Rugged Rocks Develops 270 Amp Alternator for Nissan Trucks and SUVs in Conjunction with DC Power Engineering

Rugged Rocks and DC Power Engineering have designed a series of 270 amp alternators for the 4.0L V6 Xterra, Frontier and Pathfinder and the 5.6L Armada, Titan and Pathfinder.

“Rugged Rocks launched the DC Power Engineering 180 amp alternators a few years ago, and they have been very well received,” said Founder and President of Rugged Rocks Steven Lutz. “For some people, 180 amps just isn’t enough. These alternators will allow off-roaders to utilize more high-powered accessories, such as lights and winches.”

The upgraded models will produce a maximum of 270 amps within the normal RPM driving range and 200 amps at idle. The units are durable enough to operate even when submerged under water.

The alternators are available for a variety of model years from 2005-2017. Check the specifications on the website for your particular model.

The range of 270 amp alternators are available for purchase at $629.95 exclusively through Upgrading the charging system cabling is required with use of this high output alternator.

Rugged Rocks, LLC was established in 2006 by Steven Lutz. More information about the products available can be viewed at

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