A Look Back: Del Mar flat track almost a year ago

This coming weekend January 9-10 flat track racing returns to Del Mar CA. Here is a look back at racing there last February! For more info visit www.ivlft.com

February 14, 2015, Del Mar, California

By Rodney Rutherford

Photos by Rodney Rutherford, Judd Neves and Robert Hargraves

Roland Sands Designs and IV League Flat Track (IVLFT) presents the fifth round of their seven round series, racing the first two rounds at Imperial Valley Fairgrounds and the remaining five at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. The fifth round attendance finalized over two-hundred and twenty entries distributed across twenty-six classes on this Valentine’s Day. Racers lined up in the multi-use Del Mar Arena, a roof enclosed open air arena that is home of the Del Mar National Horse Show in the Spring, and also home of the Major Arena Soccer League’s, San Diego Sockers. Deep thought went into the dirt layout of the eighth mile short, as in roughly eight to fourteen inches of dirt made up of a third of Carlsbad clay, a third of Oregon humus, and a third of R-60 silica from Santa Barbara. The measuring cup of thirds seemed to be the perfect mix with compliments from the most experienced racers, to the fastest, to the youngest. Racers conveyed that the track held up well, despite the relentless pounding of practice, Heat races and Mains throughout the day and into the evening.
Andrew Rogers (4) and Chad Lesniewski (999).

Highlighting the assortment of classes IVLFT offer, Quad racer Andrew Rogers (4) takes the lead on the inside over Chad Lesniewski (999) in the Quad heat. Rogers went on to win the Main with Lesniewski locking in second. Besides the standard classes such as the Pro and +35 Vet, there were Pull Start Mini Bike classes riding what more experienced folks might have known as Taco mini bikes. There was the Hooligan where Harly Davidson’s seemed to be the ride of choice for most competitors, and the Reverse class which as the title suggest, was ran with right hand cornering as opposed to the traditional left hand turns of Dirt Track. Mark Atkins. Mark Atkins made it his show in the Hooligan ranks with a three second gap by lap four and onward to the win in the eight lap A Main. In the “Run What Ya Brung” Main, Atkins once again exhibited the speed for his evening of dominance rolling out to a several bike length lead for his second win of the night. Travis Horn (25) and Max Mehran (7). Travis Horn (25) on the outside of Max Mehran (7) in turn one. Horn slid to victory in the Youth 50 and Youth 65, and continues his winning ways of his 2014 season. Chris Jones, 116. Judd Neves image. Chris Jones coming out of turn two going on to win the twelve racer Beginner A Main. (Judd Neves Image) James Ott. Kawasaki of Simi Valley/Paul Ott Racing/Lucas Oil’s James Ott has been a speedster to deal with on the 85’s, and now he has straddled up on the big bikes and has seemingly no issues on the step up as indicated by his results at this round five of IVFTL. Ott delivered in the Youth 250 for the Main victory and the Youth 450 as well. In the Intermediate class Ott raced in for a third in the Main. 5 07 28 22. Image by Judd Neves. Carlin Dunne (5), Allison Stacey (07), Keith Williams (28), and Jimmy Gillen (22). (Judd Neves Image) Racing in the Intermediate class Race Tech/Southern California Flat Track Association/Southland Racing’s Jimmy Gillen tried to start the 2014 season with a torn meniscus in his left knee, but after running a few laps it was decided to give the hotshot the season off and come back for 2015, and comeback he has. Racing in the Intermediate Main, Gillen ran off on the green to a three second gap in the Intermediate class and never looked back showing that the 2013 SCFTA Champion is indeed back on track and ready to assert himself for 2015. Jeremy Toye (57) and Kevin Keeran (61c). Judd Neves Image.

Jeremy Toye (57) and Kevin Keeran (61c) raced to the top two spots in the 35+ A Main. (Judd Neves Image)

The 35+ class had a total of fifteen entrants with twelve going to the A Main, and three to the B Main. Kevin Keeran breeches turn one in the lead off in the A Main, Helber Alvernaz, and Paul Ott in third and the battle is on. At the median mark Keernan’s grip on the lead is slipping with Alvernaz putting on the pressure, following into lap five with the pack growling behind them Alvernaz clips Keernan but they both stay vertical and here comes Jeremy Toye. Toye rips past Alvernaz and into second and in attack mode. Toye hammers the gas and into first as the white flag flares out and one lap to go in the eight lap A Main. Keernan fishing for an inside but slam the door goes and Toye keeps the lead to the checkers for the win, Keernan second, Ott third, Robert Bush fourth, four time American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) Superbike Champion Josh Hayes fifth. Alvernaz brought in sixth.

John Garcia (84) and Keith Wiliams (28).

Keith Williams (28) and John Garcia (64) put on a good show in the 25+ B Main, with Garcia grabbing the win and Williams racing to second.

Jim Medlin (11) and Travis Petton Jr..

Travis Petton Jr. (82) leads Jim Medlin in lap three of the 50+. Petton and Medlin went untouched for first and second at the end, but it wasn’t so casual in the tussle for third. Larry Earhart motored in third but eventually relented to the aggressive Jim Ottele. At the checkers we have Ottele in third, Earhart, and the hearty Richard Pollock in fifth.

John Vanderlaan (12Y) and Bryan Smith (42). Rob Hargraves image.

The Pro class had twenty-two entries, with several Pro heats, Dash for Cash and a B Main. The B Main served as a last chance qualifier designating the winner to go on to the A Main. The B Main also turned out to be one of the best races of the night, with John Vanderlaan (12Y) and 2012 AMA Grand National Championship (GNC) Twins Champion Bryan Smith (42) frothing at the bit in a winner goes on and loser packs up ultimatum. By lap three of the B Main it was Smith in front with Vanderlaan in his wake, and here we go. Vanderlaan takes the lead in the front stretch on lap five, Smith counters back and retakes the point in the back stretch and the see-saw war continues with no less than six lead changes by this reporter’s notes, Enerlon.com/Bill Vanderlaan Racing’s Vanderlaan prevails with the last lead for the win and a pass to the A Main. (Robert Hargraves Image)

Mike Rush. Rob Hargraves image (2)

Mike Rush holding the lead in the Pro A Main, but the black flag waits due to his exhaust becoming unattached from his engine and held on by just the rear mounting bracket. (Robert Hargraves Image)

The twelve racer star filled A Main sets on the chalk with 2014 and multiple AMA Grand National Champion (GNC) Jared Mees, former GNC Champion Sammy Halbert, 2009 AMA Pro Grand National Singles Champion Henry Wiles, and 2014 SCFTA Champion Kayl Kolkman. The Pro A Main fires up and Race Tech’s Kolkman takes the lead with Halbert and Mike Rush pushing him. Kolkman goes down bringing out the red and a restart. Rush powers off the restart like a missile shot and takes the lead. Rush holding the horde off famously, but his exhaust fell off forcing a black flag ending a disappointing evening for the scrappy short tracker.

Kayl Kolkman. Rob Hargraves image.
Kayl Kolkman had the early lead in the Pro A Main but lost his wheels forcing a restart. He rebounded nicely for a fifth. (Robert Hargraves Image)

Halbert goes into the lead with Davis Fisher breaking his way into second, Wiles in third. With the sound of Halbert’s machine just behind him, Fisher kept his cool and traction for the Pro A Main win, Halbert second, Wiles third, Mees fourth, and Kolkman rebounding from the restart motors his way into fifth. Racing since he was six years old, the seventeen year old Fisher is now into his second year of Pro racing and has already set the competition on alert. Fisher missed winning the AMA GNC Pro Singles title by a mere two points, sitting one point behind the Champion Kyle Johnson in the final standings. Keep an eye on him, his potential is immense and ability to fill it is red lined. Fisher would like to thank Parkinson Brothers Racing, Bob Lamphere, Dan Wall Racing, Race Tech, and The Fox.

Davis Fisher with a well deserved parade lap after winning the Pro A Main. Rob Hargraves image.

Davis Fisher 67 (Robert Hargraves Image)

IVLFT will be holding the final two rounds of the series at Del Mar Fairgrounds on March 8th and 9th. Please go to www.ivlft.com for complete information on this and future series. Round threeraces have been posted on youtube.com, search IV League Flat Track.

YOUTH 50: 1. Travis Horn; 2. Dylan Kahle; 3. Colin Petton; 4. Max Mehran; 5. Hannah Jones; 6. Brianna Jones; 7. Chase Garcia; 8. Pitschner; 9. Aidan Omelina.
YOUTH 65: 1. Travis Horn; 2. Tanner Richey; 3. Conner Hickerson; 4. Ana Bush; 5. Sierra Hickerson; 6. Colin Petton; 7. Isabella Mitchell; 8. Regina Leard.
YOUTH 85: 1. Travis Petton; 2. Zaden Florez; 3. Tanner Richey.
YOUTH 125: 1. Conner Hickerson; 2. Jake Mitchell; 3. Ava Bush; 4. Avery Modica.
YOUTH 250: 1. James Ott; 2. Travis Petton; 3. Noah Bush; 4. Monica Gil.
YOUTH 450: 1. James Ott; 2. Allison Stacey; 3. Travis Petton; 4. Matthew Ott.
MN BIKE A MAIN: 1. Alex Crosby; 2. Pat Neilson; 3. Chris Corum; 4. Matt Stoutenburg; 5. Kevin Neilson; 6. Jaycee Jones; 7. Andre Ochs; 8. Jake; 9. Corey Froschneeuser; 10. Cristian Olguin.
MN BIKE B MAIN: 1. Carlin Dunne; 2. Jordan Eubanks; 3. Chris McDougal; 4. Zach Taylor; 5. Rob Morrice; 6. Ryan Verschoor; 7. Tait Guthrie; 8. Gar Wood.
PULL START MINIS: 1. Gar Wood; 2. Mikey Ratt.
HOOLIGAN A MAIN: 1. Mark Atkins; 2. Buddy Suttle; 3. Edward Subias; 4. Brendan Foley; 5. Scotty Dimick; 6. Gabriel Vidiro; 7. Jake; 8. Aaron Guardado.
HOOLIGAN B MAIN: 1. Cameron Brewer; 2. Holden Brewer; 3. Jason Dudley; 4. David Durkee; 5. Freerider Omelina; 6. Brandon Gonzalez.
RUN WHAT YA BRUNG: 1. Mark Atkins; 2. Cam Brewer; 3. Shaun Guardado; 4. Preston Petty; 5. Aaron Guardado; 6. Arnie Fry; 7. Gabriel Vidrio; 8. Adrian Chambers; 9. Jimi The Fence; 10. Freerider Omelina; 11. Scotty Dimick.
REVERSE: 1. Alex Crosby; 2. Jeanette Griggs; 3. Ryan Verschoor; 4. Jaycee Jones.
BRAKELESS: 1. Jeff Apple; 2. Tom Ferguson; 3. Benny Meyer.
KNOBBIE: 1. Holden Pruitt; 2. Sean Byrne; 3. John Rudder; 4. Ted Kukla; 5. John Leard; 6. Mike Root; 7. Mark Jourban; 8. Arnie Fry; 9. Micheal Pastore; 10. Denver Hicks; 11. Adrian Chambers; 12. Kerri Kress.
COUPLES: 1. Alex Crosby/Jaycee Jones; 2. Jimmy Gillen/Monica Gil; 3. Nick Gil/Jeanette Griggs; 4. Ava Bush/Ana Bush; 5. Sierra Hickerson/Bill Hickerson; 6. Connor Hickerson/Molly Hickerson.
QUAD: 1. Andrew Rogers; 2. Chad Lesniewski; 3. Jeb Manners; 4. Sammy Burrola; 5. Raven Fisher.
BEG A MAIN: 1. Chris Jones; 2. Michael Gilbert; 3. Matt Stoutenburg; 4. Andrew Rogers; 5. Dennis Stacey; 6. Noah Bush; 7. Ken Shilling; 8. Zach Taylor; 9. Steven Yoshida; 10. Jordan Eubanks; 11. Melissa Paris; 12. Mac Speedworthy.
BEG B MAIN: 1. Jason Lindquist; 2. Nicholas Garcia; 3. Geoff Patrick.
NOVICE: 1. Carlin Dunne; 2. Michael Gilbert; 3. Matt Ott; 4. Mike Pitschner; 5. Melissa Paris; 6. Gabriel Alvarez.
INT: 1. Jimmy Gillen; 2. Keith Williams; 3. James Ott; 4. Jimmy McAllister; 5. Michael Mannion; 6. Allison Stacey; 7. Cam Brewer; 8. Carlin Dunne.
ADULT 250: 1. Richard Pollock; 2. Michael Mannion; 3. LJ Gronek; 4. Melissa Paris; 5. Tom Anson.
35+ A MAIN: 1. Jeremy Toye; 2. Kevin Keeran; 3. Paul Ott; 4. Robert Bush; 5. Josh Hayes; 6. Helber Alvernaz; 7. David Bush; 8. Jim Medlin; 9. Brian Harmon; 10. Chris Jones; 11. Steve Zoumaras; 12. Gabriel Alvarez.
35+ B MAIN: 1. Keith Williams; 2. John Garcia; 3. Jimmy McAllister.
50+: 1. Travis Petton; 2. Jim Medlin; 3. Jim Ottele; 4. Larry Earhart; 5. Richard Pollock; 6. John Perez; 7. Jimmy Lundgren; 8. John Garcia; 9. Steve Zoumaras; 10. John Rudder; 11. Scott Proffer; 12. Mike Pitschner.
60+: 1. Richard Pollock; 2. Steve Zoumaras; 3. Dan Kane; 4. Steve Kukla; 5. Tim Niles; 6. David Molitor.
VINT 400cc UND: 1. David Bush; 2. Byron Kukla; 3. Scotty Dimick; 4. Tim Niles; 5. Chris Corum; 6. Matt Welsh.
VINT 401cc OVER: 1. Monty Watowa; 2. Kevin Neilson; 3. Terry Graham; 4. Byron Kukla; 5. Pete Lawson; 6. Ken Shilling; 7. Julian Heppekausen; 8. Randy Arrington.
TWINS: 1. Robert Bush; 2. Jim Ottele; 3. Jimmy McAllister; 4. Julian Heppekausen.
PRO A MAIN: 1. Davis Fisher; 2. Sammy Halbert; 3. Henry Wiles; 4. Jared Mees; 5. Kayl Kolkman; 6. John Vanderlaan; 7. Andrew Luker; 8. Mikey Martin; 9. Micheal Inderbitzen; 10. Nick Armstrong; 11. Austin Helmholz; 12. Colt Foster.
PRO B MAIN: 1. John Vanderlaan; 2. Bryan Smith; 3. Chris McDougal; 4. James Monocco; 5. Jeremy Toye; 6. Helder Alvarez; 7. Casey Cahoon; 8. Josh Hayes; 9. Brandon Rothell; 10. Kevin Keeran; 11. Julia Rankin.

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