Reverse Lever Guide with Rotation Stop for VW Type 1 Gearboxes


In later model Type 1 transaxles, VW fixed a design flaw by adding a rotation stop to the stamped steel version of the reverse lever guide. This was a critical upgrade, but it didn’t happen until the last few years of production so most gearboxes don’t have it. Without the stop, the reverse shift rail can rotate away from the 1st-2nd shift rail, opening up a gap which can let the hockey stick (shift lever) fall out of its proper location.

Weddle Industries now offers NOS Genuine VW reverse lever guides featuring the integral rotation stop. Upgrade your gearbox while supply lasts.

Application: Late Model VW Type 1 Transaxles

Call us at 805 562 8600 or email us for quantity pricing.

113-311-585AS          VW Type 1 Reverse Lever Guide With Rotation Stop
Price $6.05    QTY 10+ $2.96    25+ $2.54    50+ $2.12

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