NORRA Adds Legal Liability And Bail Bonds To Insurance Coverage


Travel Tips For A Safe Visit In Baja, Mexico


We wear helmets and safety gear with the hope we will never need them. The same goes with insurance. Like your helmet, good insurance gives you peace of mind. NORRA has made additional coverage available to make sure competitors are adequately covered during the Mexican 1000. NORRA’s event insurance covers accidents on a hot race course only. Registered event participants in a registered event vehicle are covered for up to 6000 in medical insurance for stabilization and civil liability coverage. In addition, NORRA is making available legal and bail bond insurance (NEW) for accidents that may happen on the course. NORRA recommends that their racers insure their personal vehicles, chase truck, crew and/or family with Instant Mexican Insurance. Instant Mexican Insurance will be traveling the entire peninsula with the rally. They will be able to handle any on-site issues and NORRA racers will receive a discount on their policies. The insurance documents are available when you register. For additional information you can contact Jenny Coleman at or by phone at 1.858.400.7440.


Travel Tips
Helpful tips for competitors during the rally are to
• Keep your passport (verify it is current) and insurance card on your person.
• When you enter a small town slow down and be watchful for pedestrians.
• Learn the local driving signals and learn how to interpret the local street signs.
• We suggest you keep your policy with you when you leave your vehicle.
• Don’t leave unattended luggage in public areas.
• Don’t leave valuables inside of your car and in plain sight for anyone to see.
• Have some pesos or greenbacks on you just in case.
• Carry a sat phone with a list of emergency contact numbers including NORRA Ops.
• Write your race frequency and the Weatherman channel on a piece of tape on your dash in case someone asks for it or you need to call.
• Have the itinerary for the hotel at your next location, your pit book or team plan, and some food, water or tequila in case you need to wait for assistance.

You should also bring a laid back, Baja attitude. After all, if you’re not having fun in Baja, you’re doing it wrong!

With the Eras firmly in place, NORRA has further clarified its rules for each of its respective classes. The rulebook is posted online at If you have any questions, please contact us at


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