MSR Presents The 2015 District 37 Big 6 Grand Prix Series, Day 2

30th Annual Prospectors Grand Prix, Round 7, Day 2

November 1, 2015, Gorman, Calif

Article & Photos by Rodney Rutherford
American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) MSR Presents The 2015 District 37 Big 6 Grand Prix (GP) Series, 30TH Annual Prospectors Grand Prix. On a gorgeous November first morning, we entertain the seventh round, day two of the eight round Big 6 GP. The final round is scheduled for Lake Elsinore, California, on December fifth and Sixth to be held at the Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park. Mark your calendars as well for round one of the 2016 Big 6 GP, January 15-17, held at the “Adelanto Grand Prix”, held at Mavericks Baseball Stadium in Adelanto, California. I Interviewed two sponsors at Gorman whose stories will be posted in the round eight web coverage.
Kade McPhetridge.

Kade McPhetridge on a Big 6 GP Sunday, giving us the thumbs up and proudly displaying the Kurt Caselli Foundational AMA National Hare & Hound racing smocks. He represented well with his sixth Junior Novice class win in seven tries, and currently holds a thirty-five point lead over Gavin Brubaker for the class title racing into the final loop at Lake Elsinore.
Fred Dinney.

Fred Dinney, dabbing his way to a fourth in the Youth Beginner.
Logan Ferguson.

Racing in six of the seven rounds to date, Logan Ferguson, romps to a fourth in the Micro Novice.

Jacob Endress.

Jacob Endress, riding to a third in the Junior Novice.

Jacob Lacroix #Y235, and Ashton Stevens #Y77.

Youth Mini Advanced racer, Jacob Lacroix #Y235, has his gloves full holding off Youth Mini Novice racer, Ashton Stevens #Y77, at the finish in an inter-class dice. Lacroix placed third in class and Stevens was first in the Youth Mini Novice.
Hayden Hintz.

Super Mini Advanced points leader Hayden Hintz, made a second lap pass on Jake Alvarez, and pulled away slightly from Alvarez for the remaining three laps. He finished with five laps and an eleven second gap over Alvarez for the win. Hintz also raced to his third West Coast Grand Prix (WCGP) 200 Novice win of the series, and is right points behind the WCGP 200 Novice series class leader, Carson Moore, with one round to go.
Jake Alvarez.

In the Super Mini Advanced, Jake Alvarez, raced into the end of lap one with the lead, but succumbed to the charge of Hayden Hintz on lap two, falling back to second. Rambling his way for the remaining three laps at second place, finishing at five laps for the second spot in class. Alvarez raced well on Saturday as well, with a first in the Mini Intermediate class and a fourth overall in the same inter-class race.
Brandon Meehan.

Brandon Meehan, rode to fifteenth overall and his third Lightweight-I Beginner victory of the series.
Benny Landry.

Benny Landry, started out the season in the Lightweight-I Beginner class and placed first twice and second once in the first three rounds. He moved up to Lightweight-I Novice at round four and placed second, then repeating the performance at round five. He did not finish (DNF) at round six, but came into this round seven looking for his first Lightweight I Novice class win. Mission accomplished, leading from the end of lap one to the fourth and final lap, Landry won the race overall by over a minute and won the Lightweight-I Novice as well. This was Landry’s second race overall win, including his WCGP 250 Novice class win and race overall win in the inter-class race at round five. Deserving the cliche, “Landry is one to watch” as he steps up the ladder. Kenny Owens, racing in the Lightweight-I Novice rode in at second in class and overall, having to fend off a last lap charge from third place Chase Brubaker.
Chase Brubaker.

Chase Brubaker, has been a force to reckon with since round one. His lowest finish in the
Lightweight-I Novice, has been a fifth with three wins to accompany that. Racing in the
Lightweight-I Novice, he made his way from fifth to third by the end of the four lap race and a last lap surge to close within two second of Kenny Owens at the finish, for a third in class and a third overall.
Jake Orchard.

Jake Orchard racing on the last lap of the final day of the Prospector’s 30TH Annual GP. and one of his best performances to date. Racing in the 201-250cc Lightweight-I Intermediate, Orchard led the class at the end of lap one over second place Todd Rooney by just one second. Creeping away from his class competition Orchard won by twenty-five seconds over second in class Ryan Newby. This was Orchard’s first class win of the season but he was already racing fast and fine on the weekend, scooping a second place in the WCGP 250 Intermediate on Saturday.

Todd Rooney.

Todd Rooney, third in the Lightweight-I Intermediate and first in the Revolution Intermediate.

Joey Schoeningh, placed third in the Lightweight-II Intermediate and raced to third in the WCGP 200cc Intermediate.

Dalton Shirey

The AMA 2015 National Hare and Hound Pro 250 Champion Dalton Shirey, keeps on gassing and keeps on passing. Shirey, shown here from Saturday’s WCGP Pro event where he raced to a fourth in his first WCGP Pro class entry. On this day, Shirey went from fourth on lap one to first by lap three, finishing up five laps in the inter-class race fifteen winning the race overall and the Lightweight-I Expert.
Josh Nunes H10 and Nick Stover#1

Heavyweight Expert Josh Nunes #H10, and the blur behind him in Lightweight-I Expert Nick Stover #1, occupying the first and second spots respectively in race fifteen. They hunkered down in the spots for the first two laps but Shirey raced his way past them and into control of the race on lap three. Stover lined in second after making the lap three pass on Nunes also. Stover finishes up second overall and second in the Lightweight-II Expert, he also placed third in the WCGP Pro II on Saturday. Nunes was third in the race overall and first in the Heavyweight Expert, in Saturday’s WCGP Pro class he was seventh overall.

Zach Teno.

Seasoned District 37 GP combatant, Zach Teno, riding to a third in the Lightweight-I Expert and ninth overall in race fifteen.
David Glass.

As rough goes smooth goes David Glass, the 40+ Senior Heavyweight Expert number one plate holder, appears to want it again. Riding with savvy, Glass was put to the test while leading as he repelled major charges by classmate Scott Putnam. In second, Putnam was right behind Glass for the last three laps but could not close the deal. Glass takes the race and class win, Putnam just a second behind at the end of five laps for a second overall, and second in the 40+ Senior Heavyweight Expert.
Scott Putnam.

Scott Putnam, stayed on the case of David Glass in the 40+ Senior Heavyweight Expert, racing in second and closing the gap to just one second at the finish. Putnam never gave up hope and stayed tough for the second place overall, and second in the 40+ Senior Heavyweight Expert. Putnam was also fourth in Saturday’s Vet 30+ Heavyweight Expert class.
Gene Schelest.

Steeling his way through the 40+ Senior Heavyweight Expert, Gene Schelest, rode to a fifth in class and a seventh overall. He was tenth in the 30+ Vet Heavyweight Expert on Saturday, and nineteenth overall in the race.
John Montegna o12, Michael Herrera o82.

We have another inter-class scramble for position as 40+ Senior Heavyweight Intermediate John Montegna #O12, feels the heat of 40+ Senior Heavyweight Novice Michael Herrera #O82. Herrera was able to one up Montegna at the checkers, finishing six seconds ahead in thirty-first overall. Montegna comes in at thirty second overall. Herrera ended his weekend with a third in the 40+ Senior Heavyweight Novice, and a fourth in the 30+ Vet Heavyweight Novice on Saturday. Montegna left Gorman with an eighth in 40+ Senior Heavyweight.

Daniel Scudella O419 Aaron Sunday O69

40+ Senior Heavyweight Intermediate, Daniel Scudella #O419, securing his spot for the moment on lap two from a speeding under classman, in Aaron Sunday. Sunday, racing in the 40+ Senior Heavyweight Novice made the pass on Scudella during lap three. Sunday closed out with four laps, fifty-second overall and seventh in the Senior Heavyweight Novice. Scudella was fifty-sixth overall and seventeenth in the Senior Heavyweight Intermediate.
Jim Costa.

Seasoned Big 6 racer Jim Costa, representing the Dirt Diggers Motorcycle Club (MC), he finished fifth in the Senior Lightweight Novice. Racing on the previous day, he collected a ninth in the Magnum Lightweight Novice.
Tyler Henschel.

Duncan Racing’s Tyler Henschel, leading from the end of lap one, he was unable to open up a large lead but kept nine seconds or more between himself and the competition at the end of each lap. Taking the win by twelve seconds over second place, Roy Bloodworth. Henschel has a firm grip on the Quad Expert series title, and should be able to secure the crown at round eight.Kayla Young.Kayla Young, rode to a third in the Quad Novice.
Seth Abrahamson.

The Sidecar team with rider of record, Seth Abrahamson, racing for a dominating win and their sixth Sidecar win in seven rounds. Missing one round, they are ten points behind the series leading team of Mark McDade with the final round remaining.
Cody Hilliard.

The Sidecar of Cody Hilliard, navigated just one lap and pulled out of the race, but judging by this image they had a fun one lap. Approaching the photographer one of the team said “camera”, and they both posed obligingly.
Mike Hastings Image.

Early Saturday morning and the riders get ready to check out the Prospectors Motorcycle Club’s GP course. For this year it was run in reverse direction.

For complete information on the final round of the series to be held at Lake Elsinore, on December 5-6, and information on the 2016 series, please go to . For series points please go to . For more round one information of the 2016 season opener, the Adelanto Grand Prix, please go to the Big 6 website or

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