Heavy Duty Aluminum Bell Housings

Now in stock: Heavy Duty Bell Housings for VW 002 Bus, 091 Bus, and Vanagon transaxles. Made from A356-T6 cast aluminum, these bell housings are much stronger and more durable than the stock magnesium bell housing. The heavy duty design provides extra strength for off-road and other demanding applications.

Note: VW Type 1 lower mount bosses have been added to provide additional mounting options and facilitate Bus to Bug conversions.

Applications: VW 002 Bus, 091 Bus, and Vanagon transaxles

For more info, call 805 562 8600 or email us.

About Weddle Industries: Weddle Industries specializes in extreme-use racing transaxles, gears, gearboxes and driveline components. The company is headquartered in Goleta, California where they design and maintain a large inventory of racing gears, clutches, torque converters, axles, and other high performance driveline products, all of which are available through an extensive dealer network. For additional information, contact Weddle Industries.

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