2018 YOKOHAMA NORRA Mexican 1000 – The Official 2017 NORRA Mexican 1000 Video Recap!

 From contingency, tech inspection and the start in Ensenada; all the way to the finish and awards ceremony in San Jose del Cabo, follow the journey of “The Happiest Race On Earth!”. Enjoy the sights and sounds of 5 days of racing, over 1,000 miles of Baja’s ever changing terrain and thousands of smiles from racers and fans. Includes interviews with past SCORE International Founder Sal Fish, NORRA CEO Mike Pearlman, Baja racing legends, 2017 NORRA Mexican 1000 racers, and complete commentary by NORRA’s Director of Operations Eliseo Garcia.

We at NORRA hope you enjoy reliving the experience of partaking in the 50th anniversary off off-road racing in Baja during the 2017 NORRA Mexican 1000. If you weren’t fortunate enough to attend last year but are signed up for the 2018 YOKOHAMA NORRA Mexican 1000, here’s much of what you have to look forward to. Not registered yet? Better get a move on!

A Cactus Films Production
Want To Get A Head Start?
Login to your existing NORRA account, or create a new NORRA account at 
www.norra.com/member/member_home.php. Have picture images (.jpg, .bmp, or .png) of your Driver’s License, Passport and Health Insurance Card ready to upload to your profile. Have your race radio frequency handy as well as your emergency contact phone numbers. Determine what category your vehicle should be competing in (refer to 2018 rules at www.norra.com/rules_current.php). Update and complete the ‘My Profile’ and ‘My Vehicle’ sections of your account. Once, pre-registration opens, it should be as easy as selecting your vehicle and choosing your preference of payment option. Upon completion of registration you will receive a confirmation email and see your entry online.
Profile/Vehicle Entry Details:In order for your Team/Vehicle to be highlighted for this year’s event – complete all information about your entry and submit photos when registering. (See details below.)  Incomplete information and/or lack of photos may result in your registration not being shown nor listed in association with the 2018 YOKOHAMA NORRA Mexican 1000 Rally.

• Vehicle Number
• Vehicle Name
• Vehicle Model/Manufacturer (Supply Picture(s)*
• Team Name
• Engine, Trans, Fuel Specs
• Brief History of Vehicle
• Driver Of Record Name, From, About (Supply Picture)*
• Co-Driver(s) Name, From, About (Supply Picture(s)*
• Special Thanks – Sponsors, Family, Etc.*PHOTOS:  Photos should be cleared with any outside photographer before submitting! (NORRA is not to be held responsible for unlicensed photos) Please submit 1-3 digital photos of your vehicle in .JPG or .PNG formats. Photos should clearly show vehicle being entered. Along with photo for Driver and Co-Driver(s). File size should be around 800 pixels wide (or larger) and at least 72 dpi (or higher). In doubt? Submit the highest file size possible that is able to be sent via email. Photos will be used in your drivers profile on the NORRA.com website as well as for entry stingers posted on Facebook and Instagram as shown below – 

Need A Place To Stay Along The Way?
For registered teams that need help securing accommodations, BajaVoyager, a leader in desert race support and personalized concierge services throughout Baja, has been chosen as the exclusive provider for accommodations for the 2018 YOKOHAMA NORRA Mexican 1000 race. This is the fourth consecutive year that BajaVoyager has played an important role in logistical support for the event. Since 1989, BajaVoyager has been coordinating and organizing travel, events, and accommodations for tourists and off-road racers. Make sure you make your reservations as soon as possible. More information can be found at www.bajavoyager.com.


Friday April 20th
(Welcome Fiesta / Pre-registration / Tech)

Saturday April 21st

(Registration / Tech / Drivers Meeting)

Sunday April 22nd
Ensenada ~ San Felipe

Monday April 23rd
San Felipe ~ Guerrero Negro (Moto)
San Felipe ~ Bahia de los Angeles (4-Wheel)

Tuesday April 24th
Guerrero Negro/Bahia de los Angeles ~ Loreto

Wednesday April 25th
Loreto ~ La Paz

Thursday April 26th
La Paz ~ San Jose del Cabo
(2018 YOKOHAMA NORRA Mexican 1000 Finish!!!)

Friday April 27th *NEW!*
San Jose del Cabo 

(Awards Ceremony)

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