BITD Season Ender: Pahrump Nugget 250


Pahrump, Nevada — After years of absence, desert racing returned to Pahrump for BITD’s final race of the 2016 season. The short distance made the Pahrump Nugget 250 a full on sprint. Qualifying position was crucial.

With only 2 points separating the Stronghold Motorsports team and the Parkhouse team in the Class 1500 season standings, the last race of the season became all the more interesting.

With Cody Parkhouse still in the hospital after his horrific Baja 1000 accident, Harley Letner stepped in to run his 1501 numbers in order to help defend Parkhouse’s BITD Class 1500 championship.

In the end, Bailey/Stronghold won the race in Albins AGB-equipped car 1529, but Letner’s finish allowed Parkhouse to hold on to the BITD 1500 title for another year. Baldi Racing finished 3rd in AGB-equipped car 1542.

In Class 10, Pahrump was a great race for Mendeola gearboxes. Chase Warren took first in his Mendeola S5-equipped car 1088. Jared Teague finished right behind him to take 2nd in Mendeola LQ-equipped car 1047.

The Parhump Nugget 250 was an interesting end to an interesting season. There is no doubt that people will be talking about this one for a while.

1. 1529 Scott Bailey / Albins AGB
2. 1501 Parkhouse (Letner)
3. 1542 Baldi Racing / Albins AGB

1. 1088 Chase Warren / Mendeola S5
2. 1047 Jared Teague / Mendeola LQ

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