TORC Super Buggy Racer John Fitzgerald On a Roll

Photo: KGK Photography

Coming off a string of great finishes at Crandon, Chicago and Minneapolis, TORC Super Buggy racer John Fitzgerald is on a roll. Ontario, California’s Dave Folts Trans recently equipped Fitzgerald’s #14 Super Buggy with the new Weddle HV-520 Automatic Torque Biasing Limited Slip Differential.

On the short course, traction is key. Races are decided by fractions of a second. To maximize traction, the new Weddle HV-520 LSD transfers power to both wheels smoothly and automatically, without the use of friction discs or drive plates. The Weddle HV-520 diff features an extremely durable planetary helical gear design, with 9310 steel gears running in case-hardened steel bodies. Critical housing dimensions are precision ground after heat treat, and all internal components are made from the highest quality materials with ARP® fasteners used throughout.

Minimum weight: the HV-520 is only 0.84kg (1.8 lbs) heavier than the standard open differential it replaces. It’s the ultimate differential for your Weddle HV or Mendeola MD/S4*/S5* trans.

Results don’t lie. Fitzgerald has racked up a string of great Pro Buggy results in the last three TORC events including two wins at the Chicago Slam, a first and second at the Big House Brawl in Crandon, and a pair of second place finishes at the Twin Cities Takedown in Minneapolis. We have a feeling that there’s more to come. Go Fitz!

Photo: Scott Behnke

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