CORVA Board of Directors member Bob Ham has been named the American Motorcyclist Association Motorcyclist of the Year!

California off-highway vehicle advocate Bob Ham helped save the state OHV program

Bob is one of CORVA’s founding members, and CORVA is very proud that Bob has been given this prestigious honor.  Bob Ham, a California activist who led the effort to make that state’s renowned off-highway vehicle program a permanent part of the Department of Parks and Recreation, is the American Motorcyclist Association 2017 Motorcyclist of the Year.

Ham led a coalition of OHV groups during hard-fought negotiations to turn an anti-OHV bill in the legislature into a law that provides stability and funding to the California Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Program.

Working with numerous OHV advocacy groups, including the AMA, Ham won the support of the governor’s office and the state Department of Parks and Recreation, and, eventually, turned the onerous S.B. 249 into a bill favorable to responsible motorized recreation.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed S.B. 249 into law Oct. 3.

The full story of Ham’s efforts can be found in the January issue of American Motorcyclist, the member magazine of the American Motorcyclist Association.

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