Perseverance Pays For Brandon Arthur At LOORRS Round 6

Tooele, UT

Perseverance, tenacity, grit, however you choose to describe it, Brandon Arthur demonstrated it during rounds 5 and 6 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Seriesat the Utah Motorsports Campus in Tooele, UT. The track in Utah is unique due to the composition of the soil. Having a heavy clay content, it is slick when wet, and becomes very hard when dry. After several laps, it can get as hard as concrete; very rutted, very treacherous concrete. The groove is narrow so passing is difficult. Despite the challenges, Brandon Arthur was constantly on the move to the front.

It was difficult enough getting a single race vehicle tuned to the track but Brandon is racing a Yamaha UTV as well as his Pro Lite truck this season. Having both run so strong makes a big statement. Both are supported by MAVTVStronghold MotorsportsPro Traffic ServicesToyo TiresHRT MotorsportsKMC WheelsBenchmark PerformanceAeromotive Fuel SystemsMagnaflow ExhaustFOXCompetitive MetalsCBR PerformanceWirefabSummers BrothersECP Powder CoatingF&L Racing FuelsMaxima Racing OilsFiberwerXHeatshield ProductsBink DesignsRedline PerformanceGear 49Howe PerformanceR2C FiltersBaja DesignsHeatwave VisualYamaha RacingbLU cRUSTEEL-IT, and Mob Armor.
Brandon’s first race would be in the UTV. He started 7th and finished in the same spot. The fast and narrow track gives few opportunities to pass when the pace is high. Despite being mired in traffic, Brandon managed to run the fastest lap of the race. During the Pro Lite race, he qualified fastest and was able to make some moves towards the front. Despite having a plug wire come off, dropping him to only 7 cylinders, he held down 3rd place for more than half the race. Despite some incredible driving, and with only a couple laps to go, he got passed and was dropped to 4th at the finish. “It was a huge bummer,” said Brandon, “I knew we had a truck capable of winning.” Some would call that a bold statement, but Brandon proved it in round 6.

Brandon Arthur, Yamaha YXZ, FOX, KMC Wheels, STEEL-IT, Toyo Tires, Benchmark Performance, Bink Designs

During the UTV race in round 6, Brandon started back in 10th place. At the drop of the green flag, he put the throttle down, and battled to the front. There were a couple caution flags late in the race that bunched up the field; allowing Brandon to pick off several spots. He made the pass for 2nd place on the last lap but ran out of time to chase down the leader. It was his first podium of the weekend, and he wanted more. “For the Pro Lite race, we qualified 4th with a 6 inversion,” says Brandon, “That put us inside on the 2nd row; a good starting position. I made the pass for 2nd on lap 2. On lap 3, the caution came out.

Brandon Arthur, MAVTV, HRT Motorsports, Bink Designs, FOX, Baja Designs

On the restart, my Toyo Tires really hooked up. I got a great run, and made a pass for the lead in turn 2. From there I just put my head down, and made a charge to the finish.  There were no cautions from the 3rd lap until the end of the race, so I could run flat out; we took the win! It was a great step for the team. Now we just have to keep the momentum going. Our goal is to end up on the box for the rest of the season.”

Brandon Arthur, Impact, MAVTV, STEEL-IT, Magnaflow, R2C Filters, Aeromotive, KMC Wheels

At rounds 7 and 8 on July 22 and 23, the series visits Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, Missouri for the very first time. Brandon and his crew will need to learn the new track and get both vehicles up to speed; something they excel at on a regular basis. To get the latest info on the Wheatland race and the rest of Brandon’s racing go to:  There you will find the latest news, photos and videos of Brandon’s accomplishments in the Lucas Oil Series and other select off-road events.
Photography By: Bink Designs

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