CORVA Family Fun Run Coming Soon!

Hungry Valley

Join us for the Family Fun Run April 2nd

Fun for the whole family! Come join us and show your support for CORVA.

Where: Hungry Valley SVRA, Gorman, CA : Aliklik Campground Follow signs from either park entrance.

When: Saturday 4-2-16: Registration opens at 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

For Event Details and to Register Online Click Here!

CORVA Membership Drive

This is your chance to make a difference – We are asking all our members to sign up 3 new members to CORVA, and we will send you 2 free coozies or a CORVA t-shirt! (picture of coozies, shirts on store page). Just send the information to and we will make sure you get credit for the new memberships.

Always wanted to be a life member? We have a new monthly payment plan – for only $25.00 A MONTH for 12 months you will be a CORVA life member! This is an easy way to become one of our treasured life members.

Become a sustaining member of CORVA – donate just $5, 10 or more dollars a month to become a CORVA sustaining member. Your name will be listed on the website and in our newsletter – your friends and family will know you support OHV recreation.

For more information about donations and memberships, contact CORVA at

Become a Member Today

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