High Performance Remote Master Cylinder and Reservoirs for Tight Spaces

Building a new or up-dating your competition or high performance street machine and finding you’re a little short on space? No problem, these sophisticated remote reservoirs and compact remote master cylinders combine the convenience of remote out of the way mounting with the very finest in quality craftsmanship, materials and superior performance. Manufactured by JAMAR, a subsidiary of Belt Drives Ltd., the remote reservoirs are machined from a solid block of aircraft grade billet aluminum for extra strength. Application specific gaskets are designed to manage extreme pressure and fluid transfer and lids are conveniently labeled “Front and Rear” on the dual RR-1200 distinguishing the front master from the rear and “Front, Rear and Clutch” for the triple RR1300. JAMAR’s triple reservoir retails for $265.50 and the dual runs $174.50. Both are tapped 1/8NPT and are bolt on replacements for comparable CNC models.

JAMAR’s MC5100 Compact Remote Master Cylinder is precision machined with a 1.2” stroke, and small bore for those tight spaces. Each cylinder features a hardened bore for racing applications and comes with boot and shaft as shown. The remote master is available in 5 bore sizes including: 5/8”, 11/16”, ¾”, 7/8” and 1”. MC5100 Remote Master Cylinders retail for $125.00. Additional information and ordering details at http://www.jamarperformance.com

Remote JAMAR

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