AMA Dirt Track Grand Championship: Travis Petton IV Brings Home #1 Plate in 250 DTX Class

Travis railing a corner on the TT layout in the second day of competition

Yamaha bLUcRU rang the top bell of the box three times at the 2017 AMA Dirt Track Grand Championship. Travis Petton IV, did his share with the number one plate in the 250 DTX (stock) class.

The DTGC is a four day affair for the Amateur racers, composed of phase one, the 1/2 mile flat track event held on July 1, the TT race the following day. Both of those events were held at the Du Quoin State Fair Grounds, in Du Quoin, Illinois. The Amateur racers take a break on July 3rd, in preparation for phase three’s short track race, held at the Southern Illinois Center-Short Track Building. Points are awarded for each discipline based on finishing position, the accumulated total of the three races decides who takes home the number one plate.

Racing in three classes, 250 DTX, the 201-250cc, and the 250 Modified, Petton IV had to do his action minus a modified bike, bringing in his stock bike for extra duty, saying in the longer races he lost ground in the straights in the Mod, and made up the space in the corners. Regardless, Petton IV worked with what he had, for a third in the final 250cc Mod standings, with teammate Holmes winning the title. In the 201-250cc Petton IV locked in for second in the closing, once again behind title winner Holmes.

The 250 DTX class was winning time for Petton IV, coming back from a fifth on the start, he immediately made headway and worked his way into second behind local Illinois racer, Parker Robinson. Robinson went on for the 1/2 mile win, but Petton IV stuck the second with two events to go. Out of Ramona, California, Petton lives close to two motocross tracks, Barona and Pala
Raceway, with the bumpy track time and experience on big jumps he let it fly in event number two, the TT race. Barging his way into the front of the pack, he airmailed his Yamaha on the lone jump each time and ran away for the win with one event to go, the short track.

After the rest day, Petton IV was ready to celebrate the Fourth of July on his own terms, the title in the 250 DTX, reportedly needing at least a second place to clinch the title. Figuring out which gear to run at, Petton made his choice and proceeded to do as tasked, get into second and hold off any challengers for the big picture, the title. Going on to do just that, Petton IV made his way past the checkers with his leathers clean for second and the 2017 DTGC 250 DTX title.

Travis Petton IV, with all his goodies. He only finshed off the podium once in nine races.

Petton IV would like to thank Yamaha bLUcRU, Thousand Oaks Powersports, A.M Ortega, Fontana Radiator, Rod Lake Racing, Competitive Sheet Metal, Kali Protective’s, Kayl Kolkman Suspension, Garcia Racing, Booze Fighters MC racing, Karl Kahn, Brother Colin Petton, Dad Travis Petton III, and Grandpa Travis Petton II.

Petton IV, along with bLUcRU teammate Holmes, combined to win all three of the 250 Amateur classes at the DTGC, congratulations to both teams for representing bLUcRU in the best possible way, a three class sweep. Look for Petton IV to be finishing the season racing with the California Flat Track Association and Southern California Flat Track Association.

By Rodney Rutherford

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