The all-new Panchito 044™

CB Performance (originally Claude’s Buggies) of Farmersville, California is a high performance Aircooled VW parts manufacturer and distributor. We create everything from CNC Ported Cylinder Heads to fuel injection systems dedicated for the Aircooled VW, all the way down to imported OEM parts.

One of our most recent additions to our Cylinder Head lineup is the Panchito 044™!

The all-new Panchito 044™ has dyno proven, horsepower making, ports cast right in. These port designs are race proven winners with years of use in engines around the globe. Countless hours were spent on our Superflow™ 600 flow bench designing the intake and exhaust ports. Our goals were to achieve the highest port velocity and air flow through a 40mm x 35.5mm size valve. The 40mm intake port has an extremely small port volume of 62cc and flows an incredible 162 CFM and over 300 ft. per second port velocity, right off the shelf! The 35.5mm exhaust port has a reduced bowl size and increased short turn radius creating phenomenal port velocity. This higher port velocity allows for improved low end and mid-range performance without sacrificing top end power.

The Panchito 044™ is designed to incorporate bore sizes from 85.5mm to 94mm. With the added combustion chamber material we can machine your Panchito 044™ heads to the depths necessary for high compression applications.

As an option the Panchito 044™ can be purchased with a CNC machined combustion chamber in bore sizes of 92mm and 94mm. The larger 61cc CNC’d chamber pushes the intake flow numbers to an amazing 171 CFM through a 40mm intake valve! See our website at

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