and another hotshot in John Vanderlaan third. Foster getting the rhythm down and knows opportunity and is laying down the laps in consistent fashion trying to build a lead cushion on lap three. Vanderlaan gets around Gil for second, Gil third, Armstrong fourth, and Jeremy Toye out of San Diego fifth. Foster in firm control of the race with a two second buffer over Armstrong on lap fourteen. Armstrong, on a borrowed bike and now in second after passing Vanderlaan around lap twelve of the twenty lap Pro Main, Vanderlaan third, and Gil fourth. Foster shows we have us a series points chase, racing to his first win of the season, Armstrong second, Vanderlaan, Gil fourth and Toye fifth. Armstrong has a ten point lead over Foster after round four, Gil is third in points standing seventeen points behind Armstrong.

Women’s (Powder Puff) class has been the domain of Jaycee Jones, currently riding a G & G Racing’s Honda CRF450R, Jones has been untouchable. Alyssa Flores on her Yamaha YZ85 has creep-ed closer to unseating the profoundly competitive Jones, and the green light is lit. Jones breaks off the chalk and Flores responds quickly sliding in behind her and it is on. Flores has Jones number on this particular evening and able to secure a pass in turn two on lap two, for the lead with Jones second. The intensely aggressive Flores has brought her game up a notch for 2015, exemplifying this by keeping the lead to the checkers for her first Women’s class win of 2015, Jones second, and Monica Gil taking third. Jones currently has a six point lead over Flores in the point standings after round four.

Nick Armstrong at Perris Raceway in April, 2015
Nick Armstrong at Perris Raceway earlier this year in April

Colin Petton took two wins with podium topping finishes in the 50cc 2-Stroke Amateur and 65-70cc 2-Stroke Beginner. Travis Horn keeps on winning going to victories in the 50cc 4-Stroke Amateur and 65-70cc Open. James Ott is liking the big bikes winning the 250 Youth Open and the Open Amateur. The Open Novice was one of the largest classes of the day, with eight racers finishing up the “A” Main, and Evan Markus coming out on top, Gabriel Alvarez second, and Josh Mills third. Travis Friedrich sat on top of the class in the “B” Main, Stephen Yoshida second, and Brian Bell third. One of the most consistent winners in the SCFTA program, Jeff Johnson, won the Bomber Expert and the Senior Vet Expert +50.

Please go to for complete results and schedule information.


50cc 2-STRK BEG: 1. Levi Levtz; 2. Chase Gray.

50cc 2-STRK NOV: 1. Skylar Schnakenberg

50cc 2-STRK AMAT: 1. Colin Petton; 2. Ashton Carlson.

50cc 4-STRK BEG: 1. Jasper Heathfield; 2. Gauge Modica; 3. Troy Alvarez.

50cc 4-STRK AMAT: 1. Travis Horn.

65-70cc 2-STRK BEG: 1. Colin Petton; 2. Ashton Carlson.

65-70cc 2-STRK NOV: 1. Tanner Richey.

65cc 4-STRK BEG: 1. Sierra Hickerson; 2. Isabella Mitchell.

65-70cc 4-STRK NOV: 1. Zack Earwood.

65-70cc OPN: 1. Travis Horn; 2. Chris Ayers; 3. Isabella Mitchell.

85cc 2-STRK BEG: 1. Avery Modica; 2. Tanner Richey; 3. Conner Hickerson.

85cc 2-STRK NOV: 1. Zaden Florez.

85cc 2-STRK AMAT: 1. Grant Holmes; 2. Travis Petton IV; 3. Frank Flores; 4. Alyssa Flores.

85cc 4-STRK BEG: 1. Skylar Schnakenberg; 2. Jake Mitchell; 3. Conner Hickerson; 4. Jeremiah Krueger; 5. Roslyn Kay; 6. Zack Earwood.

85cc 4-STRK NOV: 1. Brett Cooke.

85cc OPN: 1. Travis Petton IV; 2. Grant Holmes; 3. Zaden Florez; 4. Alyssa Flores; 5. Frank Flores; 6. Jake Mitchell; 7. Brett Cooke.

WMN PP: 1. Alyssa Flores; 2. Jaycee Jones; 3. Monica Gil; 4. Jeanette Griggs; 5. Dee Kilroy.

4-STRK MENS: 1. Matt Spiwak; 2. Brad Rudy; 3. John Girdler; 4. Beau Nilsson; 5. Dan Mizdac; 6. Nevin Pontious.

250cc YTH OPN: 1. James Ott; 2. Travis Petton IV; 3. Clayton Williams; 4. Grant Holmes; 5. Jacob Cascio; 6. Noah Bush.

BMBR NOV: 1. Josh Mills; 2. Brian Bell; 3. Ken Shilling; 4. Jim Bandelin.

BMBR AMAT: 1. Tim Watters; 2. Pete Lawson; 3. Monty Watowa; 4. Paul Claybaugh.

BMBR EXP: 1. Jeff Johnson; 2. Danny Perkins; 3. Travis Petton Jr.; 4. Jim Lundgren.

HOOLI: 1. Mark Atkins; 2. Travis Hayes; 3. Shawn Guardado; 4. Hunter Klee; 5. Gabriel Vidrio; 6. Aaron Guardado; 7. Brandon Gonzalez; 8. Alfonso Vasquez.

OPN BEG: 1. Chris Campos; 2. Darin Dwyer; 3. Arnie Fry; 4. Andy Pappas; 5. Beau Nilsson; 6. Dee Kilroy; 7. Joel Manthis.

OPN NOV A MAIN: 1. Evan Markus; 2. Gabriel Alvarez; 3. Josh Mills; 4. Billy Katkov; 5. Matt Ott; 6. Matt Spiwak; 7. Andrew Myers; 8. Jaycee Jones.

OPN NOV B MAIN: 1. Travis Friedrich; 2. Stephen Yoshida; 3. Brian Bell; 4. Noah Bush; 5. David Wada; 6. Monica Gil.

OPN UNCLAS: 1. Jimmy Gillen; 2. Alex Crosby; 3. James Ott; 4. Cristian Olguin; 5. LJ Gronek; 6. Evan Markus; 7. Matthew Ott; 8. Carlin Dunne.

OPN AMAT: 1. James Ott; 2. Charles Vanderlaan; 3. Travis Petton IV; 4. Larry Earhart; 5. Scott Hanson; 6. LJ Gronek; 7. Justin Tinkham.

OPN EXP: 1. Jim Gillen; 2. Alex Crosby; 3. Clayton Williams.

PRO: 1. Colt Foster; 2. Nick Armstrong; 3. John Vanderlaan; 4. Nick Gil; 5. Jeremy Toye; 6. Ian Foulds; 7. Paul Ott; 8. Chris McDougal; 9. Cristian Olguin; 10. Carlin Dunne.

VET +35 NOV: 1. Chris Campos; 2. Brian Harmon; 3. Jim Bandelin; 4. Donnie Moore; 5. Matt Spiwak; 6. Andrew Myers; 7. David Wada; 8. Julian Heppekausen.

VET +35 AMAT: 1. Rich Hanson; 2. Scott Hanson; 3. Ryan Reed.

VET +35 EXP: 1. John Kocinski; 2. Robert Bush; 3. Paul Ott; 4. Jim Rosa; 5. Jeremy Toye; 6. Steve Zoumarias.

SR VET +50 NOV: 1. Donnie Moore; 2. Arnie Fry; 3. Barney Stern; 4. Pat Dwyer; 5. Ken Shilling.

SR VET +50 AMAT: 1. Brad Rudy; 2. Bill Wright; 3. Steele Friedrich; 4. Larkin Wright;  5. Robert Stettler; 6. Paul Claybaugh.

SR VET +50 EXP: 1. Jeff Johnson; 2. Jeff Lessley; 3. Larry Earhart; 4. Jim Ottele; 5. Jim Lundgren.

SUP SR +60: 1. Jeff Lessley; 2. Steve Zoumaris; 3. Dan Kane; 4. Paul Claybaugh; 5. DeWayne Jones; 6. Greg Powell; 7. Ron Moore. 6. Paul Claybaugh; 7. Greg Powell; 8. DeWayne Jones; 9. Larry Hanson.

PREM SR: 1. Ron Moore; 2. David Molitor; 3. Gary Lane; 4. Mike Brooks; 5. Allan Girdler.

VINT 250 AMAT: 1. Harly Legowski.

VINT 360 NOV: 1. Gary Lane.

VINT 750: 1. Jim Ottele; 2. Julian Heppekausen.

CLSC VINT 500-750cc: 1. Tom Ferguson; 2.. James Kohls; 3. Mike Boal; 4. Jim Ottele; 5. Nevin Pontious.

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