aside Christopher Polvoorde Gets First Pro Lite Podium In LOORRS Round 5

Christopher Polvoorde Gets First Pro Lite Podium In LOORRS Round 5


Tooele, UTChristopher Polvoorde earned his first podium finish since moving into the Pro Lite class full time in 2017. He did it on one of the toughest tracks in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series; at the Utah Motorsports Campus in Tooele, UT. Although Polvoorde is new to the Pro Lite class, he has years of racing experience. He was 2014 Modified Kart Rookie of the Year, and won the class championship in 2015. He has back to back World Championship trophies from Crandon and won the Lucas Oil Challenge Cup race in 2016. He ran a couple races in the Pro Lite class in 2016 and has joined the pro class full time in 2017.

Christopher Polvoorde, King Shocks, Toyo Tires, The Palms River Resort, Bink Designs, Rugged Radios, Tomar

A rookie in one of the most competitive classes in the Lucas Oil series has a huge challenge learning what it takes to compete with seasoned pros in the Pro Lite class but Polvoorde is a fast learner. He hits the books just as hard as he hits the throttle. When he’s not racing his Pro Lite truck, or his mountain bike, he maintains a 4.5 grade point average.

Christopher Polvoorde, The Palms River Resort, Bink Designs, Toyo Tires, Lucas Oil Off Road

The dirt in Utah is tricky,” said Polvoorde, “It all comes down to your set-up. When it’s wet, like in qualifying, and at the beginning of the race, it’s very slick. After running several laps it gets dry, and builds a blue groove in some of the corners. The track is tight but it’s also super fast. You have to decide between being fast in the beginning or fast in the end. My Toyo Tires made a huge difference. I have a tire groove that I really like and they give me good traction when it’s slick and after the track dries out.”

Christopher Polvoorde, Toyo Tires, King Shocks, Pro Lite, Bink Designs, Tomar

On his way to the 2nd place podium finish in Utah, Polvoorde threw everything at defending champion Jerett Brooks who was leading the race; passing on such a tight track is not easy. The leader has the luxury of running the fastest line. You either take a huge risk or put enough pressure on the truck in front to force a mistake; Polvoorde did both. A couple times during the race he got up on two wheels in the corners. He was trying to carry enough speed to overtake while protecting his own position on the track.

Christopher Polvoorde, The Palms River Resort, MTVR8, VP Racing Fuels, Walker Evans Racing, Bink Designs

“I went up on the bike in turn 3, and found myself three wide in turn 4,” says Christopher, “It was a crazy race inside the truck. My hood was flying up, but I was feeling really good, and we got the set-up right. I really wanted to win so I took a few risks. My Palms River ResortToyo TiresKing ShocksWalker Evans RacingMTRV8TomarRugged RadiosFastway Trailer ProductsKicker, and CSD Racing Products Pro Lite was perfect. I was putting pressure on Brooks going into turn 2 where there is a bump in the corner. I set up a little too early and got up on 2 wheels. I did not want to back off, so I went all the way around the turn on 2 wheels. After that I thought I better concentrate on getting to the finish. After the race, the fans were going crazy; that’s why we do this. It felt so good to be up on the podium and to make a statement to the other competitors that we can run at the front.”

Polvoorde Racing, Christopher Polvoorde, Utah Motorsports Campus, Lucas Oil Off Road, Podium, The Palms River Resort, Bink Designs

Christopher Polvoorde’s Palms River Resort team shows up nearly every weekend this year with a blank slate. They have to establish their baseline in the new truck and build their set-up notes going forward. At rounds 7 and 8 on July 22 and 23 the series visits Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, Missouri for the very first time. The playing field will be level and the team is looking forward to building on their success in Utah.
Photography By: Bink Designs

About Christopher Polvoorde
16 year old Christopher Polvoorde is constantly on the move. When he is not racing short course in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS), he is training and competing cross country on a mountain bike. An academic over-achiever with a 4.5 GPA, he is a quick study on the track as well. He earned the 2014 Modified Kart rookie of the year title. In 2015, he surpassed that by winning the LOORRS Modified Kart Championship and a TORC series World Championship trophy at the birthplace of short course racing; the “Big House” in Crandon, Wisconsin. Racing his Mod Kart in 2016, he won both the Lucas Oil Challenge Cup race and a second world championship in Crandon. When he is not racing or studying, Christopher enjoys working in the race shop, snowmobiling, RC car racing, and skiing. In 2017, he will be racing towards a championship in the ultra-competitive Pro Lite class.

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