MotoMinded LED Helmet Lights Available at JBC 24-Hour Race!

MotoMinded announced plans to set up shop at the legendary John Burr Cycle’s Glen Helen 24-Hour race October 14-15 and provide race teams with direct support for all their lighting needs.

The Colorado-based LED lighting experts will be selling, servicing and renting their all-new Torch Race Helmet LED kits. These innovative new helmet light systems utilize a magnetic attachment system, massive light output and limitless, simple adjustability—making them the perfect addition to a 24-hour race team’s lighting arsenal.

The MotoMinded Torch Race LED Helmet Light Kit is the ultimate helmet LED for off-road racing. After three years of development and proven performance with factory teams at the most extreme night races (winning King Of The Motos), MotoMinded’s Torch Race kits are becoming a must-have for night racing enthusiasts.

Featuring Baja Designs S2 Pro LED units pumping out 2,450 lumens, the Torch Race is mounted to a highly adjustable, integrated base plate. That plate connects to a racer’s helmet via a magnetic breakaway system making it the most versatile helmet light system available.

MotoMinded will be on-site at the JBC Glen Helen 24-Hour Race selling, renting and servicing the Torch Race system. Battery or bike-powered systems are available and wired switches and waterproof, breakaway connections, and all wire management, are included.

  • Torch Race Helmet LED Rental: $100

  • Torch Race Helmet LED Purchase: $330

JBC 24-Hour Racers: Contact MotoMinded
 (719) 201-5390 

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