UTV Adjusters, Racing Down Under, and a New Hire at SDI!

Welcome Cody Bradbury
Suspension Direct has recently brought on Cody Bradbury as Brand Manager. As many of you know that follow our racing updates, Cody has an extensive amount of UTV & Racing experience, recently winning 2 Pro Classes at WORCS in the same weekend. Cody will be handling customer and dealer relationships, as many of you may of already heard from him.
SDI Backed Crawford takes the MX2 Red Plate in Oz!
Racing wrapped up at Wanneroo, a notoriously rough track in the Australian Motocross Nationals, and SDI supported rider Nathan Crawford stood on top of the box, his first overall of the year, and first time leading the points in his career.
After an already strong start to the season, Crawford’s win at the halfway point secured him the red plate on the 199 machine going into the month long break. Consistency has been the name of the game, as aside from one 8th place motor finish. Quite a feat for the Husqvarna supported rider.
High/Low Adjuster User Guide
In support of our game-changing High/Low Speed Adjusters for the Walker Evans shocks, and by request by, we have put together a video explaining what our adjuster does, its benefits in comparison to stock, as well as how to properly adjust for your conditions,
Rally on the Rocks Wrap Up
We were recently in attendance of this year’s Rally on the Rocks in Moab, UT. Rally on the Rocks is one of those must-go-to events that happen once a year in the scenic red rocks of Moab. It’s a great time for all, with many different levels of trails offered. Check out our quick highlight video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pRf7QyZbUw

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