42nd Annual Viewfinders Russ Jenkins Memorial Grand Prix, Round 6, Day 2

October 4, 2015, Ridgecrest, Calif., MSR Presents The 2015 AMA District 37 Big
6 Grand Prix Series

Day two of the 42nd Annual Viewfinders “Russ Jenkins Memorial” Grand Prix (GP), was a bit more treacherous than the previous day. Held at the Desert Empire Fairgrounds in Ridgecrest, California, sunny skies with sporadic light winds was the norm. Sunday’s racing was a bit more ominous with overcast skies overhead, intermittent sprinkles and heavier showers were part of the race throughout the day. This is day two of round six of the Big 6 GP, we have two rounds remaining after this round. Round seven will be held in Gorman, on October 31st and November 1st. The series will close out in Lake Elsinore, on December 5th and 6th with round eight.

Viewfinders sign Day 2

Viewfinders colors on a storage container near the Demolition Derby area, as racers enter the pasture area which opened into a dirt straight and a very choppy section.

Nicholas Burson.

After winning the the Vet Heavyweight (HWT) on Saturday as mentioned in our day one article of the event. This reporter neglected to mention that Purvine’s Racing’s Nicholas Burson, also went first in the West Coast Grand Prix (WCGP) HWT Expert, on Saturday as well. Still on fire despite the rain on this day two, he raced in the HWT Expert 251+cc and flew through the scoring table in first on lap one. Sitting down in that spot for the remainder of the race. Placing first overall and first in the 251+cc HWT Expert for his third class win of the weekend, and second race overall win on the weekend.
Nick Stover.

3BrosKTM.com‘s Nick Stover was one of the aces of the inter-class race fifteen. Racing in the Lightweight (LWT) Expert, Stover resided in second overall on lap two, averaging about twenty-three seconds off the pace of the leading Burson. He kept it rolling for a second overall and first in class. He also finished ninth overall in the inter-class West Coast Grand Prix (WCGP) and third in the Pro II class in the WCGP.

Troy Armstrong.

The 2015 American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) Southern California Motocross Pro series Champion, Century Motorcycles racer Troy Armstrong. Racing in only one class at the event, the 251+cc HWT Expert. Armstrong steadily made his way up the roster with a fifth overall on lap one, moving into the top three overall on lap three and finishing out in that spot in the fourth and final lap. Armstrong sporting a smile and a lot of fan support at the end of the race, also wrapped up a second in the 251+cc HWT Expert.

Andrew Puckett.

Enelon’s Andrew Puckett, has been engaged in the entire series winning the Vet HWT Expert in round four at the Hilltoppers GP. He rode to a fourth in the HWT Expert and a sturdy third in Vet HWT Expert at this round six.

Cody Pattan.

Entering the gate of the Endurocross section, Cody Pattan shows the color of the day, mud. He finished up sixth in the HWT Expert and fifteenth overall.

Brandon Krause.

Racing in his first Big 6 round for 2015, Brandon Krause, rode well for a sixth in the WCGP HWT and a seventh in the HWT Expert.

James Clark.

Goggles are history late into race fifteen for Ogio’s James Clark. Unaffected by the pelting rain and the wind chill of high speed, he just squints his eyes and takes it to the limit down a wet asphalt straight between the Fairgrounds and the Endurocross/scoring section. Clark finished up this race fifth in the HWT Intermediate, he was also tenth HWT Intermediate in the ninety minute WCGP on Saturday.
Chance Fullerton.

Axo racer, Chance Fullerton, took the WCGP 200 Expert class win on Saturday. Seen in the first part of Endurocross section, Fullerton finished up with a fifth in LWT-II Expert.
Jake Orchard.

Jake Orchard, fighting with the elements and competition but kept the claws extracted for an eighth in the LWT-I Intermediate, and going on the box with a third in the WCGP 250 Intermediate.
Eric Burdell.

Mini moto shooter Eric Burdell, raced in the big bike classes this round six for the first time in the series according to the results. The industrious racer placed first in the Youth Mini Advanced and first in the Mini Expert. Classing with the big bikes he placed fifth in the LWT-II Intermediate and thirteenth in the WCGP 200 Novice class.
Chase Brubaker.

As of late, Chase Brubaker, has been kicking knobbies and taking names in the LWT-I Novice. He raced to a dominant first overall in race fourteen, the Novice and Beginner class. The race fourteen overall win was his second in a row, winning the LWT-I Novice class for his third consecutive class win. He also won the WCGP 250 Novice and that race overall as well for a great weekend.
Hunter Oakley.

Moving up to the LWT-I Novice in round four, after racing in the LWT-I Beginner for the first three rounds, Hunter Oakley, has adjusted just fine. He rode to a third in the LWT-I Novice at rounds four and five, and busted through the rain for a second at this round six. Including this round, Oakley has three second place finishes in the WCGP 250 Novice and is looking for his first Novice win with two rounds remaining.

Bradley Nipper #H542, and Jacob Maier #X762.

Bradley Nipper #H542, in a flat out speed duel with Jacob Maier #762, as they race their way out of the Demolition Derby area. Maier, sporting a Captain America helmet, rode to a fifth in the LWT-I Novice and tenth overall. Maier also raced to an eleventh in the WCGP 250 Novice on Saturday. Nipper, racing in his first Big 6 race of the year and doing it well. Placing second in the HWT Novice class and fourteenth overall in race fourteen.

David Glass.
David Glass had a fine day, racing with the lead from lap one to the final fourth lap for the overall race twelve win, and his second Senior HWT Expert class win of the season.
Greg Bender.

Greg Bender, finished tenth in the Senior HWT Expert.

Talan Van Valkenburg

Micro Novice racer, Talan Van Valkenburg, sat second behind Junior Advanced racer and race leader, Austin Eddy, for the first two laps of race eleven. Van Valkenburg made the pass for the lead on lap three and never looked back. Winning the race overall and Micro Novice class win.

Kade McPhetridge #B55, Lane Forbes #U10

Kade McPhetridge #B55 and Lane Forbes #U10 in an inter-class scuffle. Forbes finished up with a third in the Micro Novice and fourth overall in race eleven. McPhetridge was scored DNF (Did Not Finish) in the Junior Novice after completing three laps.
Jeremy Gray.

Quad Expert Jeremy Gray, led from lap one to the final lap four for the class and overall win in race thirteen.

Team Seth Abrahamson.

In Sidecar action, Seth Abrahamson, led his team to a class victory finishing out four laps.

Lacharite Land

The slayers of bad track conditions, wavers of the flag, gallant rescuers of fallen racers, these are the warriors of Lacharite Land. Left to right; Paul, Julie, Nathan, Courtney, Danielle, Gary Lacharite, Ashlee, Jamie, and Cassie. Foreground, Marley the canine ruler of Lacharite Land and its people. Gary Lacharite and Crew, have been devoted to the preparation and caring of the area directly west of the Desert Empire Fairgrounds for several years.

Devyn and Garrett.

Track staff, Devyn on the left and Garrett on the right, hamming it up between races on Sunday at the Viewfinders GP. Safety personnel for the racers, they were also operating the water track, which did not see much use in the latter part of Sunday’s program.

Dave Pruett.

Ten year member of the Viewfinders, DP Backhoe’s Dave Pruett, has aided with the preparation and clean up of the Ridgecrest GP for ten years. One of the many Viewfinder members and volunteers, that devote time to keep the long running Viewfinders GP race successful and operating.

For complete results and information for the Big 6 Grand Prix, please go to http://www.big6racing.com/ .

For series points please go to http://www.moto-tally.com/D37/GP/Standings.aspx .

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