Plan A Four Wheel Vacation In Montana This Year!

Western and Southwestern Montana offer miles of four wheel drive trails to remarkable scenic overlooks, high mountain lakes with great fishing, historical towns and mining sites, as well as some terrific camping locations.

Grizzly Gulch Publications (formerly Back Roads Publications) is proud to announce the publication of our second book 4×4 Routes of Southwestern Montana by Willie and Jeanne Worthy. This all new book covers the areas around Dillon, Jackson, and Melrose, with extensive histories of the notable towns and long-forgotten mining sites, as well as identifying locations of parking areas and camp sites for larger RVs and trailers. For those who are familiar with our first book, we have retained the same format describing 4×4 routes using mile-to-mile, turn-to-turn points with landmarks, odometer readings, and GPS coordinates to keep you found.

Our highly successful first book, 4×4 Routes of Western Montana, used Missoula as a hub to visit most areas within a day’s trip. This book is still available to purchase for yourself or a four-wheeling friend.

Through negotiations with our printer we’ve managed to keep the same low price as our first book at $24.95. Our books are available at our local distributors throughout Western Montana, such as Town Pump, Walmart, and other retailers, as well as through Barnes and Noble and other bookstores. For a limited time either book is also available with priority shipping (for a total of $27) through our web site

For more information about these books and what they cover take a look at our web site at or our Facebook page or call 406-825-4126.

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