2017 NORRA Mexican 1000, GoWesty To Race VW Vanagon In RV Class After 24 Hours Of LeMons Race Win

a19464b8-0bbf-4ecd-b818-8f8c10c35bbd.pngApr. 15, 2017 (Agua Dulce, Calif.): After winning Class “C” at the 24 hours of LeMons race, the GoWesty crew has decided to convert their Rustafarian, VW Vanagon from a two wheel drive pavement racer to a four wheel drive Syncro and race the NORRA Mexican 1000. You don’t need a half million dollar Trophy Truck to enter the NORRA Mexican 1000, just a sense of adventure and a vehicle of your choice. NORRA has classes for bikes, UTV’s, cars, trucks, and now, RV’s. The GoWesty guys know how to have fun so what better place to have a blast but “The Happiest Race On Earth!”, the NORRA Mexican 1000?

GoWesty specializes in VW Westfalia Van parts, service, sales, and lifestyle, so the transformation from 2WD to 4WD only required a trip to their warehouse and some labor changing the front cross member and fitting the 4WD hardware. It might look unassuming but the VW configuration of engine in the back, torsion bar suspension, and light weight, made them very effective in the dirt. The early days of offroad racing and the NORRA Mexican 1000 were loaded with VW based buggies. When you add their 4WD system to the mix, they will be able to go anywhere. The NORRA rally has a full sweep crew so nobody gets stranded like the old days, but with your own RV, it would be just another camping trip.

“We started racing LeMons events in our Westafari VW camper, and were having a blast,” says Go Westy’s Taylor Grant, “At first, our only goal was to finish.  With more races under our belts, we started thinking, ‘Hey, we might actually be able to win our class!’ Right around that time, Ned started talking about the NORRA Mexican 1000 Rally. I blurted out, ‘Tell you what: The day we win our class in the LeMons race will be the day we build this van into a 4WD and run it in the NORRA Mexican 1000!’ All we need now is for more loud-mouth, strangely-emboldened LeMons participants to stick their feet in their mouths—you know, like I did—and come down to the NORRA Mexican 1000 Rally. Let’s have a real party!

NORRA makes it a point to include everyone at the Mexican 1000, even RV’s. This is not the first time an RV has raced the Mexican 1000. Many of you will remember the Condor motorhome that was built in the 1960’s by Bill Stroppe to compete in the Rally. The Condor is still around; maybe the current owner will bring it back for another run.

The NORRA Mexican 1000 honors the past while also forging the future. Competitors in this year’s historic 50th anniversary event will create the stories and tall tales that will be shared around the camp fire by future generations. The Mexican 1000 is the genuine deal. The words that we use today to describe the sport, “Offroad Racing” were conceived by Mike Pearlman for the original event in 1967. Today, the NORRA Mexican 1000 captures the same challenge, adventure, fun, and Mexican hospitality as the original race; nothing else compares. Don’t miss out on the greatest adventure you will ever experience. Go to www.NORRA.com to find out more.

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