Southern California Flat Track Association 2015 Season Finale

Perris, California, Southern California Flat Track Association, Rounds 11 & 12

Article & Photos by Rodney Rutherford

Southern California Flat Track Association (SCFTA) had one of the biggest weekends of the year, in the final two rounds of the twelve round 2015 season. Rounds eleven and twelve were held on the first complete weekend of November. Round eleven held on Saturday night hosted one of the largest Pro race of the year, This 2015 SCFTA report will conclude the season by spot lighting many racers and their results of the 2015 twelve round SCFTA Championship Flat Track Series. We have over three hundred entries for both days, SCFTA members just keep a sliding and scraping for Southern California Flat Track, keeping the sport alive and well. Mav TV was on hand to record the Pro Main, please see information at the end of the report.

SCFTA will be holding a flat track practice on January 23. The 2015 Awards ceremony will be held at the track on Saturday, January 30, 2016, at 11:00 AM. Mucho bucks in raffle prizes will be up for the picking, and lunch at seven dollars a plate will be available. There will be no practice at the Awards ceremony. The 2016 SCFTA Championship season will launch round one on February 13, please see the link at end of article for complete information on SCFTA’s 2016 activities.
SCFTA's Josh Stark on left, and on the left long time starting line official, Rudy Gil.
SCFTA’s Josh Stark on the left and master track-man and starter Rudy Gil right, ready to get the heats going at the final round of the 2015 SCFTA series. Gil and Stark exhibit a keen eye to keep the show going and a razor sharp efficiency for spotting problems, ensuring safety is number one when the track is hot.

Classes: 50cc-100cc, YOUTH 250 OPEN

Jake Navarrete.

Jose Navarrete compiled three Main wins in the 50cc 2-Stroke Beginner for the 2015 Title.
Jasper Heathfield.

Jasper Heathfield, entering into the 50cc 4-Stroke Beginner at round three, Heathfield brought the
title home with nine wins in ten rounds.

Rachel Schnakenberg.

Going through the results list beginning with those left cornering prodigies of the SCFTA, the 50cc and 65cc classers. Rachel Schnakenberg and her Yamaha weathered every round for an undefeated run to the SCFTA 50cc 2-Stroke Novice title. Moved up from the Beginner to the Novice class after winning the first three rounds, she kept it going finishing well with nine more class wins. She also took a Main race win at a daytime round when her stick it to it racing style paid off.


Colin Petton.

Colin Petton will be paying for part of the new trophy cabinet that the Petton family Grandpa Travis Petton II, and Colin’s brother Travis Petton IV keep filling up. Colin whipped it up well in the 50cc 2-Stroke Amateur for nine class wins and the title, another title dose coming in the 65-70cc 2-Stroke Beginner, with ten wins out of twelve tries.
Sierra Hickerson.

Sierra Hickerson, the aggressive young lady needed the racing attitude staging in inter-class starts with fast guys like Travis Horn, giving her a testing ground where she is surrounded by fast racers, forcing to step up or fade away from the front. She has stepped up well staying in the fray for the top three in everyone of her races, and ending to not fade as quickly. In the 65-70cc 4-Stroke Beginner she won seven rounds, Hickerson harpooning the title over her racing buddy, Isabella Mitchell.

Isabella Mitchell.

Isabella Mitchell, exhibits the tenacity and persistence to get on top of the podium with regularity. Despite speedsters all around her, Mitchell keeps the head down and reels in the laps. Winning two Mains, Mitchell was second in the 65-70cc 4-Stroke Beginner class points. Mitchell displayed that gritty tenacious nature, getting the job done in the 65cc Open for second in the ending points placing third five times in the nine rounds she competed.
Zack Earwood.

Zack Earwood was beginning to contest Horn in their inter class battles, keeping close for the early laps but Horn’s consistency of speed in the latter going becomes difficult to manage. Earwood went undefeated in all ten rounds he competed, for the 65-70cc 4-Stroke Novice Title.
Travis Horn.

The mini mighty might, Travis Horn, is going to be on the scary fast side as he grows into the bigger bikes. Horn is courageously fast, or may be he does not know any better. Showing a smooth finesse on the bike despite the high speeds he runs, his work throughout the seasons is paying off. Horn has generally blitzed his classes by four second gaps and greater by the finish. Pesky Cole Ayers, has been beating down the gaps that Horn builds being the only one to give Horn a serious challenge. After winning ten rounds, Horn was finally unseated by Ayers in the final round of the 50cc 2-Stroke Amateur, Ayers for the win and horn second. No consequence for Horn, he was in the round for play having the Amateur title locked up before this final weekend. Horn ransacked the 65cc Open for ten wins in ten tries and his second SCFTA Title. Horn would like to thank Team Motorsport Junkie, Print Mail Concepts, Douglas Motorcycles,, K & N Filters, and Lucas Oil.


50cc 4-Stroke Amateur Travis Horn #25, and Main winner Cole Ayers #16.

Cole Ayers, was patient beyond his young age in dedicated pursuit of taking a Main won over SCFTA mini speedster, Horn. Racing in six previous rounds, Ayers could do no better than second but seemed to getting closer to matching Horn’s corner speed as Ayers experience increased. On his seventh try Ayers reigned successful, topping Horn in the 50cc 2-Stroke Amateur for his first 2015 win in the class, and second in the closing point count.


Skylar Schnakenberg.

Skylar Schnakenberg, going undefeated with twelve rounds raced and twelve rounds won, for the 85-100cc 4-Stroke Novice Title.
Conner Hickerson.

Conner Hickerson, the Brother of Sierra Hickerson, explained to me he did not like to do interviews because he was shy. Then he became talkative as the conversation turned to racing and his excitement of Flat Track racing flowed to the top. Conner may be a pain to the faster 85cc racers after putting on a trophy-licious ride winning two series titles for 2015. Topping five Mains in route to the 85cc 2-Stroke Beginner series crown. The Youth 85cc 4-Stroke Beginner, Conner was on the box in all nine rounds he raced in the series, taking two race wins winning his second 2015 Series Title.


Jake Mitchell.

Jake Mitchell was a bit jittery on a couple of his starts for this final weekend, but he was under control once he got rolling finishing first at round eleven, and second the following day in the 85cc 2-Stroke Beginner. The Mitchell Family emphasize a part of the SCFTA that shows the glitter and fun to the Family atmosphere of SCFTA racing.
Travis Petton.

The pre-teen Travis Petton IV continued his winning tradition clenching 2015 Series Titles at round eleven in the Youth 85cc Open and 85cc 2-Stroke Amateur. Racing every round Petton IV won fifteen Mains between the two classes, in the races he did not win he placed second. He also finished second in the 250 Youth points as well.
Frank Flores.

Frank Flores may just been a little annoyed at his sister at home if the Brother-Sister rivalry these two have on the track carries on to the abode. Frank has adjusted nicely to Flat Track with several seasons on his belt progressing this season to one of the elite 85cc racers of the SCFTA. Flores was on the money with holeshots at the start of several of the 85cc races against Petton IV. Frank registered a win at round three and another at round six. Petton was a little much for Frank but he gave it his all finishing third at round twelve and second in the Youth 85cc Open points. Finishing in the top three, eight out of twelve Mains, Flores rode to a second in the 85cc 2-Stroke Amateur points.

Alyssa Flores #53. 85cc image.

Alyssa Flores wrung out her Yamaha YZ85 racing against speedy company in the 85cc classes. She placed third seven of twelve rounds for a third in the final count of the Youth 85cc Open standings. Alyssa also rode to a third in the final 85cc 2-Stroke Amateur point count.
Grant Holmes.

Mr. Grant Holmes, a top flight slider pilot, won four of eight rounds in the 85cc 2-Stroke Amateur, finishing fourth in points despite missing four rounds. He raced to his fourth win at round twelve, taking the holeshot to the lead but the race fell under a red after a racer went down. In routine fashion, Holmes took his first spot in line of the single file restart and back to work holding the front spot to the checkers and his fourth Open Amateur win in the series. Holmes struggled in the first five rounds of the Youth 85cc Open, but went on to race in four more rounds placing second twice. He exited round twelve by getting his second win in the 85cc Open, for his second Main win of the day at the ending loop of SCFTA. He also raced to an eleventh round win in the Youth 250 Open, finishing fifth in points with only eleven rounds raced. Holmes thanks RM Parks Incorporated, Southland Racing, Eks Brand Goggles, and Paint by Smokey.


James Ott.

Kawasaki of Simi Valley’s James Ott jumped on the large bikes this year full time and adapted immediately giving fits to SCFTA Champions like Alex Crosby, after being moved up from the Open Amateur to Open Expert. Finishing the Open Expert second in the final points, and finishing with a third in the Open Unclassified points, but he brought the ice to his competitors in the Youth 250 Open. After an unusual sixth at round eleven, Ott rode to a second behind Clayton Williams clinching the 2015 SCFTA Youth 250 Open Title, at round twelve with eight Main wins. One of the strongest youth racers SCFTA has to offer, Kawasaki of Simi Valley’s Ott has been a regular rounding turn one in the front and testy in his battles for the win has he continues to fulfill his potential and beyond.


Clayton Williams, racing in the 4-Stroke Mens.

The distinguished Clayton Williams, displays a professional poise and politeness off the track that could disguise his ample ability to whip up on the competition, and could be easily underestimated by one that does know the articulate racer. Holding several SCFTA number one plates from previous seasons, Williams played the table in nine rounds winning two Mains and placing on the box in all but one round raced, for a fourth in the Youth 250 closing tally. Williams also missed the top three just once in the Open Expert in nine tries, winning one Main and finishing fourth in points.


Noah Bush.

Noah Bush raced in six rounds with his top finishes coming in an aggressive performance in the final two rounds. Bush was pipey fighting for position he manufactured a pair of thirds in the Open Novice. Bush ended the open Novice eighth in points, and finished sixth in the Youth 250 points.


Classes: Women (Powder Puff), Men’s 4-Stroke, Open,

Women's Powder Puff Champion, Jaycee Jones.

Jaycee Jones won three consecutive Mains in the Woman’s (Powder Puff) at the beginning of the series. Having bike problems before the half way point in the series and riding a borrowed bike Jones took a step back, but responded by winning four races after round six. The series title went to the last round and Jones burned rubber on lap one for the lead and never looked back for the Main win, and the 2015 SCFTA Powder Puff Title. Jones won round two of the Open Novice but pulled out of the class after round nine for sixth in the Open Novice points. A joyous Jones, thanks Foster Brothers Racing, Williams Family, G & G Racing, and everyone that has supported her.
Alyssa Flores in a Powder Puff heat, in front of Monica Gil #00.

Alyssa Flores pulled out the bag of tricks including switching to a bigger bike on Sunday in an attempt to snare the title, but Jones was too much on the weekend. Losing headway with a third place on Saturday after coming into the round with a one point lead. Flores was just unable to match the speed of Jones on Sunday placing second, and finishing second in the points. Alyssa raced with speed, grit and determination in the series and always a threat for the top three in both of her classes in the entire series.


Monica Gil.

Monica Gil, daughter of starter Rudy Gil, put down some chutzpa for 2015 with tight battles and not giving room easily as she diced for position. Placing third in six Mains, Gil stayed third in the final points of the Powder Puff.
Jeanette Griggs.

Jeanette Griggs had her best finish in the Powder Puff at round six with a second. She closed out the series fourth in points.


Matt Spiwak #22, Men's 4-Stroke Champion.

Matt Spiwak came into his inaugural SCFTA season with the grace of the character squirrel in Ray Stevens classic, The Mississippi Squirrel Revival. As a line refers to the squirrel going berserk Spiwak did his own style for berserk. Entering in the Open Novice in his first venture into Flat Tracking having been a former road racer he already had the competitive will to win. Spiwak was initially unsure of what classes he should race, SCFTA took care of that with fast learning Spiwak winning his way out of the Novice class and into the Amateur ranks. Moved up to the Vet
+35 Amateur, Spiwak won four out of seven rounds placing third in the points. Spiwak won all ten rounds contested and taking on a fire breathing Brad Rudy, but escaped getting burned for his first of likely many SCFTA titles, winning the Men’s 4-Stroke series crown.


Arnie Fry.

Arnie Fry was part of the blossoming of the 2015 SCFTA Beginner class. The class had full starting lines throughout the series, and it worked out just fine for Fry. Winning three rounds and placing second four times, putting the bow on his 2015 SCFTA Beginner Title.


Dee Kilroy.

Dee Kilroy can be highly critical of her sliding style, she should be a bit happier now, concluding the season with her best finish of the year, second in the Main. Kilroy competed the laps and steered the course for a well deserved second in the Open Beginner points.

Open Novice Champion Justin Hanson #27, leading Jack Landers #277 and Matthew Ott #21.

Justin Hanson said he is a lot smoother this year which this reporter has noticed, he needed it in battling with his fellow racers and no easy wins in the series. Justin was in the middle of the SCFTA hotshots racing in the 250 Youth Open, stacking against speedsters James Ott and Travis Petton IV, finishing third in points and sitting on the podium three times. In the Open Novice Justin came along strong at round six with a second, never stepping off the box in the remaining rounds and ending the series with three race wins. The third of his race wins, came with clinching the 2015 SCFTA Open Novice title on Sunday. Justin would like to thank Nazarene Electric, Cambridge Dental, Fusion Graphics, his Dad Rich and the whole Family. He will be racing in the Open Amateur
and Youth 250 Open for the 2016 SCFTA season.


Matt Ott.

Matthew Ott, doing well since saddling up to the big bikes, concluded his 2015 series run with a second in the Open Novice points. Matthew sat on the podium in four of the twelve rounds and is looking comfy and fast as round one on February 13 comes into the horizon.


Scott Hanson.

Power on for the Open Amateur class with Scott Hanson just needing to finish for the title, he did better he won the class at round twelve and the 2014 SCFTA Open Amateur title. LJ Gronek finished third on the day and was second in the final points count. Scott was at the heels or vice-versa of his Brother Rich, in several Mains of the Vet +35 Amateur, and putting forth another class of tight unpredictable racing competition embracing the true fan’s attention. Scott Hanson was outdone by big brother in the Vet +35 Amateur standings, but was merciless in this final weekend dusting the competition and his brother in taking both Vet + 35 Amateur Main wins. Scott finished forty-five points back of brother Rich, for second in the final points. Scott would like to thank FMF, Spy Optics, Lucas Oil, Factory Backing and his family for their all the love and support. Riding on race days is the only time Scott gets on the track, the competition should be thankful.

LJ Gronek.

LJ Gronek is an integral part of SCFTA racing environment, with unwavering support of fellow racers, Pro racer sponsor, and there to lend in a hand at any time. LJ and his father are a priceless part of the SCFTA experience. Gronek and his pair of Honda CRF 450’s have had good times and bad times in this 2015 season. Taking a few hard falls Gronek generally remounted and finished his race out. This type of rigid unyielding mindset is normal for the kindred racer. He raced to a fourth and two thirds in the final four rounds for a second overall in the final Open Amateur count, going to place second in the Open Unclassified points.
Charlie Vanderlaan #15C.

Charlie Vanderlaan, the brother of 2015 SCFTA Pro Champion and local rocket-man, John Vanderlaan, was a wonder on the track in his own right. The tall racer set it down for cuatro wins in six Mains, racing in the front when he was on the entry list with a second and a third to go along with those wins. He was fourth in the final Open Amateur series score.


Alex Crosby.

Alex Crosby is part of the lethal one-two punch of Foster brother’s Racing that also includes Colt Foster. Racing for less than four years, Crosby hit the top of the curve early in his racing career, and proceeds to keep it at an upward forty-five degree angle with no other choice when racers like James Ott and Clayton Williams line up aside one. With his lanky left leg seeming to glide him through the corners looking more like an out-rigger on a small boat than a counter balance. His mechanics through his start and attack on the turns at the start, could be blueprinted as he craftily repeats his motions and sticks those starts time after time. Even racing on a borrowed bike at times he nails the starts, Crosby scored five wins and never placed farther back than third for the Open Expert Title. With five wins Mr. Crosby won his second SCFTA gold medal in the Open Unclassified. Crosby also played
the role of giant killer this past season, racing to a win over John Kocinski, and ending Kocinski’s SCFTA winning streak that extended across several seasons. Crosby puts out the good word for Mission Motorsports, Rosa Plates, and a special thanks to Foster Brothers racing and the family


John Vanderlann led the SCFTA Pro series by three points over Colt Foster, as they prepared for the final two rounds of the series and the biggest Pro Main of the year, “The $10,000 Pro extravaganza”. Originally held as the “Night Before the Nationals”, on the Friday night before the Saturday American Motorcyclist Association’s (AMA) event, the Pomona Nationals. The Pomona event is no longer held, so this race was conducted a week before the 2015 AMA Flat Track Finale, held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The big money brought in show time racers like 2014 AMA Grand National Champion, Jared Mees, former number one’s Brad Baker along with Sammy Halbert, and Jeff Carver amongst many others.


John Vanderlaan, the 2015 SCFTA Pro Champion leading his heat race.

Foster was unable to qualify for the Pro Main putting him at a distinct advantage before the round eleven Main was underway. Qualifying, Vanderlaan raced in the Pro Main Extravaganza tapping out bike and body he placed seventh. Vanderlaan raced into the Sunday Pro Main with a sixteen point lead over Foster. The Pro Main was a massive scramble in the battle for fourth and fifth throughout the race. Vanderlaan finished fourth and crashed horrifically at the end of the race as several racers rounded turn four in a last ditch effort for the best position at the finish. Hitting the finish line wall he went flying and was reportedly hit by another racer. On the track for an extended amount of time the prognosis was ominous, but has been reported to have recovered fully. Congratulations Enerlon’s Vanderlaan on his first SCFTA Pro Championship and the number one for 2016.


Colt Foster #84E, finished up second in the SCFTA Pro points total.

Foster Brother’s Racing/6D Helmets racer, Colt Foster, leaped into the series with the Pro title on his mind and held the lead for the majority of the twelve round series. The non-assuming Foster led off the series with a third but finished out of the top ten in round two. He refilled the ammo locker and fired a salvo of second, first, first, third, and second place finishes in rounds three through seven respectively. Disappointment would be of first order after not qualifying for round eleven and losing valuable points. Foster still had welcoming grin and his “we will get them next time” attitude, seems to prevail in his demeanor placing second in the final Pro points and rest assured will be back next year.


Nick Gil.

A common presence in the SCFTA pits are the Gil family. Race Tech’s Nick Gil, is a product of the SCFTA coming through the Amateurs and the Pro class. With several number one plates under his hot plate, Gil has been a viable contender in the Pro class pushing the pace and seemingly working his way to the top five and better as the races age. Gil raced the complete series finishing second four times and closing the his 2015 season third in Pro points. Gil will likely be contender for the SCFTA Pro title in 2016 as the season is looking to shape up to be a tight one once again.


Pro Main winner, Brad Baker #6, leading Dylan Morin #26, in the dash for cash.

Brad Baker, led lap two and Sammy Halbert sat in second charting his way into a pass, but Halbert goes down forcing a restart. Baker takes the point on the restart, in the leader battle Jared Mees slides in second and now lap fifteen on the board and Baker settles in on the winning path staying off the dirt for the remaining five laps and the Pro Main win. Mees left the round with second, Carver third, Bonsey fourth, and Oliver Brindley fifth.


Sammy Halbert.

In Sunday’s Pro Main Sammy Halbert took the win with Carver second, English racer Brindley rode in for third, Vanderlaan fourth and Dylan Morin fifth.

Vet, Senior, Bomber and Vintage:

Donnie Moore.

Donnie Moore had some very good moments in the +50 Novice winning two rounds and ending third in points. Moore rode a rail with a regular run of top four finishes for seven of eleven rounds raced , pruning the 2015 SCFTA Vet +35 Novice Title.
Rich Hanson #27, Ryan Reed #5, and Kevin Jordan #137 engaging in the Vet +35.

Rich Hanson started in the Vet +35 Novice at the beginning of the series then elevated to the Vet Amateur after three straight wins. With his Brother Scott, classing in tandem they were illustrating the skills demanded for racing close, fast and with eye catching battles. Rich fell second to Scott in the last two rounds but won the war. With seven race wins Rich takes the +35 Amateur title by forty-five points over second place in points, Scott Hanson. Rich would like to thank Jim Woods, FMF, Spy Optics, Lucas Oil. This reporter has seen Rich and Scott’s Father, Mr. Hanson, a former racer himself be a very helpful and integral of the family fiesta. A racing family
doing it their way and loving it!


Jim Rosa.

Jim Rosa, the Rosa Plates racer, was on top of the box twice for the 2015 SCFTA Vet +35 Expert Title.


Robert Bush.

Robert Bush is another seasoned SCFTA competitor that is part of the core of the SCFTA that makes the club and racing such a rewarding experience. The brawny Bush won two Mains for second in the +35 Expert points.
Ken Shilling #26, the Senior +50 Novice Title Champion, and the Bomber Novice Champion.

Ken Shilling, racing in the Senior Vet +50 Novice, put his hot plate to work immediately becoming a factor for the series title. He opened up with a third in round one, winning round two, wearing the second and fourth place at rounds three and four respectively. Missing round five, he came back like hurricane Camille getting off the line well he was consistently in the first wave into turn one on the start. From round six he kept his seat hot on the box, placing second six times and clinching the class Title by nine points over Barney Stern at round twelve. Shilling became a two time 2015 SCFTA Title Champion winning the Bomber Novice Title via four race wins.
Barney Stern.

Barney Stern sat in the top three from round four to round nine, winning round seven. Part of the cluster of racers in the class that were dicing for top five in full torque style, Stern boxed up the series with a second in the +50 Novice points and will be back for next year. He would like to thank Mike Boal of Aviation Graphics and Photos by Grumpy.


Jim Bandelin.

Jim Bandelin, a steady corner skater, was on the rubber side up team. After starting off slow the number 71 finished up with four podium finishes and a well earned second place in the Vet +35 Novice points. Winning one round and sitting in only seven races he finished third in the Bomber Novice points.


Brad Rudy #19R, 2015 SCFTA Senior +50 Amateur Champion. Rolf Greenhill #63.

Brad Rudy, Senior +50 Amateur Champion, and second place in the Men’s 4-Stroke ending title tally. When Cycle Gear racer Brad Rudy moved to the Senior +50 Amateur, he knew after leaving the Vet +35 ranks nothing was going to get easier. The reason was he had Steele in his way, as in routine front runner, Steele Friedrich. Both serious competitors, the class had at least one controversy in the early rounds painting the intensity of the battle between the two with every point counting. Rudy has six wins, Friedrich has one class win but only missed the top three twice in every round as we get ready for their final battle. Rudy has a seven point cushion over Friedrich and the race is on, Rudy pounds the throttle and into the clean air and the lead, Friedrich meanwhile is hampered by
slower racers in the inter-class field as Rudy gets away for his seventh race win, Arnie Fry is second, and Friedrich third in class. Rudy takes the 2015 SCFTA +50 Amateur title, Friedrich second, and Fry third in the season ending points. Racing with the SCFTA for several years now, this was a hard earned victory for the competitive Rudy exclaiming at the end of the day, “Best racing season of my life” going on to say “Steele made the season fun”.


Steele Friedrich.
Steele Friedrich was acutely aware of the struggle that was in front of him for +50 Amateur title. Friedrich soon was mired in a full contact battle with Rudy, either racer giving an inch as the inner inside line was the domain of no one as they both battled for ownership in the series. Friedrich was in the top three in ten of the twelve rounds he entered winning round eight. Robust to the last round, Friedrich settled for second place in the standings behind Rudy, but remained vigilance and stayed tough to the end. Friedrich would like to thank Tudor Racing, Byke Work and Race Tech


Jim Ottele.

Jim Ottele, an interesting season for the indefatigable racer, with his opportunity to race the Bob Nichols 1937 Big Base Scout Indian. The former race bike was back to its old function and along with updating the exhaust system, fuel system, and the other staples of fine tuning a seventy-nine year old classic Indian. He managed to get issues worked out and was allowed to run the Indian at Perris and sat out the Indian for the remainder of the season after round eight. While mired in fine tuning the Indian, Ottele reported he lost focus on the Senior Vet +50 Expert. “Jim Wood of Southland Racing pointed out on the Friday before the double header final of the series that I had better put some new tires on my 450 and put my head down if I hoped to win the series this year,” Ottele wrote. In actuality Larry Earhart was eleven points behind Ottele in second, and Joe Steffen thirteen back in third. Ottele was his best advocate winning round eleven and just needing to point on Sunday, going positive on the feat with fourth and the 2015 SCFTA Senior Vet +50 Expert Title. Ottele would like to thank Bob Nichols Racing, Southland Racing, Douglas Motorcycles and Mr. Ed’s Racing.
Larry Earhart.

Larry Earhart, raced with the quick Open Amateur class for the first four rounds compiling a second and third, he stopped racing the class after round four and the target was the +50 Expert title. Earhart missed one round, but poured it on in the last five rounds to put the pressure on Ottele. Winning rounds eight and nine, Earhart placed third at round ten, then put forth a blue-collar effort with two second place finishes finishing ten points back in the standings at the bridesmaid slot. Earhart was in the mix all season in this reporter’s opinion, and put forth a a great performance that can only be measured in his grit and tenacity to “Keep On Trucking”.


Tom Feguson

Tom Ferguson in his routine manner rifled in for yet another Classic Vintage Title, winning eight of eleven rounds raced as him and his Vintage Harley Davidson do the number one dance once again.


Pete Lawson #7 leading Tim Watters #35 at round nine.

Pete Lawson, three wins, three second place finishes and constantly in the mix, and that there is the recipe for Lawson’s SCFTA Bomber Amateur Series Championship.


Tim Watters #35 and Josh Mills #88 leading the Bomber Amateur and Novice off the start.

Tim Watters, rode into the final two rounds eighteen points to the rear of Lawson in the points dice. Watters placed better than Lawson on both days, placing third on Saturday and winning round twelve. Making up seven points with a near perfect effort, but ran out of time and finished second in the Bomber Amateur series.
Travis Petton II #82, leading Jeff Johnson #87, in a Bomber Expert heat race.

Travis Petton II won three of the eleven rounds he raced in the intense Bomber Expert class. Winning the title by six points over the scrapping Danny Perkins, who finished second in points. That is five 2015 SCFTA titles titles for the Petton family, exemplifying the team spirit as the entire family Mom and Grandma included, worked tirelessly throughout the series supporting the racing effort.
Danny Perkins.

Danny Perkins is another Bomber Expert that churns lap times equal with many of the younger Pro players. Perkins participates in one of the fastest SCFTA classes, skillfully orchestrated in racing, and talented laden class of the Bomber Expert. Perkins was only two points behind Petton with both just missing one round as the final two rounds come into vision. Unfortunately for Perkins, he had problems in the Main and lost seven points to Petton with Sunday coming fast. Nine points behind, Perkins did all he could by winning the Main on Sunday for his second win of the year, but lost the war which he never gave in and has a very hard earned second place to remind him. Perkins will be back on the Flat for 2016.
Joe Steffen.

Joe Steffen’s stick to it philosophy is something Steffen teaches without saying. After suffering a heart attack at the Perris Raceway facility about two years ago, Steffen was determined to return and that he did. The slim slider raced to three thirds and a second in route to a third in the 2015 Bomber Expert point calculation. Remaining a threat to the title to the end, Steffen was hampered by missing one more round than the competition compiling four Main wins for third in the Bomber Expert series.
Jeff Johnson.

Jeff Johnson, if style was gold Johnson would be King Midas. The Fontana Radiators racer is formidable foe in the Bomber Expert winning all seven rounds he raced, electing to avoid the day time races, finishing forth in points. Johnson was challenged several times over the season, but he would always prevail regardless of what happened in the heats or if he had a bad start in the Mains. Johnson raced in the rounds of the +50 Expert winning all three and even tossed his hot plate in with those crazy fast Pro kids. He did well racing in four Pro Mains and coming away with with three fourths. His polished feet up tuck posture out of turns is the fruit of a photographer’s dream, Johnson raced poses for slick images lap after lap.
Dan Kane.

Dan Kane, appearing to have Flat Track positive blood arriving for his transfusions many seasons now with the SCFTA. The Southern California slider has sped through the history of sliding with former tracks like Ascot, Lake Elsinore, being part of his racing travels in the 70’s. With at least one SCFTA crown under his seat, he added another. Eight wins on the season and closed it out right with a last round win for the Vet Super Senior +60 Title.


Paul Claybaugh #87 leads Dan Kane #1, in the Super Senior +60.

Play Claybaugh, long time SCFTA clubber rode to the box three times for the second socket in the Vet Super Senior +60


Ron Moore.

Ron Moore, in the oldest age group of the SCFTA Moore won ten straight Mains to clinch the Premier Senior +70 Title.


Allan Girdler.

Allan Girdler, the veteran Cycle World writer shows why with his boundless enthusiasm to keep riding and keep father time at bay. Girdler won one round and was second in the +70 series.
John Kocinski posing obligingly for track photographer Donnie.

John Kocinski, the legendary road racer was inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame this year. Kocinski graces the Perris loop several times a year and had an extended win streak dating back several years broken this season. Regardless, he is one of the fastest at Perris and like Jeff Johnson, is full of style and speed with his low slides. Congratulations Mr. Kocinski on your AMA induction.

The Awards Ceremony for 2015, will be held at Perris Raceway, on Saturday, January 30, at 11:00 AM. The SCFTA 2016 Championship season will commence with round one on February 13. Please go to for complete information, results and point standings. The Saturday round was recorded by MavTV, please go to for information.

50cc 2-STRK BEG: 1. Jose Navarrete; 2. Chase Gray.
50cc 2-STRK NOV: 1. Rachel Schnakenberg.
50cc 2-STRK AMAT: 1. Colin Petton.
50cc 4-STRK BEG: 1. Jasper Heathfield; 2. Kristian Daniel Jr.; 3. Bailey Richey.
50cc 4-STRK AMAT: 1. Travis Horn.
65-70cc 2-STRK BEG: 1. Colin Petton.
65-70cc 2-STRK NOV: 1. Cody Morin.
65cc 4-STRK BEG: 1. Sierra Hickerson; 2. Isabella Mitchell.
65cc 4-STRK NOV: 1. Zack Earwood.
65-70cc OPN: 1. Travis Horn; 2. Sierra Hickerson; 3. Isabella Mitchell.
85-100cc 2-STRK BEG: 1. Jake Mitchelll; 2. Conner Hickerson.
85-100cc 4-STRK BEG: 1. Zack Earwood; 2. Roslyn Kay; 3. Conner Hickerson.
85-100cc 4-STRK NOV: 1. Skylar Schnakenberg; 2. Brett Cooke.
85cc 2-STRK AMAT: 1. Grant Holmes; 2. Travis Petton IV; 3. Alyssa Flores; 4. Frank Flores; 5.
Tanner Richey.
85cc OPN: 1. Travis Petton IV: 2. Grant Holmes; 3. Alyssa Flores; 4. Frank Flores; 5. Tanner
Mitchell; 6. Conner Hickerson; 7. Brett Cooke.
WMN PWDRPF: 1. Jaycee Jones; 2. Melissa Paris; 3. Alyssa Flores; 4. Monica Gil; 5. Dee Kilroy.
4-STRK: 1. Matt Spiwak; 2. Clayton Williams; 3. Brad Rudy; 4. John Girdler; 5. James Rust; 6. Joe
Pape; 7. Cody Stegemiller; 8. Marc Heathfield; 9. Jim Joseph.
250cc YOUTH OPN: 1. Grant Holmes; 2. Clayton Williams; 3. Travis Petton IV; 4. Justin Hanson; 5.
Noah Bush; 6. James Ott.
BMBR NOV: 1. Ken Shilling; 2. Jim Bandelin; 3. Mike Boal; 4. John Farmer; 5. Mike Brooks; 6. Mark
BMBR AMAT: 1. Josh Mills; 2. Monty Watowa; 3. Tim Watters; 4. Pete Lawson; 5. Paul Claybaugh.
BMBR EXP: 1. Jeff Johnson; 2. Travis Petton; 3. Don Howard; 4.Jim Lundgren; 5. Danny Perkins; 6.
Joe Steffen; 7. Brandon Watters.
OPN BEG: 1. Jack Landers; 2. Annie Fry; 3. John Farmer; 4. Cody Stegemiller; 5. Dee Kilroy; 6. Joel
OPN NOV: 1. Chris Anders; 2. Justin Hanson; 3. Noah Bush; 4. Matthew Ott; 5. Melissa Paris; 6.
Monica Gil.
OPN UNCLAS: 1. Colt Foster; 2. Aaron Colton; 3. Zach Johnson; 4. Oliver Brindley; 5. Josh Mills; 6.
James Ott; 7. LJ Gronek.
OPN AMAT: 1. Charlie Vanderlaan; 2. Scott Hanson; 3. Evan Markus; 4. Chris Fillmore; 5. Chris
Campos; 6. Matt Spiwak; 7. LJ Gronek; 8. Robert Stettler; 9. Rolf Greenhill; 10. Allison Stacey.
OPN EXP: 1. Aaron Colton; 2. Clayton Williams; 3. Alex Crosby; 4. Travis Petton IV; 5. Byron Kukla;
6. James Ott; 7. Joel Kath.
PRO DASH CASH: 1. Sammy Halbert; 2. Brad Baker; 3. Dylan Morin; 4. Oliver Brindley.
PRO: 1. Brad Baker; 2. Jared Mees; 3. Jeffery Carver; 4. Steve Bosney; 5. Oliver Brindley; 6. Sammy
Halbert; 7. Zach Johnson; 8. Bronson Bauman; 9. Casey Cahoon.
VET +35 NOV: 1. Chris Anders; 2. Darin Dwyer; 3. Brian Harmon; 4. Kevin Jordan; 5. Jim Bandelin; 6.
Mark LaDue; 7. Donnie Moore.
VET +35 AMAT: 1. Scott Hanson; 2. Rich Hanson; 3. Ryan Reed.
VET +35 EXP: 1. Robert Bush; 2. Jim Rosa; 3. Don Howard; 4. Bill Kolkman; 5. David Bush; 6. Chris
SR VET +50 NOV: 1. Kevin Jordan; 2. Kevin Shilling; 3. Jack Landers; 4. Barney Stern; 5. Donnie
Moore; 6. Roy Stafford; 7. Mike Boal.
SR VET +50 AMAT: 1. John Dupree; 2. Brad Rudy; 3. Steele Friedrich; 3. John Garcia; 4. Robert
Stettler; 5. Richard Pollock; 6. Arnie Fry; 7. Rolf Greenhill; 8. Bill Wright.
SR VET +50 EXP: 1. Jim Ottele; 2. Larry Earhart; 3. Joe Steffen; 4. Jim Lundgren; 5. Bill Kolkman;
6. Dan Stinson.
SUP SR +60: 1. Ron Moore; 2. Dan Kane; 3. Richard Pollock; 4. Paul Claybaugh.
PREM SR +70: 1. Mike Brooks; 2. Allan Girdler.
VINT 250 NOV: 1. David Seminario.
VINT 250 AMAT: 1. Rolf Greenhill.
VINT 250 EXP: 1. David Earhart.
VINT 750: 1. Jim Ottele; 2. Tim Watters.
CLSC VINT 500-750cc: 1. Tom Ferguson; 2. James Kohls; 3. Lenny Rodriguez; 4. Joe Pape.
50cc 2-STRK BEG: 1. Jose Navarrete; 2. Chase Gray.
50cc 2-STRK NOV: 1. Rachel Schnakenberg.
50cc 2-STRK AMAT: 1. Colin Petton.
50cc 4-STRK BEG: 1. Jasper Heathfield; 2. Krisian Daniel Jr.; 3. Bailey Richey.
50cc 4-STRK AMAT: 1. Travis Horn; 2. Cole Ayers.
65-70cc 2-STRK BEG: 1. Colin Petton.
65-70cc 2-STRK NOV: 1. Cody Morin.
65cc 4-STRK BEG: 1. Sierra Hickerson; 2. Isabella Mitchell.
65cc 4-STRK NOV: 1. Zack Earwood.
65-70cc OPN: 1. Travis Horn; 2. Cole Ayers; 3. Sierra Hickerson; 4. Isabella Mitchell.
85cc 2-STRK BEG: 1. Conner Hickerson; 2. Jake Mitchell.
85-100cc 4-STRK BEG: 1. Travis Horn; 2. Zack Edward; 3. Conner Hickerson; 4. Roslyn Kay.
85-100cc 4-STRK NOV: 1. Skylar Schnakenberg; 2. Brett Cooke.
85cc 2-STRK AMAT: 1. Grant Holmes; 2. Travis Petton IV; 2. Alyssa Flores; 3. Alyssa Flores; 4.
Frank Flores; 5. Tanner Richey.
85cc OPN: 1. Grant Holmes; 2. Travis Petton IV: 3. Frank Flores; 4. Alyssa Flores; 5. Tanner
Mitchell; 6. Conner Hickerson; 7. Brett Cooke.
WMN PWDR PF: 1. Jaycee Jones; 2. Alyssa Flores; 3. Jeanette Griggs; 4. Monica Gil.
4-STRK: 1. Matt Spiwak; 2. Brad Rudy; 3. Clayton Williams; 4. James Rust; 5. Marc Heathfield.
250cc YTH OPN: 1. Clayton Williams; 2. James Ott; 3. Grant Holmes; 4. Travis Petton IV: 5. Justin
Hanson; 6. Noah Bush.
BMBR NOV: 1. John Farmer; 2. Jim Bandelin; 3. Ken Shilling.
BMBR AMAT: 1. Tim Watters; 2. Josh Mills; 3. Pete Lawson; 4. Paul Claybaugh.
BMBR EXP: 1. Danny Perkins; 2. Travis Petton; 3. Joe Steffen; 4. Jim Lundgren.
OPN BEG: 1. Annie Fry; 2. Dee Kilroy; 3. Joel Manthis.
OPN NOV: 1. Justin Hanson; 2. Matthew Ott; 3. Noah Bush; 4. Monica Gil; 5. Jack Landers; 6.
Jeanette Griggs.
OPN UNCLAS: 1. Alex Crosby; 2. Aaron Colton; 3. Nick Gil; 4. Colt Foster; 5. James Ott; 6. Travis
Wyman; 7. Andre Ochs; 8. Evan Markus; 9. Travis Petton IV; 10. LJ Gronek; 11. Matthew Ott; 12.
Jaycee Jones.
OPN AMAT: 1. Robert Hanson; 2. Evan Markus; 3. LJ Gronek.
OPN EXP: 1. Alex Crosby; 2. Clayton Williams; 3. James Ott; 4. Travis Petton IV.
PRO: 1. Sammy Halbert; 2. Jeffery Carver; 3. Oliver Brindley; 4. John Vanderlaan; 5. Dylan Morin;
6. Aaron Colton; 7. Rob Pearson; 8. Nick Gil; 9. Ian Foulds; 10. Colt Foster; 11. Andre Ochs; 12.
Travis Wyman; 13.Tyson Talkington.
VET +35 NOV: 1. Kevin Jordan; 2. Jim Bandelin.
VET +35 AMAT: 1. Scott Hanson; 2. Rich Hanson; 3. Ryan Reed.
VET +35 EXP: 1. Jim Rosa; 2. Chris Cannon.
SR VET +50 NOV: 1. Kevin Jordan; 2. Ken Shilling; 3. Mike Boal; 4. Barney Stern; 5. Jack Landers.
SR VET +50 AMAT: 1. Brad Rudy; 2. Arnie Fry; 3. Steele Friedrich; 4. Bill Wright.
SR VET +50 EXP: 1. Paul Ott; 2. Robert Bush; 3. Joe Steffen; 4. Larry Earhart; 5. Jim Lundgren; 6.
Jim Ottele.
SUP SR +60: 1. Dan Kane; 2. Paul Claybaugh.
PREM SR +70: 1. Allan Girdler.
VINT 250 AMAT/NOV: 1. Rolf Greenhill; 2. David Seminario.
CLSC VINT: 1. Tom Ferguson; 2. Lenny Rodriguez; 3. James Kohls.

50cc 2-STRK BEG: 1. Jose Navarrete, 173 (Points).
50cc 2-STRK NOV: 1. Rachel Schnakenberg, 310.
50cc 2-STRK AMAT: 1. Colin Petton, 301; 2. Ashton Carlson, 97.
50cc 4-STRK BEG: 1. Jasper Heathfield, 254.
50cc 4-STRK AMAT: 1. Travis Horn, 282; 2. Cole Ayers, 157.
65-70cc 2-STRK BEG: 1. Colin Petton, 304.
65-70cc 4-STRK BEG: 1. Sierra Hickerson, 249; 2. Isabella Mitchell, 246.
65-70cc 4-STRK NOV: 1. Zack Earwood, 260.
65cc OPN: 1. Travis Horn, 260; 2. Isabella Mitchell, 180; 3. Sierra Hickerson, 141.
85cc 2-STRK BEG: 1. Conner Hickerson, 217; 2. Tanner Richey, 119; 3. Avery Modica, 109.
YOUTH 85cc 4-STRK BEG: 1. Conner Hickerson, 208; 2. Zack Earwood, 189; 3. Roslyn Kay, 161.
85cc 4-STRK NOV: 1. Skylar Schnakenberg, 310.
85cc 2-STRK AMAT: 1. Travis Petton IV, 298; 2. Frank Flores, 248; 3. Alyssa Flores, 205; 4. Grant
Holmes, 198.
YOUTH 85cc OPN: 1. Travis Petton IV, 295: 2. Frank Flores, 250; 3. Alyssa Flores, 240; 4. Grant
Holmes, 204; 5. Jake Mitchell, 159; 6. Conner Hickerson; 7. Brett Cooke.
WMN PP: 1. Jaycee Jones, 288; 2. Alyssa Flores, 281; 3. Monica Gil, 220; 4. Jeanette Griggs, 202.
4-STRK: 1. Matt Spiwak, 235; 2. Brad Rudy, 235.
YOUTH 250cc OPN: 1. James Ott, 291; 2. Travis Petton IV, 259; 3. Justin Hanson, 204; 4. Clayton
Williams, 202.
BMBR NOV: 1. Ken Shilling, 212; 2. Josh Mills, 152; 3. Jim Bandelin, 150.
BMBR AMAT: 1. Pete Lawson, 207; 2. Tim Watters, 196; 3. Paul Claybaugh, 156.
BMBR EXP: 1. Travis Petton II, 251; 2. Danny Perkins, 245; 3. Joe Steffen, 195.
OPN BEG: 1. Annie Fry, 229; 2. Dee Kilroy, 182; 3. Joel Manthis.
OPN NOV: 1. Justin Hanson, 238; 2. Matthew Ott, 212; 3. Travis Friedrich, 162.
OPN UNCLAS: 1. Alex Crosby, 251; 2. LJ Gronek, 189; 3. James Ott, 179.
OPN AMAT: 1. Robert Hanson, 235; 2. LJ Gronek, 208.
OPN EXP: 1. Alex Crosby, 281; 2. James Ott, 267; 3. Travis Petton IV, 253.
PRO: 1. John Vanderlaan, 243; 2. Colt Foster, 209; 3. Nick Gil, 197.
VET +35 NOV: 1. Donnie Moore, 191; 2. Jim Bandelin, 172.
VET +35 AMAT: 1. Rich Hanson, 249; 2. Scott Hanson, 204; 3. Matt Spiwak, 160.
VET +35 EXP: 1. Jim Rosa, 224; 2. Robert Bush, 160; 3. Paul Ott, 136.
SR VET +50 NOV: 1. Ken Shilling, 245; 2. Barney Stern, 236; 3. Donnie Moore, 162.
SR VET +50 AMAT: 1. Brad Rudy, 273; 2. Steele Friedrich, 261; 4. Arnie Fry, 238.
SR VET +50 EXP: 1. Jim Ottele, 224; 2. Robert Bush, 160; 3. Paul Ott, 136.
SUP SR +60: 1. Dan Kane, 264; 2. Paul Claybaugh, 208; 3. Ron Moore, 161.
PREM SR +70: 1. Ron Moore, 250; 2. Allan Girdler, 207.
CLSC VINT: 1. Tom Ferguson, 276; 2. James Kohls, 156; 3. Joe Pape, 122.

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