MSR Presents The 2015 District 37 Big 6 Grand Prix Series

Prospectors Grand Prix, Round 7, Day 1

October 31, 2015, Gorman, Calif


The spooks were near but purveyors of the Big 6 Grand Prix were in their gear, to ward off the scaries if “All Hallows Eve” spun out of control, on this day more commonly known as “Halloween”.

Trick or Treat was in full mayhem, I mean full Grand Prix mode as we commence the day one web coverage of the seventh round of the eight round American Motorcyclist Association’s (AMA) MSR Presents The 2015 District 37 Big 6 Grand Prix Series, 30th Annual Prospectors Grand Prix. Day two coverage should be posted by Friday, this reporter apologizes for the delay.

Baja Grill

The Baja Grill Ladies from left to right: Manny, Mireya, Ana, and Jazmine. An important asset to the Big 6 are the many Vendors and Sponsors that populate the pits, and one of them is the Baja Grill. The lovely Senoritas of the Baja Grill serve the traditional Mexican fare of Tacos and Burritos, but can whip up a good old Cheeseburger anytime needed. Home prepared ingredients ensure a tasty meal, come on by just to say hi as smiles are always abound at Baja Grill in the pits.

Don Dudek on the ;eft and Mike Hastings.

Don Dudek on the left manning the yellow, and finish line man Mike Hastings on the right, taking care of the checkers at the finish line of the Gorman GP.
Colton Udall.

OX Motorsports Colton Udall, was looking to seal up the Pro title in the premiere race of the Big 6 GP series, the West Coast Grand Prix (WCGP) ninety minute inter-class race featuring the Pro, Expert, and Intermediate. Udall approached this second to the last round of the eight round series with three wins and a thirty-one point lead over Precision Concepts racer Justin Seeds. Seeds and teammate Robby Bell made the going tough for Udall running first and second respectively as Bell stayed a few bike lengths back of Seeds to limit the impact of the dust on visibility, Udall in third a two seconds back of Bell on lap one. Seeds and Bell continued to run one-two through lap three as Udall just outside Bell’s dust trail in third had a Houdini up his sleeve. Udall pulled off for fuel early in the race on lap four, catching his pit crew and the competition off guard. Making a hard charge to bridge the gap the leaders had after he pitted, Udall was four seconds behind second place Bell at the end of round four. Udall passed Bell and Seeds on lap six for the lead. Calculating he had enough fuel to go all the remainder of the race after his early pit Udall put on the after burners and won by over a minute, Bell took over second on lap seven and stayed the spot, Ryan Reina third after Seeds had a mechanical problem and finished eighth.

WCGP Pro Podium, Bell, Udall, Reina.

The top three of the WCGP from left to right are second place Robby Bell, first place Colton Udall and third place, John Burr Cycles Ryan Reina. Colton Udall’s fourth 2015 WCGP Pro win brings his point total beyond reach of any contenders with one round remaining, by this reporter’s calculations, Mr. Udall is unofficially your 2015 MSR Presents AMA District 37 Big 6 WCGP Pro Champion. He would like to thank MSR, Scorpion, Dragon, Coast, Baja Bound, His Crew, Family and everyone that has helped him out through the years.
Ryan Reina.

Ryan Reina and his John Burr Cycles team came away from the 2015 JBC 24 Hour race with an impressive second place in the Pro class. Keeping the speed into Gorman, Reina indicated he had problems with his front brake lever during the post race interviews. The TBT Suspension racer still put the hammer down for a third and his second Big 6 Podium of the season on his Birthday, “Happy Birthday Ryan”.

Dalton Shirey.

The AMA 2015 National Hare and Hound Pro 250 Champion Dalton Shirey, won seven of eight rounds in that series and finished second on his off. Entering his first ever Big 6 WCGP Pro race after racing in the WCGP Pro II seven times in the past two seasons, as his racing blueprint would chart out, he did well. The Maxxis, Gaerne Boot, and Pro Circuit racer could not have looked more at home. Shirey sped into the end of lap one in tenth and began picking off riders in a systematic pattern going to eighth on lap two, seventh on lap six negating one position at a time each lap and working his way to fourth on the final lap nine for fourth in class and overall. Shirey was one of some of the racers that moved up a class at this round, and in Shirey’s case this does not bode well for the competition.

Justin Seeds.

Robby Bell’s teammate Justin Seeds, splattered the field in the onset of the WCGP Pro start with the holeshot as they headed slightly uphill into the a tight narrow left turn on the motocross track. They raced on the approximate eight mile course using pre-existing trails that meandered through the hills, washes, presenting dust and a choppy sharp edged track to these elite GP racers. Seeds craftily carved his way in the lead of the first five laps despite the persistent pressure of Bell and then Udall. Udall and Bell both got around Seeds for first and second respectively by lap seven. unfortunately Seeds had mechanical difficulties while in third near the end of the race and nursed his steed home for an eighth. Bell and Seeds would like to thank Dunlop, FMF, THR Motorsports and all the entire team. At print time, we have been informed that Precision Concepts racers Bell and Seeds ruled the 2015 Lake Elsinore GP placing first and second respectively in the Harvey Mushman 100 Pro class.

Trevor Stewart.

WCGP Pro II racer Trevor Stewart, was the top his class on this day running fifth overall and first in the Pro II, slipping back to sixth near the finish, then regaining the spot on the last lap he finished fifth overall and first in class.
WCGP Pro II top three, left to right.  Mitchell Anderson second, Trevor Stewart first place, and Nick Stover third.WCGP Pro II top three, left to right. Mitch Anderson second, Trevor Stewart first place, and Nick Stover third. Anderson maintained second behind Stewart in the WCGP Pro II, closing out the spot at the checkers and finishing out on the leader’s lap with nine. Stover rode in for a third but was checked by Rowan Trefz as they traded positions at the mid point of the race. Stover finished up third but Trefz never gave up placing fourth in the WCGP Pro II, just six seconds behind Stover at the end.
Trevor Hunter.GPR Stabilizer’s Trevor Hunter, coming over a slight rise in the WCGP 250 Expert class. Hunter rode to a second in the WCGP 200 Expert and twentieth overall in the WCGP ninety minute contest. He rode to a win in the Lightweight II 200cc Expert on Sunday’s forty-five minute race fifteen, and finished eighth overall with five laps completed. Preston Campbell.

Preston Campbell raced in four rounds of the WCGP 250 Intermediate placing second three times, but could never make his way around Troy Vanscourt. Entering the WCGP 250 Expert at Gorman, Campbell roared to his first win of the season in his first Expert ride in the series. He led the rank from lap one to the checkers and finished out on the leader’s lap nine in seventeenth overall.
Troy Vanscourt.

To say Troy Vanscourt is solar flare hot would be an understatement. Racing in the first six rounds of the WCGP 250 Intermediate he sat on top of the box in every round (first), and clinched the class title according to this reporter’s calculations at round six in Ridgecrest. In Gorman he raced a different class but same result. Taking it to the Heavyweight Intermediates, he showed his new classmates no mercy rolling in at the end of lap one with a nine second class lead. The only one in the class to avoid being lapped by the leaders he finished on the leaders lap, completing nine loops for the class win. He also finished eleventh overall in the WCGP for his best WCGP overall on the year. While we are at it that also makes seven consecutive WCGP intermediate wins across two classes, 2016 is looking bright for the Big 6 racer.

Steve Adams.

Steve Adams has raced in four of the seven rounds in the WCGP Heavyweight Novice, progressively producing better results throughout the rounds. He reached the crescendo at this round seven, racing at fourth as they checked in on lap one. The KTM jockey took over the race lead on lap three and keeping the balance the next lap for his first class and race overall win ever, and impressively in his first season of racing. This win comes after he was dead at last on his start and picked off the field for the remainder of the race, even falling at one point while leading. He just remounted and caught back up with the leader, and took the lead for the second second and his first win!.

Keaton Opteyndt.

In the spirit of Halloween, Keaton Opteyndt, with his convict stripes was on a racing furlough (not really) from jail to place sixth in the WCGP 200 Novice.
Steve Williams #M11 and Jerry Black #7.

Mag Expert racers, Steve Williams #M11, and Jerry Black #7, in a showdown at Gorman. The duo traded spots during the race and were no further than a few seconds apart in entire the forty-five minute GP scrum. Neo Oil’s Black held the lead early in the Magnum GP, but Williams took over the lead on lap two officially. Williams and Black continued the tussle to the checkers where Williams prevailed for the race win with Black just three seconds back in second, the two were first and second respectively in the Magnum Heavyweight Expert.
Greg Bender.

OC Honda’s Greg Bender, has started every round of the 2015 Big 6 GP series, a man of focus on this day running a steady fifth in the Mag Heavyweight Expert from lap one to the checkers. Bracketed by fourth and sixth with space between, he was mostly unchallenged in fifth. Producing four consistent laps for the fifth in class which his second of the series. Also placing fifth overall in the inter-class race, he raced to one of his best weekends of the 2015 series in this reporter’s opinion.
Steve Davenport #J1, Bill Boyer #J5, Steve Buckley #J3, Tim Tarry #J8

The 50+ Mag Lightweight Expert (250cc) line go into turn one with Steve Davenport #J1, Bill Boyer #J5, Steve Buckley #J3, and Tim Tarry #J8. Davenport was in the class lead by the end of lap one and never looked back for the 50+ MAG Lightweight Expert win. Boyer finished fourth, Tarry fifth, and Buckley seventh in class.

Peter Bender #J75 Chris Griffin #M827

Peter Bender #J75, leads Chris Griffin #M827, in an inter-class scramble for position. Bender placed twelfth in the Mag Lightweight Expert, Griffin mailing a twelfth in the Mag Heavyweight Expert.
Mark Cline M332

50+ Mag Heavyweight Novice, Mark Cline #M332, is getting a whiff of clean air with the holeshot on his line, Jason Wallis #M377, and Randall Lippie #M375.
Robert Baehr.

Robert Baehr, seen here racing in the Vet Lightweight Expert, placing second in class and overall. The Senior Lightweight Expert number one plate holder, went on to his sixth win of series in the class and fourth overall in the inter-class race.
John Dean.

John Dean racing to a fourteenth in the Vet Heavyweight Intermediate and fifty-sixth overall in that race four.
Jon Speight, Mike Garrett, and Ray Jandra.

Prospector members manning the first turn and the motocross section on Saturday, are left to right: Jon Speight, Mike Garrett, and Ray Jandra. The club had the safety of the racers first and foremost throughout the weekend, monitoring all areas of the track near and distant.

For complete results and information for the Big 6 Grand Prix, please go to .

For series points please go to
1. Colton Udall
2. Robby Bell
3. Ryan Reina
4. Dalton Shirey
5. Justin Wallis

1. Trevor Stewart
2. Mitch Anderson
3. Nick Stover
4. Rowan Trefz
5. Jeff Trulove

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