NORRA To Honor Mama Espinoza At The 2016 Mexican 1000

Memorial Poster To Be Displayed At Registration For Written Memories And Given To The Family In El Rosario

A large poster (shown above) will be on display at registration for all of our entries to sign and write their memories on, then given to the family to cherish. If you would also like to include stickers or other team items, NORRA will be happy to pass those along as well.

The entire NORRA family wishes to recognize the passing of Doña Anita Grosso de Espinoza, known to racers and world travelers as “Mama Espinoza.” Over the many years, countless NORRA racers and Baja adventurers were fortunate enough to make her acquaintance and enjoy her generous hospitality. The restaurant she ran with her family for over 40 years was check point one at the very first Mexican 1000 back in 1967. Mama Espinoza’s has always been the place to fuel up and get a delicious meal before heading farther south on the Peninsula.

An early race photo from NORRA Check Point 1 (above). Excerpts from Helen Ellenberg’s “Doña Anita of el Rosario” and “Reflections”, Mama Espinoza’s own autobiography.


Doña Anita’s son Ruben Hale, who has raced the Mexican 1000 before (pictured below), is riding from Ensenada to El Rosario as #109 in honor of the 109 years of her life. As usual, Mama Espinosa’s will host dinner for the bikes on Saturday April 23rd at the conclusion of their Day 1 in El Rosario.


2016 Outline of Daily Events:
In NORRA Mexican 1000, bikes will travel the following route in 2016:
Sat. April 23, 2016 Tech Inspection in Ensenada
Sat. April 23, 2016 Ensenada to El Rosario
Sun. April 24, 2016 El Rosario to Bay of L.A.
Mon. April 25, 2016 Bay of L.A. to Loreto
Tue. April 26, 2016 Loreto to La Paz
Wed. April 27, 2016 La Paz to San Jose del Cabo

NORRA helped to establish the first set of rules and classes for the sport of off-road racing. In 1966, Don Francisco joined Ed Pearlman and a group of other California based off-road enthusiasts in founding the National Off-Road Racing Association (NORRA). The inaugural Mexican 1000 was held in 1967.

Want to Sign Up for this Year’s Event?
Registration is now open. Login to your existing NORRA account, or create a new NORRA account at Have picture images in .jpg, .bmp, or .png format of your Driver’s License, Passport and Health Insurance Card ready to upload to your profile. Also have your race radio frequency handy as well as your emergency contact phone numbers. For first time racers, you can determine what category your vehicle should be competing in at Come join us in 2016!


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